Monthly columnists

Our fabulous team of columnists front up every month to share the considerable wisdom they’ve gained over many years of small business ownership and soloism. You can find out more about them below.

VanessaVanessa Emilio is a Practice Director, Lawyer, Founder and CEO of, a legal website business with easy-to-use, inexpensive legal templates, forms and agreements for everyday Australians as well as lots of useful information.

KellyKelly Exeter is the Editor of Flying Solo and owner of Swish Design. She’s also an author and her most recent book 20 Simple Shortcuts to Small Business Success was written with fellow soloists and small business owners in mind. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Dave Gillen improves under-performing AdWords campaigns at Bankable Online Marketing in Brisbane.

AndrewAndrew Griffiths has developed an international reputation as one of the leading global entrepreneurial authorities and small business experts. His books and articles are considered street-smart wisdom, designed to both inspire and challenge conventional thinking.

LucindaLucinda Lions is the owner and chief copywriter at Lion Writing. She writes persuasive, compelling and engaging website copy that converts visitors into customers.  All copy comes with a 100% Lion-Clad guarantee. She is also the owner and chief tagline writer at Slogan Creator. You can also find Lucinda on Facebook.

JoJo Macdermott founded Next Marketing to follow her passion to do great marketing and help brands punch above their weight. Jo works with Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs in funded startups and small and medium businesses with (min) $50K plus annual marketing budgets who need help with strategy and executions. Connect with Jo on LinkedIn.

JayneJayne Tancred is a marketing consultant and copywriter specialising in natural health, and also offers marketing coaching for natural health practitioners and other soul-centred soloists.

KateKate Toon is a copywriter, SEO lover and Hula Hooper based in Sydney. She’s the author of Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur | How to succeed in business despite yourself – available for pre-order now. Connect with her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

MattMatthew White is director of Ergoflex Australia, an online retailer of premium quality memory foam mattresses. As well as helping Australians get a better night’s sleep, Matthew is a marketer, sleep blogger, father of two and home renovator.

Regular contributors

We also have a fabulous group of regular contributors sharing their stories with our community. Find out how to join them here, and to explore republishing our content get in touch.

Eddy Addicks is founder and principal lawyer at Entrelegal which provides smart law solutions for entrepreneurs and small business. Connect with him on Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Fiona Adler is an entrepreneur who writes at – providing actionable tips for business owners and entrepreneurs in the thick of it. Having grown and sold businesses, she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and SME’s succeed. Connect with her on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

Fiona Amarasinghe is a Melbourne based kid’s party planner and entertainer, through her business Easy Breezy Parties. When procrastinating over party preparation, she likes to blog about work, life, and her funny little girl. Connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Corryn Barakat has *just* left the corporate world to find that elusive work-life balance and to devote more time to her new(ish) baby, Milk and Love: breastfeeding inspiration, information, and trendy nursing clothes, all in one stylish e-boutique!

Lynda Bayada is a coach and mentor who helps you to close the gap between your high flying corporate career and living out your passion.

Nadia Barlow is your friendly copywriter at Nadia Barlow Communications – copywriting with a smile. She helps businesses create website content they love, so their customers do, too. Connect with Nadia on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ann Bolch is Director of She enjoys writing and editing and coaching other people to improve their own writing, along with a spot of cycling, gardening and yoga-ing. Connect with her on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Jeremy Britton is a left-brained wealth coach and business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He balances life and work, has a few businesses, has written some best-selling books and is the creator of “Flick Your Rich Switch Transformations®” and “Binary Sexology®”. Find him meditating on the Bali beach, on Facebook or here.

Andrew Brown is COO of JAGONAL, the next-generation of office space search engine. With 6,000 offices for lease and 50+ features searchable: building grade, street, office layout, bike racks, views and more…you will find the right office faster. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stuart Brown is the founder of Launch Experts, a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in SEO and SEM for over 15 years.

