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Tassie meet ups and networking

Discussion in 'TAS' started by DaleReardon, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. DaleReardon

    DaleReardon New Member

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    Tried to post in the existing threads but they are too old so starting a new topic.

    We are a newish business in Tasmania and a new concept to Tasmania - Home Search and Relocation Consultants:


    We are members of Startup Tasmania but wonder if there is anything like BNI.com.au but cheaper in Tassie?

    It Would be nice to help promote each others businesses like they do but in excess of $1K for joining is a bit much at the moment.

    Or news of any other meet ups in Hobart would be good.

    If you are interested in forming a group to meet up, support each other and perhaps find referrals for each others businesses then get in touch and we can organise something if it doesn't exist already.

    Oh not to say Startup Tasmania isn't good - we are participating there but want something extra as well is all.

    Your Tasmanian Home Search and Relocation Consultants
    Twitter: @Settledinaus
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/settledin/
  2. The Front Man

    The Front Man New Member

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    Hi Dale

    I wll contact you next week and see if we can get some informal meet ups happening here in Hobart. A new support for micro and home based businesses will be up and running in the next 3-4 weeks.

    Robert Mallett
  3. MJS_Virtual

    MJS_Virtual Member

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    Hi Dale & Robert

    Good luck with your networking group set up.

    Did you happen to find anything already established?

    I've recently relocated my business to Launceston and have been trying to find some good networking groups to hook into. Would be interested in hearing about anything that you may have discovered up this end of the state...


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