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Adding Virtual Assistant services to existing Accounting/Bookkeeping Business

Discussion in 'Tell me straight...' started by Freedom Fighter, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter Member

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    Hi All
    I currently run an Accounting/Bookkeeping business in Perth. I am considering adding Virtual Assistant services to my business and would love to hear feedback from both Virtual Assistants and people who might already use or be looking to use a VA.
    I also have a LOT of spare office space so am considering offering 'Hot Offices' as well as hiring out my boardroom.

    If you were to hire a VA, what services would you expect from them?


  2. Peter - FS Administrator

    Peter - FS Administrator Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Nic,
    Thanks for joining and welcome to the forums :)
    I know there are lots of virtual assistants in the community, if you're looking for one a good place to start would be Flying Solo's Virtual Assistant section of our directory. Their websites might also give you an idea of the services generally on offer.
    Also, if you'd like to let us know a little more about your business please feel free to add your post signature and fill in your profile in the control panel.
    Hope that helps and all the best.
  3. kathiemt

    kathiemt Renowned Member

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    Hi Nic, and welcome. I know quite a few VAs who providing bookkeeping services as their core service and then additional administrative things to add to their business. I know several who are in WA as well as other states here in Australia. I'm sure you'll get to meet some of them too.

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