Tom Caesar is an award winning broker and Managing Director of the Positive Group, an Australian Financial Services group that assists clients in the areas of car finance, mortgages, insurance and wealth management. Connect with Tom on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Campbell works with established small business owners who want to look good online through WOW words. She is an Amazon best-selling author and the founder of EC Writing Services. Websites and blogs are her main game. Connect with her on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Janet Camilleri is an SEO copywriter and the award-winning business owner of Front Page Web Writing. In her spare time, she blogs as the Middle-Aged Mama, about her quest to fashion a new life now her kids are all grown up. Connect with Janet on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Natalie Cavanagh is the Owner/Operations Manager at Insight Business Plans & Analysis providing quality business plans, cash flows, and scenario analysis to SMEs, as well as tailored analysis solutions. Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Sharon Chisholm is Chief Sorter Outer at She’s Got You Sorted, helping her clients improve their confidence and manage their mind health challenges.  She assists them in removing emotional blockages, creating focus and direction, and moving forward towards their goals.

Bec Christensen is chief copywriter and editor at The Wordsmith Copywriting. She creates crystal clear content and communications for businesses on the web and in print. Bec is at war with corporate jargon and waffly sentences. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jen Clark Design is a branding, graphic and web design studio based in Collingwood, Victoria. We service individuals, start-ups, not-for-profit organisations and small to medium-sized businesses; all from a wide range of industry sectors.

Michaela Clark from Tradies VA offers specialised advice and services to tradies and field service businesses on cloud technology, outsourcing and online marketing to help save them time, money and stress while creating the business of their dreams.

Vanessa Coppard is an award-winning writer and editor and founder of VMC Ink which works with corporate clients around the world.

Sarah Cordiner is the CEO of MainTraining, providing online course creation, online school set-up, curriculum design & workforce development services. Combining her 11 years in education and business, Sarah is the global leader in ‘Edupreneurship’. Connect with Sarah on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

John Corias is a senior partner at m.a.s accountants and is passionate about growing, building and developing small businesses.

Felicity Crocker is the founder of Ink Spiller copywriting and editing. She helps people take their brands and businesses to new heights with clear, meaningful and polished communication. Connect with Felicity on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Peter Crocker is a director of Flying Solo responsible for the areas of marketing and advertising. He is a business copywriter specialising in websites, videos and marketing communications. He’s the co-author of Flying Solo – How to go it alone in business.

Geoff Daniel is the Principal Consultant at Thexton Armstrong Daniel in Melbourne. He specialises in hands-on, practical steps to business success. When it comes to business, two heads are better than one! Connect with him on LinkedIn and Google+.

Mel Daniels provides tailored solutions to help you build and love your business again. Meld Business Services delivers offsite content and social media strategy, copy writing and administrative expertise. Connect with Mel on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Karen Dauncey is the founder of Blue Cherry Online Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in SEO and Google AdWords and the creator of a soon-to-be-launched E-Course, teaching businesses how to do their own SEO. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Dean is the founder of EmineoHub, a business that encourages clients to be remarkable and uses project management techniques to help them realise their business goals. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Annette Densham is a storyteller whose business Publicity Genie utilises her strategic know-how, love of teaching and knowledge of the media to show small businesses how to promote themselves better. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Ali Devellerez is an entrepreneur and career-loving parent with an established career as a senior architect at SPH architecture + interiors, Perth. She has a particular interest in mentoring and currently facilitates ‘mentoring the mentor’ sessions for colleagues. You can connect with Ali on LinkedIn.

Peta Di Palma is a master connector and strategic collaborator. Based in Sydney, Tribe supports entrepreneurs, soloists, start-ups and small business owners to connect and collaborate for profit. She runs regular workshops on how to collaborate with strategy. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Michelle Dixon is a holistic life coach, a freelance writer, and a mother. She is also the founder of the social good startup, Kindred Global Mentorship, which help mentors and mentees in small business connect online.

