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Discussion in 'Starting your journey' started by Tennasee, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Tennasee

    Tennasee Member

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    Is it possible to purchase a franchise but not do the physical work and make a profit? ie Cleaning or lawns.
  2. actuarial

    actuarial Member

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    without physical work you want profit.Good idea...Humm.
    I think you might think for some online business.
  3. trymyluck

    trymyluck Member

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    Yes of course its possible, however you must be good/skillful at some of the other things that make a good profitable business. What are your skills/strengths ?
    If you cannot show others how you want the work, eg cleaning,lawns to be done, how will your employees know what/how you want it done?
    Im interested in knowing why you want to go into business and why your not wanting to do the work. Its common in the cleaning industry for the business to be managed, however in lawn mowing you may struggle as the profit margin is smaller unless you would be chasing larger contracts.
    Also you need to have good people working for you who can work unsupervised. Willl they be driving your vehicles?
    Maybe some more info on your business would help the people here to help you,but for me, the answer to your brief question is yes.

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