We’re after a Community Editor!

If you’re a highly-motivated, experienced writer with a journalistic, curiosity-fuelled approach to your work, you may be just the person to take the Editorial reins at Flying Solo.

This permanent part-time role is based in Sydney and offers the holy grail of a fulfilling career combined with a balanced personal life. You can also expect plenty of autonomy and loads of support!

Why ‘Community’ Editor?

We want Flying Solo to become a more engaging, more valued and more nurturing online community for our 100,000+ members.

Thanks to the stewardship of every one of our wonderful, much-loved past Editors we enjoy a unique position in the marketplace. We’ve built a very popular platform of highly-regarded content, and are now ready to embrace an Editor who will consolidate what we have and lead us into a stronger, more community-focused future.

Here’s a snapshot of our heartland to better recognise our community.

Our primary goal, to be spearheaded by our new Editor, is to reinforce our unique positioning and put our community’s voice at the front and centre of our business. This will call for an individual possessing a strong affinity with the notion of ‘community’; someone who really embraces the importance of satisfying the needs of members.

Demonstrable ‘runs on the board’ will clearly impress us here!

A key measure of success for this role will be increased member engagement and livelier community discussion. In support, we have plans to improve usability, across all devices and platforms, and enhance our free and paid membership packages.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a high level of attentiveness and interest in the community’s joys and frustrations and be able to write and comment on how the solo business community fits into the broader business and societal landscape. She/he will quickly spot pain points and trends and respond with relevant, useful and insightful editorial.

Why a curious and inquisitive mind matters

Research and observation are key in order to really grasp what challenges and issues concern, interest and inspire our community. With many thousands of forum conversations, over 3500 articles and a mass of social media activity, there is no lack of themes, angles and opinions waiting to be dissected, expanded and reported on. And, of course, they grow in number and richness every day.

As someone with writing experience – quite possibly within a solo/small business – our new Editor will comfortably position themselves in Flying Solo’s flow of ideas and quickly cultivate an appreciation of our legacy.

More about the role

The Community Editor will work closely with Sam, Peter and Robert – the little leadership team who have worked deliriously happily together for over a decade – and the wider, small FSHQ team.  All of us share a love of community and the pursuit of a balanced solo life!

Other important considerations are that the role requires you to:

  • Compile regular newsletters and editorials for our 40k or so email subscribers.
  • Nurture relationships with our small team of expert contributors.
  • Guide and support contributors, and edit their content ready for publication.
  • Express your directive via commissioned/self-penned articles.
  • Review our existing contributor guidelines and editorial policies to support new aims.
  • Get involved in forum, article and social media discussions, picking out commentary to form the basis of new writing, identifying where new articles are needed and cross-referring members to existing articles.
  • Review and update the contributor guidelines and related processes.
  • Manage the daily article and social media schedule and regularly review article categories.
  • Sub edit articles according to style guidelines and maintain/amend these guidelines.
  • Write a monthly Flying Solo update for your contributors, to keep them abreast of activities and as a means of nurturing the relationship.
  • Participate in Flying Solo’s broadcast activities, including webinars and podcasts.
  • Seek out community members suitable for profiling (e.g. success stories, general interviews).
  • Represent Flying Solo at networking functions from time to time.
  • Attend weekly editorial meetings with Flying Solo team in Sydney, and work from the office there at least one day a week
  • Lots of other great stuff we can’t think of off the top of our heads!

What we’re looking for

Naturally you’ll be a gifted writer, who is likely to have a background in writing/journalism and will almost certainly have experience of working as a soloist. You can fully empathise, (because you’ve been there) and indeed, may well have contributed in a big way to the creation or evolution of other online communities. In addition, we’ll be looking for someone who: 

  • Has a passion for and empathy with the issues facing Australians running their own business, and be able to demonstrate interest and knowledge of the wider small business landscape.
  • Has a genuine commitment to making a difference to the lives of those going it alone.
  • Is proficient at working alone, but also enjoys bouncing ideas around with a small and happy team. 
  • Is willing to embrace new technologies and who is totally comfortable with WordPress, cloud based applications and social networking. 
  • Has an in-built and fully integrated sense of humour. 

How to apply

If the above sounds like you and you’re ready to join a passionate team helping Australians start and run businesses they love, we’d love to hear from you. Read on to find out what’s needed. 

A little challenge for you

We’d like you to write a 600-800 word piece that seeks to inform and engage others in conversation (conversation that may take place on our Facebook page, our forums or via Disqus article comments) that draws on the following forum thread and articles:

  1. Forum thread
  2. Article 1
  3. Article 2

In your submission, we’ll be looking for mention of one or two forum members (active in the thread), article commenters and most likely, quotes referencing the article authors. We will be particularly interested in how you weave the elements together, share valuable take outs and invite further discussion.

Please include a headline and article teaser you feel is likely to pique interest and also select an image you feel suits the piece. Simply head to the Shutterstock photo library and include a link to your chosen image at the footer of your submission.

Challenge the challenge

Our intention is that our new Editor regularly creates new content taking a format like the challenge presented above. What was your experience? How, if at all, might you improve or amend the brief? And if the process triggered ideas for future articles or other engaging activities, please share your thinking with us.

The format

Please email us a single document, called “Editor job app: (your name)”. This should also be the subject line of the email you send. The document, which can be either Word, PDF, or Google Doc format, should consist of:

  1. Your résumé;
  2. The 600-800 word response to the Challenge;
  3. A cover letter which includes a response to the ‘challenge the challenge’ questions as well as links to your online profiles and a couple of examples of any of your work that you’re proud to share.

Important info

This role is open to Australian residents only. Applicants must be available to work in our Sydney office for at least one day a week. Interviews will occur in Sydney in mid May and the flexibility to start pretty immediately is preferred. 

Salary is around $60,000 pa, pro-rata’ed to three days. 

Please note: Applications that do not comply with these guidelines or that are incomplete in any way, will not be considered. Ouch!

Recommended reading 

Before responding, we suggest you spend some time on our websiteforums and Facebook and also dive into the following: 

Please send your application to sam(at)flyingsolo.com.au and let us know how you heard about the role.

Good luck!

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