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Default Re: mobile number or landline number?

I agree it depends on the type of business - but also what areas you wish to access too. I have both landline and mobile as some customers are national and do not have mobile nor wireless nor 3G access. Many also will not call a mobile number at all. Most of my initial enquiries are via email.

Even in our own area on the Blue Mountains - if you drive more than 3km from the exchange or tower you are out of area on the mobile (incl 3G), so many people just give up. The same with broadband. If you are more than 3km from the exchange you only get dial up. Our home is within 2km of the exchange so we are ok for broadband, but edge that little bit farther and the other homes are out of range. With the mountains and valleys it just makes mobile and broadband access difficult. None of the Telcos or govt has addressed this problem although they have acknowledged that mobile and wireless won't work in those areas and that we need the fibre optic cables. Sometimes we or visitors still have to walk around various areas of our home or backyard just to get reception on our 3G mobiles as reception fluctuates.

Landlines and broadband go best together here and are the most reliable for us.

With my landline phone I have a monthly package that includes all local and std calls so I don't worry about calling customers all over Australia. Mobile calls are extra. Anyone else with similar packages is more likely to want to call landlines because the calls are included in the package.
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