Roy Dopaishi manages content marketing at Digital doodle leads, an Australian based PPC advertising agency. He is tech savvy, a genuine marketing guinea pig and works with PPC/SMM/marketing experts to tease out strategies that bring results. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Anna Dower is a designer, mentor and Chief Boss-Lady at Design With Style. She’s also the co-founder and art director of digital magazine, ROOOAR.

Maria Doyle helps passionate professionals create quality learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate their clients to create real change.

Keith Dugdale works with individuals, teams and organisations on how to build deep trust quickly beyond technical expertise. He is the founder and CEO of the Business of Trust and co-author of Smarter Selling.

Paul Dunstone is the owner and Managing Director of Brisbane Digital Agency, Online Solution Experts (OSE). He and his team assist SME and enterprise clients to deliver cutting edge web, CMS, iOS, Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS) based solutions that transform the way they do business online. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Debbie Eglin has a mission to help small business owners simplify their business and allow more time for living. Productivity Hub achieves this through developing smart systems, harnessing cloud technology and implementing efficient outsourcing solutions. You can connect with Debbie via Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Keeta Elliott is a communication specialist at Art of Lingo. From Adelaide, she helps people effectively build relationships and exchange information. Connect with Keeta on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Leanne Faulkner runs Fortitude at Work, a consultancy that advocates for more mental health support services specifically for small business owners. In addition to training services,she consults on the development of resources for this topic. Connect with Leanne on Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and Instagram.

Faye Ferris is the Sales and Marketing Director of Dynamis and is responsible for its expansions into the Asia Pacific region for its stable of brands;, and Connect with her on Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.

Ben Fletcher is the Managing Director at Generate, Australia’s leading creative industry specialist accounting and advisory firm. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Leigh Fletcher is a sales executive, writer and entrepreneur. Leigh solves problems for $b companies, writes for sites like & via his blog, and works with new startup, LifeMode. He also founded Spontanius.Co

Elizabeth Formosa is the founder of Fashion Equipped Consultancy Agency – The Business Side of Fashion. She equips clients with knowledge, skills and networks that will empower then to build a successful fashion business. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Mark Gaykema combined his passions for his family and the environment by starting Rosemark Water Tanks and being a stay at home dad. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz.

Robert Gerrish is our founder and presents the Flying Solo Podcast. He regularly pops up as an event facilitator, presenter, professional speaker, business commentator and consultant. He’s the co-author of Flying Solo – How to go it alone in business.

Steve Grant is the founder of Gym Hub, the first High Performance Network and Fitness Business Mentoring Program. Gym Hub Members access innovative Gym Marketing Ideas and proven systems, that add an extra $100k annual profit, while working just 12-15 hours per week. Connect with Steve on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Caelli Greenbank is a freelance writer and cycling journalist. When not writing about pro cycling, she chronicles the ins and outs of her quirky life teaching English in Spain on her website here. Connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Michael Griffiths is the #1 authority on referral marketing education and training. If you’d like to generate more referrals for your business visit his website where you can get your networking kit, referral podcasts and so much more.

Karen Gunton is a passionate business educator. Via her unique program The Lighthouse Revolution, she helps entrepreneurs ignite their purpose and share their message with the world.

Leigh Hankin is the founder of Boldly Crafted Words. He is a direct response copywriter and sales funnel specialist who helps businesses explode their leads and sales. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Warren Harmer is the owner of small business consultancy The Business Plan Company. As a business adviser and coach, Warren offers instructive ‘how to’ information to make business ownership easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.

Bill Harper is a freelance editor, copywriter and proofreader (in roughly that order). But what he’d really like to do for a living is write humour. (No, seriously.) Anyway, while he’s sorting all that out you can find him at Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Sam Harrop is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, author and trainer who works with business owners and teams within an organisation to regain their freedom by helping them get stuff done. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tessa Hartnett is a “mumpreneur” and serial e-commerce entrepreneur. She and her husband run multiple online stores – including Men’s Rings Online – and have done so full time for many years. Connect with Tessa on Facebook and Instagram.

