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Trish Fehon specialises in creating business websites for small to medium sized businesses that bring in fresh leads, new customers and make money. Read more

Trish Fehon,
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Jen Clark, Jen Clark Design
Rhys Roberts, Viridity
Gavin Reddrop, Redxoo
Natasha Prestigiacomo & Dave Harvey, OnePoint Software Solutions
Vitaly Ogulev, Netcomp Solutions
John Christian, Mailing Lists Online
Creel Price, Club Kidpreneur
Rachael Neumann, Eventbrite Australia
Jacqui Pryor, Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd
Steve Britt, Option1 Pty Ltd
Victoria Berry, The Bookkeeper Hub
Bjorn Behrendt, Mint Payments Limited
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Whether you’re a solo business, medium business or huge corporation, your brand is critically important for differentiating you from your competitors. Unfortunately business branding is often only taken seriously in the big end of town.

This section focuses on business branding, brand positioning and communications for solo businesses. You’ll find practical advice on specialist positioning, tips for naming your business, how to write a slogan, designing a logo, personal branding strategies and the fundamentals of business marketing communications.

Let’s talk politics, religion, vaccinations and equality… or not.

03 Feb 15 | Peter Crocker

When it comes to building a personal profile and finding clients, social media is valuable for many soloists. But should passionate opinions be curbed by professional restraint? Or does authenticity demand unfiltered honesty? Read more

How ‘design thinking’ leads to biz success

21 Jan 15 | Jen Clark

Design thinking refers to the element of design fundamentally underpinning the way you run your business. And it’s good for business. Here’s why. Read more

Podcast: A $60M business in two years

13 Apr 14 | Tim Reid is the first health insurance company to enter the Australian market in more than 36 years. Tim Ried chats with this start-up’s founder and CEO Andy Sheats about how his team built a $60M business in the space of two years. Read more

My business name blooper

28 Feb 14 | Warren Harmer

I have a confession to make. In my last business I made a fundamental business name mistake. Let me explain. Read more

Podcast - Relevance is the new remarkable

23 Feb 14

My guest, Bernadette Jiwa has been named one of the Top 100 Branding experts to follow on Twitter and is referred to as ‘the female Seth Godin’. She joins us from her home office in Perth. Read more

Podcast - Is it time to re-invent yourself?

20 Oct 13

If you've started to fall out of love with your business, this week’s guest, Angela Raspass has a nifty concept she's labelled 'the lighthouse effect'. Read more

How to write a slogan for your small business

02 Oct 13 | Lucinda Lions

Slogans give business names and brands some instant oomph and make your message stick in customers’ minds. Here’s how to create one for your small business. Read more

'How can I make mine look bigger?'

24 Sep 13 | Peter Crocker

It seems that insecurities about size and shape abound among business owners. And the little question of size is one that pops up regularly. But does it matter? Read more

Tasty ingredients for a sumptuous slogan

08 Aug 13 | Lucinda Lions

A sumptuous slogan has four delicious ingredients. Include them all and people will want to have a bite of your business. Read more

Up & Away: How to create a brand people love

18 Jul 13 | Jodie McLeod

How can you make people fall in love with your brand? Four business owners with a knack for wooing fans share their tips. Read more

Five kinds of slogans

12 Jul 13 | Lucinda Lions

Slogans come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of them are right for your business, and some could spell disaster. How do you know which type of business slogan is right for you? Read more

Why a slogan will increase sales

21 Jun 13 | Lucinda Lions

A sizzling business slogan can ignite a wildfire of sales and leads. Find out why it’s important to have a business slogan – now more than ever. Read more

Three marketing strategies to boost your personal brand

18 May 13 | Jo Macdermott

As a soloist, you and your business are essentially one and the same. So when it comes to marketing, it’s just as important to create and promote your personal brand as it is your product or service. Read more

Podcast: How to rebrand a business

28 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

This is an encouraging story of a small business doing good solid marketing following a tried and tested process of getting clear on your brand first, establishing clear messages and then applying the outcome to all future touch points. Read more

Why changing your name could be bad for business

05 Apr 13 | Kate Toon

Female soloists planning to take their husband’s name after their nuptials really need to stop and think. Dropping your maiden name could have a significant effect on your business. Read more

Three lessons I learnt from rebranding my business

01 Mar 13 | Jess Tyler

After 13 years in operation, I realised my business had outgrown its branding. Here’s what I learnt from the rebranding process. Read more

Trade marking smells, sounds, shapes and colours

16 Jan 13 | Jacqui Pryor

It’s not just logos, business names and tag lines that can be trade marked. You can also register original fragrances, audio, shapes and shades. Read more

Communicating with style

24 Nov 12 | Jess Tyler

Consistency in your communications is the critical ingredient for a professional image. Using a good ol’-fashioned style guide will help you stay on track. Here’s how to create one. Read more

Your personal branding checklist

27 Oct 12 | Danielle MacInnis

This process for creating and promoting your personal branding will ensure you are in control of how the world sees your business. Read more

Podcast: VinoMofo: A brand that’s kicking a**!

