Congratulations to our winners & finalists!

Thanks to everyone who entered our first ever awards. Judges Kelly, Robert, Sam and Peter were blown away by the quality.

See the category finalists below and meet our wonderful winners!


These marketing maestro finalists demonstrated proven expertise and real results in sales, marketing and branding. Be sure to check out their businesses to see their ideas in action!

WINNER: Kate Toon

[Judges’ summary] It’s hard not to love Kate Toon’s work. She’s never afraid to speak up, whether to challenge the thinking of others or openly share her successes and failures. We were particularly impressed with Kate’s skill in seizing opportunities and constantly surprising her audience with new marketing initiatives, all in that very distinctive voice.

Send her good vibes on Facebook and visit her copywriting site.

small business awards

Dan MacInnis | VIC

MacInnis Marketing

small business awards

Geoff Grist | NSW

Mosman Neutral Bay Realty

small business awards

Kate Toon | NSW

Kate Toon Copywriter

small business awards

Charles Badenach | TAS

Main Street Financial Solutions



With glowing testimonials, raving reviews and heartfelt feedback bouncing off the pages, these finalists have proven their service excellence.

WINNER: Libby O’Sullivan

[Judges’ summary] Libby is a mobile physio with fans and testimonials in abundance! She has clearly developed this strong and loyal following through her great skills as a hands on practitioner and someone who constantly over delivers on expectation. The judges especially loved how she is tangibly changing and improving people’s lives and reckon she’s a great role model for the Flying Solo community.

Get the feel for her work and congratulate her via her Facebook page.

small business awards

Amelia Lee | NSW

Undercover Architect

small business awards

Camille Abbott | SA

Ceremonies by Camille

small business awards

Carol Haffke | QLD

The Shoe Garden

small business awards

Jacqui Pryor | VIC

Mark My Words

small business awards

Libby O’Sullivan | QLD

GLOW Physio

small business awards

Lucinda Lions | NSW

Lion Writing

small business awards

Monica Davidson | NSW

Creative Plus Business



Translating ingenious ideas into groundbreaking businesses is the common thread between these worthy finalists.

WINNER: Amanda Westphal

[Judges’ summary] Amanda’s business, Prize Pig, is a hive of innovation – demonstrating a prowess in both the positioning of the business and the systems and processes that support the concept. The judges particularly admired how she has managed to successfully disrupt the established worlds of PR and Media while securing over $4m in exposure for her clients.

Say congrats on her Facebook page and be sure to check out Prize Pig.

small business awards

Amanda Westphal | NSW

Prize Pig

small business awards

Mark Gaykema | ACT

Rosemark Water Tanks

small business awards

Ian Smith | NSW

Cargo Hound



These brilliantly balanced soloists have got their priorities sorted – integrating work, family, friends, hobbies, passions and all the rest in the finest of style. What more could you want from your own business?

WINNER: Jody Ekert

[Judges’ summary] Jody is an inspiring example of someone who has truly built a business to fit their lifestyle. Having overcome challenges along the way, she has created a successful business (or two, or three!) that allows her to combine caring for her son, travelling for months at a time, creative writing, health, fostering animals and more. Jody’s application fittingly concludes: “Life is just one great adventure with the business to support it!” Her application made one of our judges shed a tear!

Spread some love on her Facebook page and check out (or check in?) to her guesthouse HQ.

small business awards

Amber Daines | NSW

Bespoke Communications

small business awards

Andrea Rowe | VIC

Your Coastal Connection

small business awards

Helen Goodman | QLD

Invisible Business Solutions

small business awards

Jody Ekert | NSW

Jody’s Guesthouses

small business awards

Kim Mastrowicz | VIC

The Main Event

small business awards

Rosa Spencer | WA

Grafika Studio

small business awards

Sarah Macdonald | VIC

Canine Comprehension


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