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Indicative production quote for website

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Default Re: Indicative production quote for website

Hi Guys,

All very good advice. [I] agree that finding a technical co founder would be ideal, but the difficulty here is in finding someone you know and trust - not to mention know and trust their work!

Any suggestions?

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Default Re: Indicative production quote for website

Hi Mick,

You can get involved with communities like Hacker News (tread carefully, though - they're an unforgiving bunch . It's mostly SF based but there are a few aussies that hang around there.

Also checkout meetups.com for local meetings of technical entrepreneurs, and http://www.pollenizer.com/ and http://startmate.com.au for burgeoning similar communities here in oz (admittedly there's nothing quite so good as Hacker News/Y-Combinator over here yet, though).

Above all else: READ! I just typed in "how to find a technical co-founder" into Google and got this article:


There is a wealth of information online written by both technical and non-technical types. Try to get a feel for what technical people felt that they were gaining by partnering with non-technical people. Technical people (especially good ones) generally get a lot of folks coming to them with their idea for "the next big thing" so it can be difficult to be considered as signal amongst the noise.

Check out this interview with Steve Huffman on Mixergy:


EDIT: looks like Andrew Warner has decided to charge for his content now (guess the ad revenues just weren't cutting it I don't personally have a premium membership with Mixergy and I'm not certain I'll get one - but then again I've already seen that video anyway, up to you.

Steve co-founded Reddit with Alex Ohanian. Alex isn't a technical guy so he just did business stuff - he's also a really successful guy so you should following him on Twitter and reading whatever he has to say.

You're lucky in that the industry you want to get involved with has a very vocal online community interested in sharing stories of success and failure.

Best of luck,

Last edited by iaindooley; 28-01-11 at 11:32 AM. Reason: Informing Mick that Andrew Warner from Mixergy is now charging for content
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Default Re: Indicative production quote for website

Originally Posted by iaindooley View Post
I think the founders of Reddit, Instapaper and DuckDuckGo just to name a few may disagree with you there All of them were initially launched by 1 man development teams (although Reddit was a 2 man team with Alex Ohanian doing the "sales" side of things.

DuckDuckGo.com is like 3 years in and the guy still hasn't hired anyone.

All three of those sites are very low graphic wise. What I'm trying to say is having someone that is apparently going to "take care of" all the technical side of things isn't a good idea..... several experienced people in their fields > jack of all trades.

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