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Impact of Bad Weather

Discussion in 'Marketing mastery' started by Tamper Evident, May 25, 2012.

  1. Tamper Evident

    Tamper Evident Member

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    I've always been interested in the relationship with bad weather, of the kind we have seen in Melbourne today, and sales / footfall.

    I imagine that retail sales are impacted, coffee shops are quieter and restaurants have less bookings. But I have some questions that I'd appreciate peoples thoughts and opinions on:

    Has anyone invested in trying to counter act bad weather? Outside covers, awnings or heaters? Do you get a return on investment on this expense?

    Should councils invest in covering whole areas of shopping districts to protect footfall? Would people shop if they could stay dry on horrible days? If so, would it generate enough sales to cover the cost?

    Do office based, business-to-business notice the same ? Is there a malaise stopping people from calling or doing business when it is dark and horrible outside?

    It may be that it is simply better to get your paperwork done that day and not worry too much about sales...
  2. Steve_Minshall

    Steve_Minshall Well-Known Member

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    We actually had the opposite in Sydney earlier in the year. After a whole load of weekends being rained out when we finally got a nice Saturday (our busiest day) it was quiet. I assumed everyone wanted to make the most of finally getting a good Saturday.
  3. MatthewKeath

    MatthewKeath Renowned Member

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