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Default Re: Paid for Mailing Lists

As King has stated, there are too many variables and there isn't really an answer to your question.

Being a cold list - I would consider an excellent conversion rate to be 2%. However, in saying that it depends on your ROI. You might have a conversion rate of 0.01% but it made you $2000 from your initial $200 outlay and I would consider that to be successful.

Side note: From what I've heard from a recent ADMA direct mailing workshop is that lists can be up to 2 years out of date.

With email lists, companies generally charge a set up fee and also require a minimum order. You usually need to spend a few Gs for a list.

Factors that will determine your campaign's success include and are not limited to:
- The accuracy of the list
- Is the list targeted to your target audience?
- Does the title of your email make people want to open it?
- Is the message compelling and does it have a strong call to action?
- The timing of your message

Hope that helps and good luck with your campaign.
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