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Getting suburb landing pages indexed.

Discussion in 'Tech talk' started by ComputeThis, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. ComputeThis

    ComputeThis Member

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    Within our industry targeting home users most service providers have some kind of suburb landing pages.

    We've gone ahead and created the same and created approx. 300 landing pages for our coverage area probably 2 months ago now.

    I've submitted our sitemap multiple times with Web Master Tools but despite that we only have two of the landing pages showing in results on Google (via site:computethis.com.au).

    Web Master Tools shows 700 pages indexed, which would include these landing pages and some previous duplicates with a different URL from testing (Before committing we changed from "home" to "onsite" in the URL and recreated every page.

    Is this just something we need to wait on longer? Seems 2 months is a while. It seems to me Google is not including all because they are duplicate content, but in that case how do the other similar businesses achieve this?

    Simply, any way to quickly get these landing pages showing in Google results?
  2. FetchBargain

    FetchBargain Member

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    Few strategies includes (depends on industry to industry):
    - Link building to high authority sites
    - directory submissions
    - I guess there is some feature in Google like page fetch (not really sure where you can submit submit url for the page you want to index manually but again it depends on google bot when they crawl. It normally takes about few weeks before they crawl.
  3. Blue Jet

    Blue Jet Active Member

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    Hey ComputeThis,

    (700 pages) I hope it all works out for you by getting some clients for all the effort that you have put into it :)

    I see you are using wp for your website and also have submitted a sitemap through Web Master tool which is great, but unfortunately none of your pages have a 100% priority, at least home page. It also helps for google to crawl your pages if there are linked with one another.

    I personally have created a sitemap.xml for my website and has worked fine to me. You can find more info about sitemap.xml here

    Thanks and all the best,
  4. NickMorris

    NickMorris Active Member

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    First of all, if the service is the same in every place then Google doesn't want you to create separate pages. Matt Cutts covered this in a video once. However, as you note with your competitors, I see landing page schemes like this ranking all the time. Maybe they have the right links, the right amount of unique content or there just isn't much competition.

    One way to approach this by staying on the right side of Google is to make sure that each of your pages is actually unique and adds value. Kind of hard to do for 700 pages though. Better to focus on a handful of locations and do those pages really well.

    Going back to the basics of getting pages indexed though; I can't see a way to access your landing pages from your site navigation. If they aren't available through your navigation then why would Google think they are important enough to index.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. ComputeThis

    ComputeThis Member

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Just to clarify is only approx. 350 need indexed - It got doubled up (but there are only 350 pages now) while going about setting the pages up and in those couple of days Google scraped our sitemap and picked up those extras, hence 700 now.

    I think at least for now until we build some ranking and Google show us more love like our existing competitors I'll go ahead and select say 30 main suburbs and work to both bring some uniqueness to each of these and get links to them, both internally so Google can actually find them via it's bot and externally for SEO.
  6. JohnW

    JohnW Renowned Member

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    Hi Compute This,
    I believe Nick hit on a few of your major problems.

    In addition to your near duplicate content problem you may well have some page publishing technical issues.

    1. Near Duplicate Content
    Google said recently that 25% of web content is duplicate. That is around 15 trillion documents. I can't imagine the cost to a search engine of maintaining this quantity of useless data. Google is very actively trying to cull this data and has become very efficient at it in recent years.

    There are a lot of sites that try to target searches for a bunch of suburbs plus their service description. Try an exact match for "want a plumber in" and Google will return 230,000 pages.

    Of the 230k pages in G's index that exactly match the search phrase, only 120 (that is one hundred and twenty, only) of them are in its primary index.

    Often these landing pages are a hodge-podge of faked/concocted/largely replicated content and a quick check seems to suggest you have published hundreds of near duplicate content with:

    This strategy worked OK a couple of years ago but now it is moribund.

    2. Technical Problems
    Google reports many 404 errors when you view Google's cached version of your pages.

    All of these signals are telling Google, "don't trust this site".

    I suggest you:

    • kill the (hundreds?) of near duplicate content pages
    • publish relevant and different content on your pages
    • improve your site navigation
    • check your page code for errors that Google may not like.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013
  7. John Romaine

    John Romaine Renowned Member

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    65-70% of your site is in the supplemental index.

    This means that Google only deems 30-35% of your site to be useful.

    Get rid of all those duplicate pages.

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