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Bank Recommendations (Personal + Business)

Discussion in 'Money matters' started by Anon, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Anon

    Anon Member

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    I'm looking at moving away from my credit union and onto one of the big banks. So I will be needing somewhere to go for my personal and business banking (will keep both with the same bank). I was wondering who everyone here is with and if anyone could give any recommendations considering my circumstances and needs?

    > Rewards Program For Business Expenses - My yearly expenses are around $200k so want a rewards program with the business credit card (why not get some free stuff!) - NOT AMEX.

    > Rewards Program For Personal Expenses - You get more points with a personal rewards program card, but unfortunately you don't get points for business expenses, so would need this also - Preferably not AMEX.

    > Business/Personal Credit Card that does not charge extra for buying products online in a different currency.

    > Cheap international bank transfers

    > Personal everyday account with no/low monthly or annual fees.

    That's about it. Is this asking for too much?
  2. yourvirtualboard

    yourvirtualboard Active Member

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    I've been with Westpac (personal + business) for 12 years and have been happy with the service and they do offer rewards type cards as well.

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