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Dave - FS Concierge

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Jan 27, 2021 at 2:51 PM
    1. Bhuwan
      hii dave please advice me how can i get legal authority to start my home made food business in NSW
    2. brian87x
      Hi Dave. I placed a blurb on Forum but can't find the 7 replies. How do I get the message in a general section to get some response? Need help please. Brian
    3. Mel777
      Hi Dave, I would like to ask the members for some advice on shipping costs/options from China.. could you pls tell me how to do this on Flyingsolo website? sorry, I am a little inexperienced in this and must be a silly question. I tried to start a conversation, but it is asking for at least a few members to include???

      Thanks Dave
    4. Courtzparserr
      Hi dave

      I cant seem to change my title of my post in the introductions forum
      1. Dave - FS Concierge
        Dave - FS Concierge
        Hi @Courtzparserr I can update it for you if you let me know the revised title.
        Apr 30, 2018
    5. Australian-Importing-Club
      Hi Dave, just have a question in regards to a thread we both posted a message on. Would you be able to PM me?
      Cheers, Ian
    6. The Profit People
      The Profit People
      Hi Dave, Tried to find the link to what we can include in our footers of our profiles... do you have link handy?.

      On another note are we able to post helpful hints on the different categories on the forums?

    7. BrandArchitect
      Hi Dave, we have a complimentary information session coming up as part of a series of sessions we do for the community. It is - The Foundations of Good Marketing. I know this would be of interest to some of the Sydney based members. Is there a recommended way to communicate this to the members on the forums? Cheers Kristy
    8. deputy
      Hello Dave, do you have some of your products available for resale (as affiliate or similar)?
    9. Taxopia
      Hi Dave. We wanted to offer the FS members a special end of financial year offer (with say a special coupon code). Can you tell me if a post with something like this is allowed? Its relevant and valuable but I know there are strict regs on anti spam as well. cheers Alex
    10. impng
      I have a query & would like some advise, I am setting up my web design business again & looking to do a target profile interview to refine my services, just to be sure, I am NOT marketing my services. What would be the be way to post it in the forum?
      If I contact people via the Flying Solo directory, I feel I would get resistance & they may feel I am trying to sell to them, is there anything you can suggest?
      1. Dave - FS Concierge
        Dave - FS Concierge
        Hi there, I've sent you a response via PM.
        Apr 5, 2016
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    Hi, as an FS Concierge, I'm here to help keep this forum an awesome place to be for solopreneurs - keeping up with what's going on in this forum, welcoming new members, helping with queries, keeping the site free of spam and identifying improper posts.


    Dave Gillen, Flying Solo Concierge
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    Copywriter & Content Marketer @ davegillen.com.au/