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Media call: Are you sharing retail space in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Other discussions' started by Robert Gerrish, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Robert Gerrish

    Robert Gerrish Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi all

    We've been approached by one of our journo friends at The Age who would like to get talk with any Melbourne based retail businesses who are sharing a space in any unusual or innovative way.

    This may involve sub-letting space to other businesses in alternate trading hours, or sharing space with another business to save on rent.

    An example could be a café that becomes a bar at night.

    If you fit the bill - and this is a retail business angle remember, she's not looking for co-working techies and designers - please get in direct contact:

    Jane Lee, Reporter
    [email protected]
    03 8667 2352

    Best of luck. If you get selected be sure to pop back and tell us all about it!


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