Gemma Hawdon is a copywriter based in Melbourne. She specialises in SEO, blogging, web content and producing powerful messages that help businesses grow. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Emily Hawker is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader. She is Flying Solo’s Grammartist-in-residence, and also writes about reading, writing, singing, familying and verbing at emhawkerblog.

Natasha Hawker helps SMEs understand the challenges their businesses face and unlocks the mysteries of effective HR. She is the co-owner of Employee Matters and author of From Hire to Fire: Everything in Between.

Nina Hendy is the founder of The Freelance Collective – an online, curated community of talented Australian creative freelancers. She’s also a business journalist and wordsmith, available for hire. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Lachlan Heussler is the Managing Director of Spotcap Australia and has more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, both in Sydney and New York. He has witnessed the profound impact technology can have on financial services and is passionate about using technology to support Australian small business. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Emma Heuston-Levack is Author and Principal Lawyer at LegalVision. She is passionate about career flexibility and committed to changing the 9–5 perception of corporate life.

David Hill is the founder of Australian Debt Solvers aiming to help businesses achieve success.

Sue Hirst is the founder of CAD partners (also known as ‘CFO On-Call’), a team of Financial Controllers who can help business owners grow their business safely.

Robert Holmes Th.D., PCC is an expert in the science of human behaviour and Co-founder of Frazer Holmes Coaching.

Paul Holper is a Director of Scientell, a science and environment communication and marketing business based in Melbourne. Prior to establishing the company, Paul spent 25 years working at CSIRO in research management, business development and communication positions. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Emma House crafts compelling, action-driven storytelling hustle that will jolt your customers into both loving and buying from your business. Connect with her on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sara Howard runs Writers Australia, a group of experienced copywriters who help businesses of all sizes get their message across clearly, and persuasively.

Samantha Hurst is the Managing Director of Click Start Digital. She founded the business back in 2011 to help inspire people to build a better future for themselves by creating their own online business.  Click Start Digital sells ready-made eCommerce solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Australia.

Lauren Hutchin, marketing consultant and founder of My Marketing Friend is passionate about helping small businesses reach their business goals. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Ellen Jackson from Potential Psychology is a consultant business psychologist, coach, blogger and author. She is passionate about using the science of psychology to help other thrive and prosper at work and at home. Connect with Ellen on Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram and Twitter.

Kate James runs coaching programs for creative startup businesses and she facilitates mindfulness workshops retreats in Melbourne, Bali and Byron Bay. Kate is the author of Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love and Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life.

Kapil Jekishan from Webquacker helps businesses get targeted visitors to their website through a combination of user experience web design, content marketing and social SEO.

Margaret Jolly is a Workplace Investigator and HR Advisor. She provides swift resolution to workplace conflicts and allegations of misconduct. With over 20 years’ experience in people management, she gets to the heart of issues quickly so you can get on with business.

Vanessa Jones, aka Jones the Writer, is a talented professional copywriter/content writer, marketer and author. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Emma B. Joyce is an interior designer from Sydney. She also blogs regularly about interior design and her small business – giving advice is what she enjoys most. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

Danielle Kent is an experienced change management consultant temporarily living an expat life in Europe. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Campbell King Partner at mi-fi, is a technology savvy Chartered Accountant with an appetite for all things entrepreneurial.

Richard King is the founder of King Creatives. He is passionate about producing videos that truly engage people.

David Koetsier is a South Australian based Chess Coach who offers chess coaching at schools. Chesslife’s main focus is on the many benefits that follow from chess (namely increased concentration and strategic planning), and how these help promote the learning of our future generation. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and a business consultant who provides financial and HR assistance to small business owners. Gloria has also recently launched her Studydemic educational consulting website. Connect with her on LinkedIn

Shae Lalor from The Write Path is a copywriter and editor who simply loves to turn words or ideas into meaningful and engaging content. Online or in print, words really do matter. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cassandra Lane is the founder and chief word wrangling warrioress of Wild Spirit Co. She spends her days wooing, wrestling and – when that doesn’t work – walloping words into irresistible passages of persuasion for her way-cooler-than-her clients. Connect with Cassandra via Facebook.

