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Do free websites deter customers?

Discussion in 'Marketing mastery' started by N45H, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. PerfectNotes-Kathy

    PerfectNotes-Kathy Active Member

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    Hi N45H,

    As has been noted, it's often more about the email address used - a yahoo or similar email address is seen as personal and therefore not very professional. Given that it is very cheap and easy to setup your own domain, it seems a small investment to make in the longevity of your business.


  2. OpusNOIR Photography

    OpusNOIR Photography Member

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    "free" websites, both as a customer and a now former web designer, are my pet hate.

    As a customer it says that the business is "cutting corners" and I instantly lose trust in what it can offer me. Personally as soon as I see a wix logo I'm out of there!

    I also dislike the way they claim these sites are "free" but if you want any decent level of support you have to pay.

    I used to design and build websites but I was finding that too many potential clients after receiving my quote went and found the "free" options, so I lost thousands upon thousands of dollars in business income to these "free" website builders.

    Sorry to sound so negative but you have struck a raw nerve!
  3. IncredibleCo

    IncredibleCo Active Member

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    Answer to this one is simple - If you're not prepared to invest in your business, how can you expect others to?
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