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Looking to Import from India

Discussion in 'Logistics' started by ranvir, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. ranvir

    ranvir New Member

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    Hi Everyone

    I am thinking to start importing from India. I dont have any previous experience in doing so but i have contacts in india who can help me with items i am looking to import.

    Artificial Jewellery , Clothing , Blankets and Marble Items

    I know lot of places in India where i can buy these items for cheap.
    I just want to know if anyone is already doing so in Australia. Also how can I look for retailers who would be interested to buy from me. I wanted to know their requirements so that I can only cater that

    Any help would be beneficial

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  2. Krisy

    Krisy Member

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    Hi Ranvir

    I think it is a good idea to import stuff from India. Importing from India has a lot of advantages and India made some good stuff too. Good luck with that. The question is how to sell in the Australian market, firstly you need to prove that your stuff is good, meaning good quality,value,price etc. And you need to do a little bit of advertising so people get to know your products, and if you are selling certain type of products there might be requirements for you to meet. and you also need to consider how to cacluate your costing to cover all the costs that may incurr during the process of your order. I think there is a lot to think about and you should make sure you cover all those points before starting to work on your target market. It is always very important to know your products well. I think we are kind of on the same boat so good luck!


  3. theneemies

    theneemies New Member

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    Hi Ranvir:

    We beginning our research of similarly importing (fabrics) from India. Just wondering what your experiences with customs, duty, freight etc was like?

    Got any tips and pointers :)

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