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Default Re: How much did you outsource when starting out?

That's a great question. I've only been in business a couple of months and have taken the approach of trying to do everything myself, as much as anything because I want full control. I have the advantage in that I'm a good accountant (if I do say so myself!) but there are many different types of accountant - I still need someone to do my tax as my speciality area is management accountancy for SME's.

I digress....I have come to the realisation that I can do everything but it will take me so much longer than a professional, it's inefficient and takes me away from working with clients who I can help (and who pay!). I did my website myself and while I believe it is pretty thorough it is also quite rough around the edges and needs a facelift. Marketing is another area I need help in as my strategy thusfar has been haphazard and not very productive.....

I've used the excuse of having time on my hands while I build up a client base and some of the other areas are new and novel (eg website)......time to move do what I'm good at and to bring in others who are good at what they do!
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