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Default Re: Cold calling to source new clients

Funny, I was talking to someone yesterday about this very thing.

A freind who does the same thing as me in Sydney said things were dead for him during November so he went cold calling and had enormous success with it.

He gave a few bits of advice to me:

1) Have an anchor, a client in the vacinity, a reason to be there, ie; I was just visiting so and so and I pass your office all the time, I thought I would drop in and see if you require any of my services.

2) You are not a salesman /woman, you are the CEO of one company wanting to talk to someone at the same level in their company.
People hate salesman, so tell them you are not a salesman.

3) whoever you talk to, whether its a PA, reception or manager, send them a hand written note thanking them for their time.

He said so far he has had an 80-90% success rate of getting a meeting with the decision maker and now has more work than he can handle including 1 really large client.

I am going to get off my backside and away from my safe zone (about 1 square metre in front of my computer) and go visit some people.

He also said, you will get some rude and arrogant people, receptionists who think its their job to block everyone and everything, just have to accept it and move on.
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