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Trish Fehon specialises in creating business websites for small to medium sized businesses that bring in fresh leads, new customers and make money. Read more

Trish Fehon,
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Stacey Fuller, Travel By Trolley Creative
Rachael Neumann, Eventbrite Australia
John Debrincat, eCorner Pty Ltd
Heide Scherer, Jennoli
Jen Clark, Jen Clark Design
Gavin Reddrop, Redxoo
Creel Price, Club Kidpreneur
Thomas Fisher, Life Insurance Comparison
Brent Jackson, Shelf Companies Australia
Felicity Van Rysbergen, Well Versed Copywriting
Debra Lewis, Bookkeeping Institute of Australia Pty Ltd
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It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your potential customers are unaware of your existence. This is where business marketing comes in.

This section provides a wealth of useful resources and tips for creating small business marketing strategies. From direct mail campaigns or niche marketing to viral marketing or event management, no two campaigns will be the same. With so many small businesses in existence, you need your business to stand out in the crowd.

5 steps to having better networks

16 Apr 15 | Michael Griffiths

Networking and meeting new people is a part of life, however some do it really well and most find it really difficult. So what’s the difference? Read more

Why your Facebook competition is probably illegal

12 Mar 15 | Amanda Westphal

Want to ensure your competition is above board and not breaking key Facebook terms and conditions? You just need to follow these four simple rules. Read more

What makes a great writer?

22 Feb 15

We’ve spoken a fair bit lately about the role blogging and publishing can play in your marketing. In this podcast our new Editor, Kelly Exeter outlines her thoughts on what turns good to great. Read more

Sparkling success: How to shine in your business

18 Feb 15 | Katie McMurray

Rather than only focusing on sparkly new sales strategies, look in the mirror: you’ll see the very asset that will help your business shine! Read more

Three ways to increase sales with competitions

12 Feb 15 | Amanda Westphal

If you’re thinking about running a competition, you need follow these three steps to make sure you’re increasing trust and not damaging your brand. Read more

Judge a book by its lover(s)

23 Jan 15

Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business is a book that gives you the tools you need to start your own venture, or totally rejuvenate one that’s been ticking along for years. See reviews and order now. Read more

How to leverage advertising with promotions

17 Jan 15 | Amanda Westphal

If you’re thinking of advertising in a local or national publication, your ad needs one important ingredient – a promotion. It could double your sales. Read more

Post-event marketing strategies for soloists

18 Dec 14 | Jo Macdermott

Successful events require time and planning. Although you might feel relieved when it’s over, the work doesn’t stop when the last guest has left. Read more

The challenges of being a seasonal soloist

14 Dec 14

So what’s it like running a business that's crazy busy at this time of the year and then dead quiet? Podcast guest, Santa Claus has the answers. Read more

Do you hate marketing? You’ll LOVE this.

11 Nov 14 | Jayne Tancred

If you secretly consider marketing a necessary evil, or if it makes you feel icky or uncomfortable in any way, you’re not alone! Read more

Why your product biz needs a Promotional Plan

31 Oct 14 | Helen Roe

A Promotion Plan outlines the tools or tactics you use to achieve your marketing goals. Here’s why you need one. Read more

There is no such thing as better

14 Oct 14 | Dave Gillen [FS Forum Support]

We often see the word ‘better’ in business marketing material. But is it the best word to use? No, because the very concept of better is a myth. Read more

Biz: What a recent dinosaur trip taught me

04 Oct 14 | Mary Gardam

What can the dinosaur tourism industry teach us about being successful in business? Let’s find out. Read more

Selling gift cards: Five things you need to know

24 Sep 14 | Vanessa Emilio

Do you sell or offer gift cards, vouchers or certificates on your website or through your business? Read this article, you may need a license. Read more

Seth Godin touched me

23 Sep 14 | Robert Gerrish

Well… his presentation style did! Just so you know, he probably wouldn’t like that headline, as he’s no fan of click bait tactics. Sorry about that Seth. Read more

20 quick tips to make business marketing easier

29 Aug 14 | Jo Macdermott

I’ve condensed my own marketing advice into 20 one line tips. If you’re a busy soloist looking for a quick and easy business marketing guide, this is for you. Read more

How to use the science of persuasion

17 Aug 14

Podcast guest, Paul Jones talks through Robert Cialdini's six influence principles and how they can transform your marketing messages. Read more

