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Business Systems

Discussion in 'Find the help you need' started by ladyvee, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. ladyvee

    ladyvee Guest

    Would prefer to work with a Gold Coast local than someone interstate if possible as I would work better "in person" than over the phone etc.

    I am looking for someone to help me "start" to put systems in place.

    I am not a big business (soloist with a couple of sub contractors) however one of my plans for 2011 was to systemise my business so as I could get someone else to be "me for a day" (as such).

    I've already met with http://au.linkedin.com/pub/john-gemmell/25/407/b94 John from http://www.isystemize.com/

    I was looking at their "workshop" option so as I just need the "start".

    At the same time, I have not signed up to anything. Was wondering if anyone else "out there" would like to put their hand up to give me an overview and quote ?

    Or is there anyone open to a barter (pet sitting or dog walking in exchange for your mentorship / assistance to help me systemise my business) ?
  2. WendyT

    WendyT Member

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    Hi Vanessa, I teach small business owners to improve their workplace and personal efficiency and organisational skills by establishing and managing systems within their business. You have taken the first step of realising that having systems is a very smart way of working and once established will save you a lot of time and energy. I am based in Brisbane but I travel to see clients on site. Happy to have a chat to provide overview. Probably couldn't help you on the dog sitting but my rates are reasonable and I can customise a package based on your needs.
  3. ladyvee

    ladyvee Guest

    Hi Wendy

    HAHAHA !! Ok.. I do have a budget in mind that I'm prepared to get started on this ... it's the getting started part that is the overwhelming thing. It's all in my head and when I sit down to "get systems out of my head and on paper"... it becomes overwhelming and I put it off.

    I don't want to anymore as I am wanting to eventually be able to bring someone on board who can help me out with admin for a few hours at the start then "be me for a day" (where it will be admin as well as pet sitting, dog walking etc - mixed role like me).

    As for "on site" that is a bit of a problem as I'm between homes right now. I'm moving from one into the other over the next two weeks. Thus we'd have to meet somewhere else .... please email me.
  4. SmartElephant

    SmartElephant Member

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    Hi Vanessa,

    I had a look around your website and I really love this idea as a business.

    One of things in my job I get the most satisfaction from is improving business processes. They are so often overlooked, yet in any operation there are so many areas that can be easily improved which generate significant exciting results.

    I am not available to make it to Gold Coast unfortunately (as much as I would love to!). I completely understand that you're looking for face to face interaction, so I won't offer a quote for this work. However, I hate the idea of losing an opportunity to work with such a different type of business and industry (there is a sad lack of Pet Sitters in my client list), so I would love to offer 5 hours free of charge if you are interested.

    - Declan

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