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Default Re: Dealing with an unpunctual employee

Originally Posted by LeelaCosgrove View Post
I'm with Chrissy - the problem here is two fold:

1. there needs to be serious consequences when he doesn't do what he's committed to doing - people will get away with what you let them get away with.

2. he needs to care about this enough - to have a stake in it ... what will motivate him?

The best thing I can think of that covers off both these points is being paid on performance rather than wage ...
Well one of the consequences is that I blow up at him. I'm definately not one of these people that's subtle, but people can become immune to anything. Punctuality is important to me, I find it hard to understand how you can be late, it's not normal. Especially if you're not a CEO of 2 companies, what you have to walk your dog in the morning or something? Just walk it 10 minutes earlier. It frightens me to think humans can land a person on the moon but some can't even get to a meeting on time, it makes me lose faith in a person's potential.

Answer to 2: Well in regards to the stake we are going to enter into a partnership. Do you think I should have him put most of the money up (90%) and that way when things don't go to plan because he keeps stuffing up, he can just watch his life savings trickle away. Do you think that will wake him up?

Answer to 1: Serious consequences. Give me some examples. He's in a partnership with me so I can't fire my partner. I've screamed at him a couple of times and I don't know if he's getting the message. The only last resort I can say is to say "Well if you stuff up again I'm just going to walk." But that seems too easy, surely there's a creative way. What about he pays me $100 every time he's late? Something along those lines. I'm stumped.


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