Lessons to learn from the Lego success story

12 Aug 14 | Ryan Christie

Ten years ago Lego was on the verge of bankruptcy but managed to pick up the pieces. As business owners, we can learn valuable lessons from the Lego story. Read more

Soloist insights from the movie Chef

22 Jul 14 | Jayne Tancred

Recently I went to see the movie Chef without knowing much about it, and was surprised when it turned out to be an inspiring soloist success story. Read more

Boost sales with Platform Thinking

10 Jul 14 | Paul J. Morris

While individual products solve individual problems, platforms extend products and improve revenue. Platforms are products on steroids. Find out more. Read more

Products: Six ways to rock the retail world

04 Jul 14 | Helen Roe

Would you like retailers to stock your products? If so, your products need to be outstanding. Here are six steps to help you rock the retail world. Read more

Marketing freeways. How to avoid gridlocks.

27 Jun 14 | Warren Harmer

New marketing freeways open up, but gradually get crowded until they become gridlocked. Find out ways to get your marketing moving again. Read more

Sport sponsorship: Soloists can do it!

25 Jun 14 | Tristan Boyd

In Australia, sport is a lucrative industry that receives substantial media attention. Want to find out how solo business can enjoy a piece of the action? Read more

Podcast: First Kiss Video: Behind the scenes

22 Jun 14 | Tim Reid

The famous (or is it infamous?) First Kiss video has more than 69 million YouTube views! In this podcast Tim Reid speaks with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Read more

Marketing your service: The seven P’s

19 Jun 14 | Jo Macdermott

Marketing a service requires a different approach to marketing a product. Find out the difference in order to increase your marketing success rate. Read more

Three unforgivable target market mistakes

05 Jun 14 | Ryan Christie

Savvy marketing decisions are based on knowing and understanding your audience. Here are three target market mistakes to avoid. Read more

Podcast: Son buys dad's business

25 May 14 | Tim Reid

Is your business just earning you a wage? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a 'job', when you thought you’d be running the business of your dreams? That was how Glenn Walton’s Brisbane arbory business was until he took over from his dad. Read more

Podcast: How to be Australia's largest online retailer

27 Apr 14 | Tim Reid

Co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s largest online businesses, Dean Ramler from Milan Direct, reveals all in this episode, including how his business manages to outsell giants like Ikea, Freedom, and Harvey Norman. Read more

Podcast: Video marketing strategy with SEO implications

23 Mar 14 | Tim Reid

Johnathan Reichwald from Frankston in Victoria is no ordinary council worker. He cleverly used the power of YouTube and some crowd sourced content to knock all the bad stuff about his suburb off page one of Google and replace it with good news stories. Read more

Podcast: How YouTube helped create a successful drum teaching business

16 Mar 14 | Tim Reid

Hear how Mike Johnston, founder of the website, created an extremely successful business both online and offline! Read more

Podcast: How clever marketing helps

16 Feb 14 | Tim Reid

Dr Nick Demediuk, AKA Dr Snip has performed over 20,000 vasectomies in Australia. He shares how he uses clever marketing to attract patients. Read more

The importance of disclosure when blogging

06 Feb 14 | Jo Macdermott

When you review products and services in your blog, there are several reasons why disclosure is important. Read more

The rise of the consumer spruiker

28 Jan 14 | Matthew White

Word-of-mouth recommendations from your customers are highly trusted and influential, so make 2014 the year of the happy customer by harnessing the power of “crowd spruiking”. Read more

Podcast: How to use cold calling to make money

29 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

Cold calling freaks out many small business owners. But done correctly, it’s a great marketing strategy to help generate more enquiries and sales. Read more

Podcast: How to use transparency as a marketing strategy

22 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

Find out how Daniel Perry from Handyman Startup uses transparency as a marketing strategy to grow his business and how content marketing and podcasting has helped other tradies with their businesses. Read more

Mix up your marketing by offering a famil

05 Dec 13 | Heather Smith

Short for the word ‘familiarisation’, a famil is an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate what they have to offer and leverage word-of-mouth marketing. Read more

Podcast: Eagle Boys Pizza founder talks Guerrilla marketing

24 Nov 13 | Tim Reid

What do innovation, guerrilla marketing, and price positioning have in common? They’re all marketing strategies Tom Potter, founder of Eagle Boys Pizza and Crusty Devil Bakehouse, has used to build his brands. Read more

Marketing lessons from reality TV

20 Nov 13 | Sarah-Joy Pierce and Allan Johnson

Watching reality TV is a guilty pleasure, but viewers can take heart in the fact it can also be educational, especially in the area of small-business marketing. Read more

Are you thinking of writing a business book?