Sam Leader is a director of Flying Solo. She is the co-author of Flying Solo – How to go it alone in business.

Lynda Leigh‘s business, Bright Spark Speaking, grew from the frustration of not being able to do business ‘normally’. Instead of being part of problem; she decided to be part of the solution. Connect with her on Facebook.

Bill Lee-Emery is an mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach and mBIT Master Trainer specialising in transformational consciousness work. His mission is simple – transform how business is done around the world. It’s time for more heart.

Caroline Leppers is the director of One Red Thread. She is passionate about helping businesses implement great systems and digital tools that enable them to work smarter and simplify the running of their business.

Grace Lever is a digital marketing specialist and educator working with female entrepreneurs, helping them to create balanced, profitable, lifestyle businesses. She is the founder and director of, which provides practical guidance and support to help female business. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kevin Mallen is the Sales & Marketing Director for Virtual Coworker. He connects qualified Virtual Assistants and Web Developers from the Philippines with Australian Businesses.

James Mawson is the Handsome Genius: a web copywriter and inbound marketing consultant specialising in the right content and strategy to bring great customers to a website that sells. Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kate McMahon is a freelance word nerd (aka copywriter) with a passion for punchy prose, clear communications and an elegant turn of phrase. She is Head Honcho & Chief Copywriter at Gidget Media.

Stephen Mayall is a marketing consultant and coach at New Edge Marketing. He helps creative businesses generate more leads create more opportunities and drive more sales through simple step-by-step solutions to grow their business.

Lee McCaffrey is an entrepreneur, Mother and Blogger. She co-founded and co-directs Lasso Systems and Lasso Computers with her husband and documents their journey as an entrepreneurial family on her blog Business Makes Three. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Katie McMurray is passionate about business publicity. She runs media campaigns for major events, business owners and business books.

Ian MacLeod is dedicated to demystifying the law and providing low-cost solutions to common legal problems. Through RP Emery Legal Publishers, he offers a range of legal kits that will save you valuable time and money. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn and Google+

Jodie McLeod is a freelance copywriter, editor and journalist, and former Editor of Flying Solo. If you’re after an intelligent crafter of catchy copy who has loads of experience with words, ads and ideas, get in touch.

Sonja Meyer is a graphic and brand designer who works in print, web and UI (user interface) design. She works with an holistic approach that leads to more human-focussed ad sustainable design outcomes that are better for everyone.

Kate Merryweather is a fabulous and not very modest copywriter based in Melbourne. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Karl Moe is the founder and director of Easy Yoke Marketing, a boutique marketing and creative agency based in Melbourne. Karl has a soft spot and great passion for property marketing and branding campaigns. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Shar Moore of YWoman works exclusively with business owners who are ready to grow their businesses to the next level, on purpose! Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Luke Moulton is an Online Marketing Consultant and Facebook Aficionado. You can find out more about him via his website, Plankton Digital.

Marian Mouttet from Blue Sky Admin is an Australian Virtual Assistant who specialises in accounts, administration, database building and desktop publishing support. She’s currently reducing her work hours with a view to retirement – one of the many perks of being a soloist!

Ingrid Moyle from Heart Harmony Communications is a copywriter who works with small business owners struggling to find the time and the right words to market their business, and who feel stuck and frustrated (… and tempted to go get a J-O-B).

Angus Munro is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Angus Munro Psychology in Sydney. He loves working with people from all walks of life to harness their resources and increase their behavioural flexibility in order to explore their world and constantly create meaningful experiences. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dan Norris is a four-time Amazon best-selling business book Author. His dry humour, ruthless honesty and genuine talent for storytelling make his books interesting and fun but the focus is always on being actionable. His fourth book Create or Hate is a great reminder to soloists that ‘Successful people make things’. Connect with Dan on Facebook and Instagram.

Greg Nunan is an online entrepreneur, former co-owner of a leading Australian gym Franchise group, internet marketing blogger and founder of Winning Edge Digital, where he helps Australian businesses to grow their business online.

