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Default re: small business payment systems

Originally Posted by Phillip P View Post
To get your paypal to send you money and even start accepting anything over 2K you will need to add your bank account details to paypal.

So this is a double sided sword... So if someone charges you back after 60 days and no money is in your paypal account... Paypal takes it out of your bank account.

The same way you withdraw the profits.

Paypal has locked my account twice... During a product launch as the amount of money moving into the account looked suspicious.

and once when i accessed my account from overseas. Both times it took me about 4 weeks to get my money and with lack of support i was going crazy.

Paypal is all about your customer and not you... Which is good for your clients as it gives them security.

Almost 99% of the time if a client of yours says you ripped them off or did not deliver a service or item and its under 60 days they will get the money back.

With your merchant account you can argue the point the bank asks for details and proof and all that and they email them back saying we have enough proof to suggest that you did use the service and you did get the item.

When your making good sales its very important to move away from paypal...
wow.. very informative, thanks. i'd love to know how you had so many people visit your site and know about the product launch in order to have a large amount of sudden sales? i could use some tips

back to paypal.. can you explain what is a chargeback? i plan to offer people the chance to refund if the product doesnt fit. also, i will have tracking and signature upon receipt so have proof if someone tries to argue they didnt receive my product.. doesnt paypal check this kind of proof?

it's ok to add bank acct details to paypal for payments. do they add it straight away to my bank account if people pay by cc or do i need to manually transfer from paypal to bank account? i heard it takes about 3 days for payments to reach me..?

i heard their processing system is good, in regards to fake cards etc..

is it possible to maybe start with this as a gateway and if i start getting more online purchases, leave it and change to eway after 3 months?

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