02 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Andre Eikmeier, founder of an online forum called Qwoff, shares some marketing insights for successful brand building. Read more

Build brand awareness by being consistent

29 Aug 12 | Caroline McDevitt

The most successful brands maintain consistency across their marketing materials to ensure their message sticks. Be consistent in the following key areas and you will build brand awareness. Read more

Don’t call me names!

07 Aug 12 | Sam Leader

There’s nothing like job titles to generate some debate. Recently mothers in our community got bent out of shape about the word ‘mumpreneur’. While some were proud to wear the moniker, most found it patronising. Read more

Let’s get personal

15 May 12 | Jayne Tancred

Whether you’ve put conscious thought into it or not, your business already has a brand personality – and if you’re a soloist, it’s probably closely aligned to your own. Read more

What’s in a name? Plenty these days.

21 Feb 12 | Peter Crocker

Head to Google and type in your full name. It’s YOUR identity. But you might be surprised as to who claims it and how it makes you look. Read more

The predesigned website template trap

15 Feb 12 | Megan Hills

Some predesigned website templates act as a handy framework for you to simply insert your branding. Others pretend to BE your branding – and that’s a dangerous trap many soloists fall into. Read more

Online branding: Building your online brand presence

21 Sep 11 | Michael Neaylon

As soloists, we’re synonymous with our brands, so this article will give you some tips for developing your personal branding and your online business branding. Read more

What does your business brand say about you?

18 May 11 | Michael Neaylon

As a soloist, you and your brand are often synonymous. Your business brand is an extension of you. It’s the first impression you make and the lasting connection you leave. Read more

How strong is your brand?

06 Apr 11 | Dean Parker

Having a strong brand will help you attract customers, keep customers and continue to grow. Have you thought about yours lately? Read more

Job titles: Who do you think YOU are?

22 Mar 11 | Sam Leader

A recent experience made me appreciate how important our job titles are to the outside world. This makes me cranky as. Read more

Four simple branding tips

16 Mar 11 | Jo Macdermott

Being a soloist doesn’t mean you can’t have a big brand impact or be a leader in your market! Improve your business profile with these easy branding tips. Read more

Making the most of your personal brand

05 Feb 11 | Robert Gerrish

In this video, Robert catches up with Stylist, Speaker and Author, Ben Angel. Together they explore the topic of making the most of your personal brand. Ben's tips may just have you taking a fresh look at how you carry yourself. Read more

Does your logo need a business tagline?

10 Dec 10 | Lucinda Lions

Logos are an important part of your business branding, but if yours isn’t accompanied by a business tagline you could be missing out on leads and sales. Read more

The girl with the impossible name

07 Dec 10 | Robert Gerrish

Having recently devoured the Stieg Larsson trilogy, I’m very familiar with hard to pronounce names, but what I just read on a real estate agent’s signboard is surely not good for business. Read more

Are you maximising your personal brand?

09 Nov 10

What are the quirky things about your personality that helps connect you to others? Ben Angel tells us why to articulate our values in our business. Read more

Authenticity: The perils of the ill fitting suit

12 Oct 10 | Robert Gerrish

The shift to a more personal approach to business makes authenticity more important than ever. How well does your suit fit? Read more

Logo selection in three easy steps

25 Aug 10 | Bronwyn Simmonds

Recently I saw a cafe with a logo that looked like a biohazard symbol. Is that really the imagery they want people seeing when thinking about where to buy their lunch? Read more

Developing your personal brand

13 Aug 10 | Ben Angel

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you want to stand out and attract new clients, you’ll need to develop your own personal brand. Read more

Designing a logo on a shoestring budget

07 Jul 10 | Jo Macdermott

Does your brand have the right look and feel? If not, it’s time to get back to basics. Start by reviewing your logo – and don’t let the costs of designing a logo hold you back. Read more

Product branding: Have you painted your Ferrari?