Kym O’Gorman helps business owners build a marketing machine that drives business results. She helps make sense of (and manage) each cog in the machine, working with businesses and coaching team members across marketing strategy, digital marketing and social media.

Grant O’Neill is the Director of GO Creative, a digital marketing agency in Brisbane which specialises in web design. He’s passionate about helping small businesses squeeze every dollar out of their marketing budget, without sacrificing quality. Connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Merryn Padgett helps ambitious women create powerful brands that cut through the noise of sameness. She crafts an image that is congruent with your mission, values and purpose and helps you launch your brand with authenticity and unmistakable clarity. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams in developing their business communication skills. Her company, Infinite Growth, provides training in presentation skills, business writing and leadership development. Armed with these skills, there is nothing a business person cannot achieve.

Jarrod Partridge is a sports photo-journalist from Melbourne. His work has been published in RIDE Magazine, Bicycling Australia, The Herald Sun and The Age. In 2014 & 2015 he was recognised for his contribution to women’s cycling coverage by Cycling Victoria.

Catherine Pelosi is a business copywriter, marketeer and owner of Write Rabbit. She has extensive experience with designers, agencies and organisations across various sectors and tackles every brief with the customer in mind. then adds a generous dose of creativity. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn

Ken Phillips is Executive Director of Independent Contractors Australia and author of Independence and the Death of Employment. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Sarah-Joy Pierce is a words specialist, helping graphic designers and small businesses with writing, marketing and social media. Through her business Joyful Communications, Sarah-Joy creates captivating copy, practical plans and marvellous marketing.

Catherine Plano is a passionate transformational thought leader, change instigator and creative mind, who inspires an extraordinary fulfilling outcome and sparks creativity. Get ready to transform yourself for success!

Katherine Pranic is a full-time freelance copywriter, part-time yoga teacher, and all-time dog lover. She writes engaging copy for agencies, big companies, small businesses, and not-for-profit organisations. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jacqui Pretty is the Founder and Head Editor of Grammar Factory, a writing, editing and coaching company that helps entrepreneurs write awesome books.

Tim Preston is a designer maker with two small businesses: Climb Design — new design in rock climbing equipment, and use things — useful (and sustainable) furniture and fittings. He combines his small business and small family with his partner in regional Victoria.

Jacqui Pryor is the director of Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd and brings with her 13 years experience in dealing with Australian & International trademark matters affordably and professionally.

Pete Rawlings is the owner and operator of This is Neat Cleaning, an End of Lease Cleaning company keeping real estate agents and renters happy all across Sydney. He is passionate about all things small business, writing about the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

James Rendell is the Managing Director at Co-pilot Marketing and is passionate about helping others develop measurable and targeted marketing programs. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Pia Rios is head of marketing for Alltel Australia. Her expertise in digital marketing, brand, and business communications has been key in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and bottom line. Connect with her on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

Rhys Roberts is a commercial accountant who provides the range of services a CFO typically provides to a larger business. He will help you implement financial systems, run your accounts department and provide the information you need to improve the performance of your business.

Scarlett Rugers runs an award-winning book design agency based in Melbourne. Her purpose is to inspire the best in all authors through supreme book design and service, so they have the highest chance of reaching success.

Jo Scard runs Fifty Acres where she provides big picture communications for corporate and not-for-profits. Connect with her on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Fred Schebesta is the CEO and Co-Founder of, Australia’s most visited comparison website which receives 1.7 million hits per month. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cass Selwood is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader based in the Adelaide Hills. When he’s not slaving over a hot keyboard he can be found playing with his kids or locked away in his man-cave building wooden surfboards.

Madeleine Shaw is a personal and executive coach who helps people get on with living brilliantly.

Lauren Shay is the owner of Full Stop Design, Editing, Publishing. She helps her clients make a lasting impact on their target audiences with her creative and efficient design, writing and editing services. Lauren also blogs about her bus misadventures. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Donna Sisinni is Managing Director of Ditto by Design, which builds practical tools and templates designed to help solo, micro and small business owners improve their productivity. Connect with Donna on LinkedIn and Google+.