15 Nov 13 | Katie McMurray

If writing a business book is on your to-do list, keep these points in mind to ensure you get the most out of it. Read more

Catalogues: are they worth it?

14 Nov 13 | Jon Bird

They clog customers’ mailboxes, yet some retailers swear by them. So do catalogues still have a place in retail marketing, or is there a better way? Read more

Podcast: The ‘retail is dead’ episode

10 Nov 13 | Tim Reid

Retail’s future (or lack of), cold calling, having a vision, vehicle signage, concept stores, providing a customer experience, self-improvement and promoting a wardrobe business are just some of the marketing mysteries uncovered in this podcast. Read more

Create a killer USP in 5 minutes

07 Nov 13 | Jenny Spring

Use this fill-in-the-blanks technique to create an effective unique selling proposition (USP) for your business. Read more

A marketing tour de force

05 Nov 13 | Jayne Tancred

While travelling through California recently, I met some small-business owners in the tourism industry who reinforced some valuable marketing lessons. Read more

Why customers hate your business slogan

25 Oct 13 | Lucinda Lions

Does your business slogan get a mixed reaction from customers? Here are some possible reasons why it’s not hitting their buttons. Read more

How to attract customers into your retail store

09 Oct 13 | Jon Bird

One of the most powerful forms of media available to every bricks-and-mortar retailer, regardless of whether your budget is big or small, is the store window. Read more

How to write a slogan for your small business

02 Oct 13 | Lucinda Lions

Slogans give business names and brands some instant oomph and make your message stick in customers’ minds. Here’s how to create one for your small business. Read more

Podcast: How to promote your business offline

29 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks to Andrew Mattner on how to promote your business offline. It’s old school marketing all the way. None of the fancy new online marketing. Read more

How to write headlines that turn heads

20 Sep 13 | Jo Macdermott

No matter what type of content you are writing, whether it’s a blog post, article, status update, press release or even an email, the headline is one of the most crucial parts. Read more

Podcast: Marketing ideas abound

15 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Learn how to find the time and the knowledge to successfully implement your marketing ideas. Read more

Podcast: Speaking gigs, trade shows, key messages and more

11 Aug 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Andrew Griffiths and Tim Reid share some marketing tips including how to get speaking gigs. Read more

I know what you did last event: Six terrible tips

06 Aug 13 | Peter Crocker

You may think no one sees you lurking in the corner at networking events. But I know exactly what you‘re up to (because I’m in the other corner), and I’m spilling the beans. Read more

Podcast: Jim Penman talks branding, customer service and marketing

21 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Jim Penman reveals how and why Jim’s Mowing came about and how he built it in to the second biggest franchise group in Australia today. Read more

Podcast: How to create marketing to attract amazing staff

07 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Tristan White, the founder and CEO of The Physio Co, explains exactly how he attracts and retains great staff. Read more

Top five marketing strategies for soloists

05 Jul 13 | Jo Macdermott

As a busy soloist, you’re unlikely to have endless time and resources to spend on small business marketing, so what you execute needs to really count. Focus on these five strategies for maximum bang for buck. Read more

Podcast: RedBalloon’s Naomi Simson talks happiness

30 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Imagine running a business based on happiness – that’s what Naomi Simson decided to try when she left a serious corporate career to set up online experience retailer RedBalloon in 2001. Read more

Podcast: A behind-the-scenes look at marketing The Voice

23 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Adrian Swift takes us behind-the-scenes of how The Voice is marketed, what they learnt from last year’s success, what messages work best and how they’re using social media to seriously engage with their audience. Read more

Podcast: How to enter a crowded market place

16 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Hear how Daniel Flynn, founder of Melbourned-based Thankyou Water, successfully enter the already crowded bottled water market. Read more

Podcast: How to market a professional services business

09 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Heather Smith and Tim Reid share their views on branding, message creation, social media, referral marketing and that all important content marketing. Read more

