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Packaging boxes, shipping company & freight forwarder

Discussion in 'Find the help you need' started by sheenalim, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. sheenalim

    sheenalim Member

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    Hello everyone! exciting to be here, I'm a newbie =)

    I've been searching around the forums for companies that provide boxes, but mostly found suppliers from NSW or Brisbane. Could anyone recommend any shop from Melbourne? My business sells wedding favors (small items: shakers, bottle openers, soaps, candles and the sort), so the size of the boxes depends on how many customers order. Probably ranging from shoe box sizes to boxes measuring 40cmx40cmx40cm to 50cmx50cmx50cm.

    Also, any thoughts Fastway? It seems pretty popular here in the forums. Do they charge separately for insurance?

    Any recommendations on a freight forwarder that can arrange imports and customs brokerage, who doesn't mind infrequent imports (probably once or twice a month) and on a smaller scale?
  2. [Former] FS Concierge

    [Former] FS Concierge Renowned Member

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    Hi sheenalim,

    Welcome to Flying Solo :)

    I've moved your post over here to the Referrals section, where it's more likely that people who can help will see it. We'll also put a shout out on Twitter and Facebook for you.

    Hope you find the answers you're looking for soon,
  3. mnj's buyers group

    mnj's buyers group Member

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    My experience with small parcels is that Aust post offers the best deals up to a particular weight and size. Also when I buy padded bags with Aust post i buy them by the box and get 50% off you should check if they do it for their boxes?

    Fastway is good if you are sending to popular places but I found it gets pretty expensive when sending to remote areas.

    TNT have reasonable prices if you have an account set up. The most frustrating thing I found when looking for a reliable courier was that they all wanted you to have an account and unless you did a particular amount of freight they weren't interested. That is why we chose Fastway and TNT.

    I product source and import from China and have a customs broker so if you need more info on that part feel free to get in touch.



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