08 Mar 10 | Peter Crocker

I recently moved to one of those touchy feely fruity phones. Hardly a significant event, until I discovered many thought I’d been sucked in by product branding and had paid a premium just to carry around a logo. Read more

How strong writing helps build your brand

05 Jan 10 | Caroline McDevitt

Among the many factors to consider when you build your brand, it’s easy for the non-visual elements such as language, consistent messaging, strong writing and grammar to be overlooked. How do yours stack up? Read more

10 things you need for strong brand building

04 Sep 09 | Tim Reid

I speak to groups of business owners weekly about what you need for strong brand building. The first thing I emphasise is brands are earned…not bought. Read more

Business tag lines that sell

04 Nov 08 | Lucinda Lions

An effective business tag line is a constant source of premium advertising that will reinforce your brand while generating sales. So what is a tag line, why should your business have one and how do you go about writing one? Read more

Personal branding at work

17 Jul 08 | Sue Currie

Soloists often work in isolation and don’t get to see clients on a constant basis to help build that easy camaraderie you get at work. Therefore to succeed in your business, it’s critical to establish strong relationships through personal branding. Read more

Business logos: How to design your own logo

15 Jun 08 | Megan Hills

Following on from how to get the business logo designs you want, here are some tips if you want to by-pass the graphic designer altogether and design your own logo. Read more

Business logo designs: Getting what you want

11 May 08 | Megan Hills

My previous article discussed briefing a designer prior to business logo design. It is important to give a detailed account of your business and market as well as your design ideas. Naturally you will want designers to introduce their own ideas also. Read more

Business logo designs: Briefing a designer

06 Apr 08 | Megan Hills

In a previous article on business logo designs I wrote about making an effective logo. If your business needs a new identity, here are some tips on briefing your graphic designer. Read more

Develop your Personal Brand - Twelve tips

30 Mar 08 | Sue Currie

Personal branding is the relationships an individual has with its public - essentially personal public relations. How others feel about your personal brand determines whether or not they want to have a working relationship with you. Read more

Why specialist positioning matters

24 Jan 08 | Robyn Haydon

Typically, the smaller a business is, the more important it is to specialise, and you can’t get much smaller than solo. For a soloist, specialist positioning is a powerful target marketing and business management tool. Read more

Five tips for naming your business

30 Oct 07 | Heather Smith

Naming your business is one of the first steps in flying solo, although it is often not an easy task and there are many factors to consider. Here are some practical tips to help you with the process of naming your business. Read more

The basics of logo design

18 Jul 07 | Zern Liew

Your logo is the primary part of your brand identity, so it’s important to make sure it communicates the right message. Here are four key things to bear in mind when looking at logo design. Read more

Business Branding: The ABC of branding

07 Jun 07 | Zern Liew

ABC, which stands for Actions, Beliefs and Clothing are the basic building blocks of business branding. You have an authentic and strong brand when these three aspects work together harmoniously. Read more

Marketing communications: the basics

18 Mar 07 | Sue Currie

Sales, PR, event management, marketing and promotion... chances are you'll have many roles to play within your solo business. You should also add Marcoms Manager to your job description. Learn more about how it can help you to succeed. Read more

Business logo designs: Making an effective logo

21 Nov 06 | Megan Hills

Has your business got an effective logo that is an accurate reflection of what you do? Does it work in every way possible? Here are some tips to give your logo that extra punch. Read more

Develop a strong personal brand for your business

29 Aug 06 | Sue Currie

Personal branding is important for business and as a solo business owner to a large extent, you are the brand! Here's some tips on how to brand you ... to stand out and shine. Read more

Six simple steps for solo business branding

06 Aug 06 | Peter Crocker

Credible business branding has been revealed as a big issue for soloists. Is it our problem if people don’t take us seriously? I think it is. Here are some ways we can show the world we mean business. Read more

New marketing: personal branding

16 Jul 06 | Sue Currie

What is personal branding and how does it impact marketing for a solo business? Here are the answers... Read more

The power of personal branding strategies

15 Jun 06 | Thomas Murrell

Strong personal branding strategies can help you to create a successful, satisfying and stunning solo career. Here's how to go about building a personal brand for your business. Read more

Choosing a business name and image

23 May 06 | Sue Currie

Getting the right business name and creating a strong image are central to your success as a soloist. Here's how you can get it right from day one. Read more

Business branding: Are you really a Nudie Virgin?

19 Sep 05 | Peter Crocker

When it comes to your business branding, rather than trying to emulate others, it's more revealing to look in the mirror. Read more

PR planning within your brand marketing

07 Jul 05 | Sue Currie

There are a variety of ways to spread the word about your business - developing a PR plan encorporating promotional activities is surely the way to succeed in solo brand marketing. Read more

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