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Taking your business to a new platform

Discussion in 'New here? Share your story' started by Aspirations, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Aspirations

    Aspirations Member

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    Hello to one and all...

    Do you deal with I.T. in your day to day business, I guess the answer is "YES"..and this is where we come into play, we at the RAM Pty Ltd provide the best of the breed IT solutions from small business exploring the options around Internet and mobile based applications to large firms who want to reduce their cost and improve productivity using "Cloud technologies/outsourcing and what we like to call "As a Service model".

    We are niche group of professionals with over 20 years of industry experience and solution know how that you can tap into and receive loads of best approach solutions that meet your business needs. We provide expert advice around the market trends and various advantages including servicing your warehouse needs without major cost etc.

    Feel free to contact us any time - [email protected]

    or call me on 0422564848.

    Looking forward to helping you acheive the best....

    "Reach your aspirations through our solutions"


    Sirish Peddinti
  2. [Former] FS Concierge

    [Former] FS Concierge Renowned Member

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    Hi Sirish,

    Nice to meet you.

    As a first time poster, it would be great if you could let us know a little about yourself by filling in your profile in 'Control panel' (access via the grey bar above the forum).

    We'd love to take a look at your website too, if you have one?

    All the best,

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