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It’s time we celebrated the freedoms of soloism

Running your own show comes with plenty of challenges. But this week we pause to celebrate the exhilarating freedom, flexibility and control that come from being your own boss.

2 December 2013 by

Flying Solo’s community survey consistently tells us the top four things that appeal to those setting up their own business are flexibility (18 per cent), control (17 per cent), working from home (13 per cent), and improved lifestyle (12 per cent).

But what does this actually mean? Here are five soloist freedoms worth celebrating…

1. Freedom to forge your own destiny. A generation ago a job was cherished for its security, whereas striking out alone meant giving up the ‘job for life’ and secure paycheck. Recent economic turmoil has changed all this, with vanishing loyalty between employee and employer. While it’s a big responsibility to drum up your own work, being a soul trader can be deeply fulfilling.

2. Freedom to be true to your values. In 2005, when Flying Solo was just a newborn, Robert, Sam and I created our values document where we identified a vision for the type of business we wanted to create. It includes lots of fluffy phrases like harmony between life and work, community, lifestyle, respect, appreciation and honesty. Building your own business gives you absolute freedom to align your personal and professional life however you choose.

3. Freedom to say NO. Okay, so maybe we still choose to put in long hours, work on weekends, take on too much or bend over backwards to please a client. But the huge difference when you’re in charge is that it is a genuine choice. As the boss, you lose the horrible resentment of feeling exploited, powerless or trapped. You can also say no to office politics, no to weekend retreats, no to commutes and no to jargon.

"Building your own business gives you absolute freedom to align your personal and professional life."

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4. Freedom from dress codes! Forget casual Fridays, polo shirts, dress length and Chinos, when you work for yourself you can wear what you want, whenever you want – especially if you work from home. This week the Flying Solo community celebrates the freedoms of working for yourself with our second annual Work in the Nude Day – and you’re invited.

Peter Crocker

is a director of Flying Solo responsible for marketing and advertising. As a business copywriter he partners with digital agencies and corporate clients on websites and digital content. He’s the co-author of Flying Solo Revisited – How to go it alone in business.


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