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local area business mailing lists

Discussion in 'Marketing mastery' started by Michael_R, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Michael_R

    Michael_R Member

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    Hi team,

    Just a quick one to see if anyone has access to a list of business contacts in a certain local area.

    At the moment using the online 'Yellow Pages' to build the list.

    So just say I want all the businesses in 'Hoppers Crossing'

    I might need to move into my first VA stuff to get them to create the list for me. They can sit on Yellow pages and do it for me :)

    thanks heaps

  2. exstatic

    exstatic Active Member

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    Michael.. sorry i cant help you with the business listing.

    But, it might be cheaper to get someone to collate it for you.. have a look at places like elance or odesk and see if you can hire someone, turnaround will be quick and its usually very cost effective.
  3. accountable list brokers

    accountable list brokers Member

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    Hi Michael

    We provide Personalised Business Data (and Consumer data) across Australia....( www.listbroker.com.au )...we can reach 390 Personalised Businesses in Hoppers Crossing ...very up to date and NOT Yellow Pages!...for $450 plus gst and mailing and phone...delivered within 24 hours.

    Cheers Laird 1300 66 3399.

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