Cody Shorter is co-founder of The Copywriters, a group of Aussies writing personalised and engaging copy for humans, not SEO-bots. The Copywriters focus on telling stories that will emotionally engage your customers. Connect with Cody via LinkedIn.

Ian Smith is an international trade veteran with expertise in imports, exports, international freight and logistics. He is CEO of Cargo Hound. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Erica Stacey partners with individuals and small businesses to understand and improve their online presence. She is the Top Scout and Digital Marketer at Scout Digital Marketing. Be prepared to do your best online. Connect with her on Google+Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bree Somer is a social worker, natter nutter, and nature lover. She operates an online private practice providing counselling and coaching support to help manage life’s many hurdles. Connect with her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Stein is passionate about helping small business owners get empowered around their accounts and business procedures. She’s the founder of Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping and author of “Wow … I’m in Business! Your journey from overwhelmed to organised. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tammy Tansley is the Principal of Tammy Tansley Consulting and the author of Do What You Say You’ll Do, a book for new leaders and those reinventing their leadership style. She is co-owner of Help Me HR.

Tanya Targett is an award-winning journalist, speaker and creator of the Winning Publicity Formula®. A single mum and tsunami survivor, she has taught students how to secure more than $7.4 million in free publicity over the past two years alone. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Shayne Tilley is the General Manager of 99designs one of the world’s largest and most successful crowdsourcing marketplaces. Focused on design and founded in Australia, 99designs delivers amazing design value all over the world.

Melanie Thorley is founder of MJT Law, a Brisbane-based law firm that offers professional legal services by providing advice from a motivated and experienced solicitor that is relevant to you. Connect with Melanie on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Byron Trzeciak is the owner and founder PixelRush, a boutique online marketing agency in Melbourne specialising in web, SEO, paid traffic and content. He is especially passionate about empowering businesses to build 4x the ROI from their online marketing investment. Connect with Byron on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Amanda Vanelderen is a copywriter and communications specialist with WorkWords. She is a news junkie and a music geek, who loves her job and hates clowns. Connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn

Ronsley Vaz creates businesses that connect people and ideas in new and innovative ways. He is the host of  Australia’s #1 Food podcast – Bond Appetit, and creator of Podcast Revolution, the first podcasting gathering in the Southern Hemisphere.

Andrew Walker is a business cash flow expert who provides financial services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

Paul Wallbank is a business owner, author and presenter, with a focus on helping businesses to grow, improve productivity and make more profits through web technologies such as cloud computing and social media.

Jamie Watson co-created RAW Mind Coach to help you build resilience and cope far better with difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and all that other stressful stuff which fills your brain. Connect with him on Facebook.

Paul Webster is a Business Coach, Life Coach, Author and Mentor at Websters Studios. He helps solopreneurs and small business owners focus on activities that create them revenue and meet their values. Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Annette Welsford is the founder of Commonsense Marketing, a Brisbane agency that provides done for you marketing services to small business owners (particularly tradies) to boost leads and market share. She also provides marketing mentoring and training. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Amanda Westphal created Prize Pig, an online platform busting with media competitions that any small business can access to get major media space without the media spend. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Trish Weston works with individuals and groups who wish to bring balance, purpose, and peace of mind to their lives. She also loves art, country living and wants the whole world to adopt the four-hour day.

Kathy Wilson is the Director of Elite Reputations, a boutique agency that helps clients look great when someone searches for them online.

Andy Willis is the Founder of Working From Anywhere. He is on a mission to empower people to think differently about work. Connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Zoë Wundenberg is a passionate careers writer, counsellor and coach who runs a boutique career development business called Impressability. She’s also the founder of the Albury/Wodonga Business Community Hub, built to support local business leaders. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

To read more from any of these small business experts, just click on their name to access a full archive of their articles.

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