Podcast: Comfort zones, spell-checks and marketing tips

02 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Funny Business with Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths plus three marketing lessons from the city of Saigon! Read more

Five tips for planning a market research project

04 May 13 | Sara Dobson

Conducting a market research project requires careful business planning to ensure your results are accurate and meaningful. Here are five tips to ensure you get the most valuable data possible. Read more

How to define your target market (and get inside their heads)

24 Apr 13 | Amanda Jesnoewski

Marketing your business without a properly defined target market is like driving blindfolded. You might get lucky and coast along for a while, though chances are you won’t get very far. Read more

Podcast: Trying to get a date with Kylie has its (business) rewards!

21 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

Brighton-based business executive and marketer, John Dingeldei wants a date with Kylie Minogue (as part of a fund raising project) and turns to Tim Reid for some help! Read more

Why you’re spending too much on marketing

13 Apr 13 | Jo Macdermott

Soloists often end up spending more than necessary on their small business marketing. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to avoid superfluous spending and keep your budget on track. Read more

Podcast: Olivia Fox on charisma

07 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

Olivia Fox is a leading expert in the area of charisma. According to her, charisma is a very under-utilised marketing strategy for small business owners. Listen in to find out more. Read more

Going back to your back-story

30 Mar 13 | Katie McMurray

Ever feel like you’re losing your way in your business? Use your back-story to refocus on why you’re in it. Read more

Podcast: A cool cafe in a not so cool part of town

24 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

This is the story of a brave 25 year old entrepreneur who recently graduated from a Marine Zoology university degree to live his passion – COFFEE! Read more

Podcast: Doing business in cafes and how to overcome setbacks

17 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

Hear Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths get together and throw around some issues that are on the collective mind of the small business community. Read more

Market research: How to create a customer profile

16 Mar 13 | Sara Dobson

To create more successful marketing campaigns you need to understand who your customers are, and what motivates them to do business with you. Read more

Five easy ways to create visual content

13 Mar 13 | Dan Norris

Images, infographics and videos are the order of the day in the world of visual content marketing. Here’s how you can get a piece of the visual action. Read more

NEW for members: Our guide to marketing

11 Mar 13

As part of our new membership offerings, we’re committed to consistently adding new resources, features and special offers. Here’s our latest report, FREE for ALL Flying Solo members. Read more

Podcast: From $10 an hour to six-figure business owner

10 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

Four years ago (at age 22) George Ryan was working 55 hours a week for a lumber yard, making $10/hour to provide for his wife and daughter, and had no sort of higher education. He decided he hated his job, and intentionally set out to start an internet co Read more

Finding your point of difference – without competing on price

28 Feb 13 | Amanda Jesnoewski

In business it pays to be different, but when you’re selling the same products or services as everyone else in your industry, it can be hard to find a way to differentiate yourself that doesn’t include competing on price. Read more

Why you need to address your customers’ objections

21 Feb 13 | Damien Elsing

Anticipating and addressing your customers’ concerns in your marketing copy will alleviate their doubts and encourage them to buy. Read more

How to create a cost-effective TV commercial

15 Feb 13 | Jerome Rault

TV advertising isn’t only for companies with sky-high budgets. With a little innovation, it’s possible to produce cost-effective TV commercials for small businesses. Read more

What you can learn from past customers

13 Feb 13 | Sara Dobson

Obtaining feedback from past customers can help you to enhance your offer, retain current customers, entice new ones and win the old ones back. Read more

Podcast: Will It Blend? That is the question!

03 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

Tom Dickson, the star of the most famous series of viral marketing videos ever and the founder and CEO of the company Blendtec, explains where the idea for his videos came from and how they've had a dramatic impact on sales. Read more

Podcast: The marketing year in review

20 Jan 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid shares the best marketing insights from his interviews during 2013. Read more

Marketing with heart

19 Jan 13 | Katie McMurray

Clients are more likely to respond to a small business marketing plan that comes from the heart. Here are some ideas to make your communications more heartfelt. Read more

Podcast: It’s question time!

