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Is it worth to upgrade your technology?

Discussion in 'Tech talk' started by chunhualam, May 26, 2014.

  1. chunhualam

    chunhualam Member

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    So for a while now i've been using an old model Samsung galaxy tab which to my disappointment has been lagging quite a lot. I began shopping around for new tablet, and various sources on other forums have been recommending me an iPad mini for my business purposes. However, I've been largely put off by the price. Today I found a one day deal with a $50 discount....where the price is $299 for a 16GB.
    I'd like to ask the community is it worth it to fork out nearly $300 for an ipad?
  2. bluepenguin

    bluepenguin Renowned Member

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    I'm not that old, but I can remember I time when you couldn't get a low end desktop computer for under $2,000... so along those lines, $300 for something bursting with technology we could only dream of 10 years ago is peanuts.

    If you've been happy with the Galaxy, why not pick up another Android tablet, which you'll be able to get for much less than an Apple product.

    Here's a good place to start: http://www.kogan.com/au/shop/tablets-laptops/android-tablet/
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  3. JohnTranter

    JohnTranter Well-Known Member

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    Have you tried hard rebooting it?
    I only ask because I still use an Android tablet from 2011 to browse the web and it's still pretty quick, as long as I remember to do a hard reboot every once in a while. (as in turn completely off and back on again)

    It won't run the latest apps happily however, so if you're doing more than web browsing/email then sure, the iPad is pretty good. Also try the Nexus 7, LG Pad 8.3 and Samsung Note 8.
  4. ShadowPro

    ShadowPro Member

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    Before buying a new one try resetting it.

    Also turn off apps that might be running all the time. Facebook app in particular slows my phone down.

    Galaxy tab should be pretty nippy I'd have thought.
  5. TehCamel

    TehCamel Active Member

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    technology is worth upgrading when:

    - it no longer adequately performs it's primary functions
    - it actually hampers your productivity
    - you've already tried other options to eek more life out of it.
    - you have new primary functions or requirements that your technology doesn't meet for whatever reason
    - the new technology provides features or functions that would increase your productivity or open up new opportunity.
    - your warranty expires or it's financially not viable to extend it.
    - accounting purposes.

    some examples:
    - Lexmark printer was 3 years old. It had always been kind of poor performance.
    - every month without fail, we would have to reinstall the scanning software just to scan, chewing up 2-3 hours of usable time.
    - it would refuse to print black, despite having a full tank and having had heads replaced.
    - it was replaced with a Brother MFD that's been fantastic.

    - my laptop was 4 years old (this is a fairly average duty cycle for me) and the warranty had expired
    - it was randomly shutting down due to overheating.
    - it was starting to get bogged down performance wise, i'd already increased the RAM.
    - I need hands-on experience with Windows 8.
    (Interestingly, A fresh install and handed this over to my wife and it works almost as good as when it was new)

    - my client's server is >5 years old. It has no warranty.
    - it performs quite well, all things considered
    - the software on it is no longer supported (or due to go out of support) with the vendor, increasing the risk to the client
    - it's had more memory added already, but is at capacity and memory isn't the bottleneck
    -- a new server will give them vendor warranty with guaranteed 4 hour response, upgraded software, improved performance, and additional feature/benefit of centralised Windows patch management.
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  6. SACKO - Head Office

    SACKO - Head Office Member

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    Hi there,

    I guess it depends on what your needs are. Apple prods surely have a lot of quality features but the thing is, they're a bit expensive than others. So before buying out, I suggest you read product reviews first and know for yourself if an Ipad can best give you the things that you need or you better go with other brands that offers lesser prices.

    And by the way, is your Samsung Galaxy Tab already a lost cause? If not then you better stick to it first until you find that money-worth-spending gadget. But of course, it's still all up to you.

  7. EthiSEC

    EthiSEC Member

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    Sometimes you have no option but to upgrade your technology, a good example is Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP.

    A lot of other technology such as android tablets and phones can be left in an unsupported state very early on in their life.

    For you Galaxy tab you can probably obtain a new Android release from a crowd like http://www.cyanogenmod.org. This may given this device some new life and save you a few bucks for another 6-12 months.

    A few responses say Apple products are expensive. If you do a dollar for dollar comparison the initial purchase price may be slightly more expensive. However overall they support the platform with new operating systems and security patches longer than Samsung and other manufacturers do in my experience.

    For example I can sill use my iPad one which was released in early 2010, some apps are a bit of an issue as it they need iOS 6 but the basics still work well.

    Another positive about Apple is if you have a problem, you can make an appointment with a "genius" and they will fix it for free, even on a Sunday afternoon. This service offsets the initial purchase price in a lot of cases.

    The moral of my story is if you buy sensibly in the beginning you are less likely to be caught in an annual upgrade cycle.

  8. PerfectNotes-Kathy

    PerfectNotes-Kathy Active Member

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    Sadly, while this is the advertised ideal, it is not always true.... We had a Macbook that had a glass of alcohol accidentally thrown through the side of it into the motherboard... We went to our nearest Genius as soon as possible (Sunday) and were told to book an appointment on Tuesday... That was the earliest anyone could look at it - even with explicit description of what had happened... Strange to say, we went elsewhere to get it looked at (on the day).

    We love Apple products, amongst others, but that was NOT an experience that we loved!

  9. Lucid Web Design

    Lucid Web Design Member

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    Another thing to consider would be the apps you run on your device. You will need Apple apps to replace your Android apps. Do a checklist if what you need on your Android and make sure there is an equivalent in a iOS ecosystem. Most likely there will be but as they say, "an ounce of prevention...".


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