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Live smart | Work styles

One of the joys of running your own business is the fact that you can develop your own work styles without having to compromise them to toe the corporate line. You have the option to set flexible working hours and make your own rules.

In this section fellow soloists share what work styles have and haven’t worked for them including working holidays, hot desking and having a sea change. If you fancy a laugh, check out Noel Ranger’s article testing the theory of whether or not you can run a business from the beach.

How to bounce back after failure

28 Mar 15

Dan Norris is deservedly doing well, but that's not always been the case. In this podcast, he tells us his secrets to bouncing back. Read more

Maintaining your solo mojo

09 Nov 14

Following a career at the big end of town, Rob McKelvey now works as a mentor and executive coach, helping busy people stay calm, focused and happy in their work. Read more

Challenge: Design YOUR ideal working week!

02 Sep 14 | Peter Crocker

Each year or so I embark on a lifestyle or productivity challenge. This time I’ll attempt to combine several life hacks into one golden week. I invite you to join me. Read more

Podcast - Grappling with the creative process

20 Apr 14

While Tony Park is now a prolific author, it wasn't always that way. For way too long he stared at a blank sheet of paper. How he got unstuck and took off will surprise you. Read more

What successful people do in the morning

03 Apr 14 | Andrew Morris

Using the mornings to get more done could be the key to success. Here’s what successful people do at the start of each day. Read more

Three ugly habits of successful people

22 Oct 13 | Jodie McLeod

Success can be wonderful, but it’s costly and not always pretty. Read more

Why can’t we live like we did that summer?

23 Apr 13 | Peter Crocker

It seems to me that everyone has a golden age in the past or a vision of the future where everything seems idyllic. The question is, why is that time not right now? Read more

Challenge: From night owl to early bird in seven days

13 Nov 12 | Peter Crocker

Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This week I plan to test this theory for myself. Care to join me? Read more

Two to the power of one

06 Nov 12 | Jayne Tancred

The right business partner can shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to thrive when you’re on your own. Read more

Soloist position vacant – enquire within

14 Aug 12 | Jodie McLeod

Imagine a job description for a micro business owner was advertised. I think the description would go something like this. Read more

Risky business

17 Jan 12 | Jayne Tancred

While I’m starting the New Year with excited optimism, a friend facing redundancy is wondering how he’ll support his children. Read more

How soloists can make the best music

10 Jan 12 | Robert Gerrish

A couple of months ago I witnessed an incredible performance of a group of musicians performing songs I thought I knew. We can do the same with our work. Read more

Dream or details: where’s your focus?

13 Jul 11 | Deborah Keep

Are you a big picture thinking person or a details person? Your ability to switch between these extremes impacts your productivity and results. How do you create a healthy balance? Read more

Hot-desking for soloists

23 May 11 | Alicia Vaughn

Are you one of those soloists who is most efficient and effective when you sit quietly in your home office and get things done? Or do you prefer hot-desking? Read more

Do working holidays work?

10 May 11 | Peter Crocker

I’ve previously written about a copywriter who’d take extended working holidays where he’d write each day from 5am to 12pm before joining his family for lunch and sightseeing. But can it really be done? Read more

Creating a business you love

02 May 11 | Kate James

Whenever I’ve engaged a business coach, we’ve spent most of our time working towards taking my business to the next level. But one thing has always been missing. Read more

Interview with Michael Gerber, E-Myth Pt.3

15 Apr 11

Watch Robert Gerrish and Michael Gerber go head to head over whether entrepreneurs are succeeding or not. Read more

False economy: Splurge or skimp?

05 Apr 11 | Jayne Tancred

It’s natural for soloists to watch the pennies, but I’ve been wondering: are there times when skimping is a false economy? Read more

“It’s absolutely the pits!” Michael Gerber’s take on soloism.

01 Mar 11 | Robert Gerrish

I was stoked to get the man behind the E-Myth into the video studio recently, but in this second interview Michael Gerber shows he’s not one of us. Poor guy. Read more

Interview with Michael Gerber, E-Myth Pt.1

16 Feb 11

Robert talks to Michael Gerber about Gerber's legendary system for 'awakening the entrepreneur within'. Read more

Why leaving your desk is good

13 Oct 10 | Robert Gerrish

In this video, Robert Gerrish talks about finding the right head space to create ideas. Read more

Anatomy of Australia’s micro business owner

22 Jun 10 | Peter Crocker

Thanks to your generous participation, we recently published the results of Australia’s largest micro business survey Understanding Micro Business, 2010-2011. So what does it reveal about us micro business owners? Read more

Humour at work: Are you having a laugh?

28 Mar 10 | Peter Crocker

If you take your business seriously, then it may be time to lighten up. Adding a dash of humour at work can be a seriously powerful and often underestimated tool. Read more

Three types of holiday: Which are you?

03 Aug 09 | Peter Crocker

For small business owners, holidays can be hard work. Do these scenarios sound familiar? Read more

How will a sea change affect your business?

08 Feb 09 | Trish Weston

The decision to make a tree or sea change is relatively easy. But have you thought through how your solo business might be affected by such a move? Read more

Interview with Don Angel, World Wide Business Group

06 Nov 08 | Sam Leader

The ABC has been following small businessman Don Angel's exploits via the hit TV show Very Small Business. We sat down with Don to gather his unique insights on running a small business. Read more

Organic business: Why I’ve gone organic

18 Sep 08 | Trish Weston

As a soloist, I’ve struggled to find the right amount of structure to keep my business fresh, enjoyable and with a healthy cash flow. I have discovered over time that the organic business approach works best for me. Read more

From part-time to full-time soloist

09 Sep 08 | Megan Hills

When a colleague wrote about what it’s like going from full-time soloist to part-time employed a swarm of soloists sent their condolences. I’ve recently had the inverse experience, giving up my part-time job to become a full-time soloist. Read more

Working styles: Profile of a soloist

02 Sep 08 | Zern Liew

My working style is to pretty much work from anywhere: at home, in cafés, client premises, on planes, trains and in busy food halls. As my work encompasses many of my interests, I let it blend into my life more so than would be comfortable for many. Read more

Flexible working arrangements

28 Jul 08 | Sam Leader

One of the things I love about being a soloist is the flexibility. I’m not alone in this, obviously, but I was reminded recently about how important flexible working arrangements are to me. Read more

Flexible working hours: The end of weekends?

16 Jun 08 | Sam Leader

In a slew of Friday emails to our lovely contributors, I signed off with ‘Have a great weekend.’ I have since realised it’s a bit of a silly thing to say to a soloist with our flexible working hours. Read more

Can you run a business from the beach?

27 Feb 08 | Noel Ranger

Inspired by those cheesy images of freelancers working blissfully from the beach, I took a towel, sunnies, big straw hat and my trusty laptop down to the beach to write my Flying Solo article in the sun. Here’s the unedited result. Read more

Mixing solo business with employment

29 Jul 07 | Trish Weston

Most of us reckon our solo business ought to provide all our work, career and financial needs. But rather than going it alone all the time, maybe there are benefits to mixing your business with part time employment. Read more

Solo business brand positioning - it's "I" not "we"

31 Jul 06 | Yaro Starak

Solo business owners have an opportunity to build real relationships with customers. This gives us a genuine competitive advantage. So it's time to say goodbye to the idea of projecting the brand positioning and attitude of a big business. Read more

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