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Google SEO for a Squarespace site

Discussion in 'Find the help you need' started by AdeleLockeLight, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. AdeleLockeLight

    AdeleLockeLight Member

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    Hi Flyers,

    I'm looking to find someone who can provide SEO services based on a squarespace website at a reasonable cost.

    My business is: providing customised independent lighting design solutions for homes, aimed at people who are building an average family home. The service is extremely well priced compared to what competitor companies (mainly commercial lighting designers who dabble in residential) provide and is unique in the lighting design marketplace.

    My clients are usually people who want to avoid filling their home with downlights or are looking for a great solution to get rid of existing halogen downlights and are looking for solutions which are unavailable through any other source without paying exorbitant design fees or being trapped into a retailers own product range. As such, clients are usually one-off, building their own home or renovating making them a tricky market to find.

    Anyone who knows of someone or supplies this type of service, who understands that as a reasonably new solo, fees of $2000 initially + high monthly retainers are out of the question - I'd love to talk to you.

    I appreciate any advice you may have for me on this one.

    Thanks, Adele
  2. Trastas

    Trastas Member

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    Hi Adele,

    Seeing as the nature of your business is very specific, I would assume that the keywords you want to rank would be very specific as well and thus... not extremely competitive.

    You may find if you have a developer / designer make you a kick-arse site with specific keywords in mind you may reduce how much you would need to spend on ongoing SEO such as link building, article submission etc.

    I think you would be better off investing in a more customized web presence. Perhaps one that really blows potential customers away when they land on the home page of your site.

    You want people to think either: 'wow!, this is cool' or 'this is exactly what I'm looking for' when that visit your site and currently, I don't think it does that.

    Traffic will do you absolutely no good unless your site converts.

    Sorry I went off topic at the end.

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  3. Greg_M

    Greg_M Renowned Member

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    The fact you're using Squarespace should be irrelevant from an SEO perspective.

    I use Squarespace for a few sites, and the code is well and truly optimised for SEO if your using it correctly, including relevant title and description meta tags.

    Your admin panel will tell you how often Google is crawling your page, and search terms being used to find you.

    Anyone that can code HTML, CSS ( including CSS3) and Javascript can work directly on your site, for anyone to suggest back the back end would be better optimised with a custom build, is not aware of how Squarespace works, you can build a custom site on it, or use a template (which can be hacked).

    From a content and marketing perspective, it's no different to most CMS's, in fact I'd argue it's superior to most, including Wordpress, Joomla et al.

    I leave SEO content advice to others, except to say that I do have high ranking sites in organic search running on Squarespace, so the platform is not an issue.

    Not sure how technical you are or whether you have a developer on your current site, or it's DIY. If you get stuck, send a PM and I'll see if I can assist.
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  4. dunks

    dunks Member

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    Hi Adele,

    I can give your site a once over and give you some free advice if you like!
    Also I might be able to give you some ideas on offsite SEO strategy, linkbuilding etc
    PM me if interested..

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