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Improve Your Google Adwords Performance

Discussion in 'Tech talk' started by Tamper Evident, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Tamper Evident

    Tamper Evident Member

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    I know this tip has been said time and time again, but I have just had a discussion with 3 people about it so here it is.

    No. 1 Tip: Use Negative Keywords on Google Ads to target your spend better!

    If you offer "Glass Door Repairs", you may be getting traffic for "Oven Door Glass Repair". If this is not a service you offer, that is a click paid for that is not generating good traffic.

    Use Analytics or Google Ads to see the matched search terms over the past week and add any that you don't like to the negative keywords list.
    You may see less clicks, but they should be better traffic.
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  2. Aidan

    Aidan Renowned Member

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    That is indeed an old chestnut - perhaps the oldest chestnut from the AdWords tree!

    You could of course take another approach and target the search terms you wanted your ads to appear for using exact match only.

    Both approaches have their pros and cons depending on the particular client, product/service and circumstances

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  3. vilson

    vilson Active Member

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    Hello Sir,

    That is only one Factor, but to run Adwords we need to have Good Knowledge for Other things as Below:

    1: Keyword Type
    2: Networks
    3: Ad Extensions
    4: Dimensions
    5: Tools

    I think it is Big tool and it has Default setting too, as Google Make lots from there.
  4. calebmarshall

    calebmarshall Member

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    speaking of adwords performance, another hidden gem is the remarketing tool on the display network. target prospects who have visited your website and according to what stage they are up to in the buying cycle.

    For example if they've viewed specific product pages but haven't purchased, you could target viewers with a particular coupon based ad, or a free trial etc.

    Or if they are still early in the buying cycle an emphasis on branding and selling value could be another angle. There's lots to talk about and tweak in regards to remarketing but that's just a little.

    Here's more info: http://support.google.com/adwords/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2453998
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  5. Evo 'the marketing guy'

    Evo 'the marketing guy' Member

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    Negative keywords are the big one, for sure. So much waste inside this category! The crimes against keyword budgets i have seen.

    1) negative keywords.
    2) use a combo of broad, phrase and exact on the same words!
    3) you can't have too many campaigns - segment EVERYTHING
    4) Adgroups should be very specific to the same family of keywords - don't toss similar but unrelated terms together
    5) if you don't know what a quality score is, and what it means for your bid, stop doing adwords yourself right now as you are burning money!
    6) once you have more than 20-30 clicks of data, kill your weakest of three ads (min) and make up a new one!
    7) if you think you need to be paying top bid prices, you are kidding yourself. My best converting keyword costs 0.19 cents. But be prepared for hard work - and a lot of thinking to find them!
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  6. JohnW

    JohnW Renowned Member

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    Useful post!

    We are not talking small dollars here.

    For the amateur Adword management programs I've been asked to review, you can save 20%-50% in wasted revenue with negative keywords and other controls.

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