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Default Re: Websites - it's not what you do, it's the way that you build it

Screamingkiwi, yes, I do agree with what you have said above, but there are also two very critical point that must be said...

The first being that if you have a website, keep it maintained, current and up to date!!! My main opposition in Australia has a site, which is about 8 years out of date. They have listed the resellers that handle their product, and they have failed to maintain and update the website with regards to addresses and product that is available. I know of 2 B&M shops in Melbourne that are no longer reselling their product and that has left the door open to me to market my wares to them. There is also a third shop that was angered with the supplier selling direct to the public via eBay, and as a result, that business has been 'black listed' from supplying that B&M business. It is also partly due to the fact that they are undercutting the retail price they have suggested to the B&M to sell at.

The second point is that if you sell via the 'net, make sure that you have the stock to be able to supply within a very short time frame. Another business that I know of has gone to online selling via a website, and is about 4 - 6 months behind with their supplying of product to both resellers and to the retail sales generated from the website. Yet, the same business still goes to exhibitions and trade shows, and wonders why they are abused at the shows. From what I have seen, it would be acceptable to put a note on the item for sale on the site, advising that there is nil stock of the product, and then advise when the product / item will be back in stock. It is not rocket science, but it is amazing how many businesses fail to do this and keep their sites updated on a daily if not weekly basis!!!

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