13 Jan 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid tackles marketing challenges that cover personal branding versus business branding, including social media on business cards, how to get in front of senior management, seeking online and free publicity plus loads more. Read more

Podcast: Business planning, thanking clients and public speaking

30 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths share their top public speaking tips, discuss how they plan for business and come up with creative ways to thank clients. Read more

Podcast: 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business

16 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Valerie Khoo talks to Tim Reid about how to identify and create stories that will build your small business. Read more

Podcast: How to turn your passion into a profitable reality

02 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Gordon Ryan who owns and runs ReviveR, a fancy cocktail bar in an old funeral home that was part of a former hearse garage in Gosford, shares how he turned his passion into a profitable business. Read more

Podcast: Small business tips and issues

25 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Andrew Griffiths and Tim Reid go head-to-head on various small business tips and issues … and have a laugh along the way. Read more

Is SMS marketing the missing piece in your business marketing puzzle?

14 Nov 12 | Kristin Huddleston

Everyone looks at their text messages, which makes SMS marketing especially effective. So why aren’t you using it? Here are some tips to get your SMS marketing campaigns started. Read more

Podcast: Success secrets from ‘The Best Sandwich in America’ creator

11 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

Business is absolutely booming for a small, family-run sandwich stand that was established in 1954 in downtown Philadelphia. In this podcast, Tim Reid chats with owner Tommy Nicolic who runs Tommy DiNics with his son Joey. Read more

Podcast: Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths

28 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths share a Modern Family moment they had in an upmarket pet shop, cogitate over a first world marketing problem, discuss the importance of backing yourself and much more. Read more

Podcast: How Aquabumps became such a success

21 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Eugene Tan started Aquabumps in 1999, when as a frustrated Creative Director he combined his three passions: photography, surfing and the web. Hear about how his business became such a success. Read more

Promoting your product: Turn features into benefits that sell

17 Oct 12 | Mike Smith

Promoting the benefits of your product rather than just the features will make an emotional connection with your customer and persuade them to buy. Read more

Podcast: How James Tuckerman conquered the web

14 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, James Tuckerman shares how he built the Anthill brand in to the publishing powerhouse it is today, as well as how he has built a loyal community. Read more

Find communication gold in your small business plan

13 Oct 12 | Jess Tyler

Business plans often contain a lot of marketing jargon, but they can also be a goldmine of ideas and inspiration, which can form the basis of your communication messages. Here’s how to dig out the gold from your small business plan. Read more

Podcast: How to get millions of dollars of free exposure

07 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Since starting the Messages On Hold business in 1988 from his bedroom in Perth, Kym Illman has used guerilla marketing to generate tens of millions of dollars worth of free TV and press exposure at some of Australia’s largest sporting events. Read more

Podcast: Crazy product demos, pricing and a publicity conundrum

30 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks with Australian small business author, Andrew Griffiths, about business and marketing issues. Read more

Up & Away: Mia Freedman

27 Sep 12 | Jodie McLeod

Career woman, mother, wife and curator-creator of opinions on all things women, Mia Freedman talks to Jodie McLeod about her journey of building and growing women's lifestyle website, Mamamia. Read more

Podcast: A little business achieving seriously big things

23 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid speaks to Fabian Capamolla, one of the founders of the Little Veggie Patch Co., about how he achieved so much in the space of three years. Read more

Podcast: Flight Centre founder, Geoff Harris, openly shares his business insights

16 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Geoff Harris, one of the original founders (and still current owners) of Flight Centre, shares his business insights with Tim Reid. Read more

Podcast: How to write a book

09 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Small business author Andrew Griffiths explains why you should and how you can have a book to market and grow your business. Read more

How cloud email services can boost your marketing efforts

05 Sep 12 | Jo Macdermott

Cloud email services are becoming an increasingly popular and easy-to-use marketing tool. Here’s how they work, and how you can make the most of them. Read more

Podcast: The growth of the social search engine

26 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

Moneytribe founder, Dr David Urpani, talks to Tim Reid about the growth of the social search engine and the importance of tapping in to social capital to get an idea off the ground. Read more

Five high-leverage, low-cost small business marketing ideas

22 Aug 12 | Amanda Jesnoewski

As a micro business owner, finding the time and sometimes the budget to market your business can be a struggle. Here are five low-cost small business marketing ideas that have maximum impact. Read more

Act quirky. People talk about quirky.

21 Aug 12 | Robert Gerrish

When our recent research revealed that ‘word-of-mouth’ continues to be a key source of business leads, it came as no surprise. But are we doing all we could? Read more

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