Emma Wilson, Upclose & Virtual

Upclose & Virtual provides professional, cost effective, secretarial services for businesses and individuals throughout Australia to reduce the bur... Read more

Emma Wilson, Upclose & Virtual
Claudia Oliveira, Narrativa Video Production
Karen Curran, Unicorn Graphics
Dean Mathieson, Mobilise Solutions
Sean Walsh Graphic Design
Keith Henry, The BusinessHive Coaching Network
Steve Pagratis, Divert to mobile
Ally Minatsis, Berry Web Design
Aaron Steele, The Cleaning Act Australia
Lucinda Lions, Slogan Creator
Nicole Leedham, Black Coffee Communication
Ben Hoban, Brown Paper eCommerce
Jacqui Pryor, Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd
Brett Moyle, Efficient Foundations
Frederike Ramm, Ondetto
Jen Clark, Jen Clark Design
David Ellis, DNK Systems
Felicity Van Rysbergen, Well Versed Copywriting
Aditya Wardhana, ADVIS Web Development
Steve Glaveski, HotDesk.com.au

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LifeStyle Refocus

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Glen Iris, VIC 3146

About us

LifeStyle Refocus delivers workshops on time management, productivity and clutter. Our aim is to help and support you and your business to run more efficiently and effectively.

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Payments are processed securely via PayPal. 
For annual Business Class membership we also accept invoice payment via EFT. Contact us.

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  Payments are processed securely via PayPal. For annual membership we also accept invoice payment via EFT. Contact us