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From quotes, sales proposals and marketing emails, through to business websites, email newsletters, presentations and other marketing material, many business owners spent a significant amount of time writing. Often underestimated, effective business writing can have a big impact of the success of a business.

With articles covering correct punctuation rules, tips for overcoming writer's block, PowerPoint presentations and much more, this section will help you get your words flowing effectively.

6 About page mistakes you’re probably making

27 Mar 15

Did you know the ‘About’ page is the second most visited page of any website? Disturbingly, it’s also the page where many of us are getting things really wrong! Read more

Are you ready to publish?

25 Jan 15

Valerie Khoo is all over the place (in the nicest possible way). She's a prolific publisher and reckons you should be too. Read more

How to drive clients away with awful web copy

15 Nov 14 | Emma Grey

Visitors spend an average of 15 seconds on a website before clicking away. Do you have them at ‘hello’? Or inspire them to say ‘goodbye’? Read more

The art of writing articles

24 Aug 14 | Sam Leader

Writing articles and getting published is a powerful way to promote your expertise, and your business. Here’s some advice on making your read a good one. Read more

Top tips for writing top marketing emails

16 Jul 14 | Jo Macdermott

Despite the popularity of social media and content marketing, email marketing is still a force to be reckoned with. Here are some tips for email success. Read more

Five tips for writing regular newsletters

19 Feb 14 | Maria Pantalone

As a busy soloist it’s challenging to send out a regular newsletter, but it can be done. Here are my top five tips. Read more

Does your business sound like an idiot?

10 Dec 13 | Dave Gillen

Trying to make your business sound intellectual and complex, like a big corporation, makes it sound silly more than anything. Here’s why. Read more

Podcast: How to write copy that converts

08 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

If you find writing copy about as much fun as going to the dentist, then listen up, as gun copywriter Joanna Weibe of Canadian copywriting agency Copyhackers shows you how to write copy that converts. And it’s not painful at all. Rather fun actually! Read more

Ricky Gervais tells a story about how he learned to write

17 Oct 13

Legendary comedian Ricky Gervais explains in his hilarious style how he tells stories that educate and entertain. Worth a watch! Read more

Podcast: The importance of a copywriter

28 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Mick Collis talks to Tim Reid about how came to represent Australia in Sudoku. Plus he shares some great insights in to the importance of copywriting for small business. Read more

How to write a ‘how to’ article

01 May 13 | Lucinda Lions

Writing ‘how to’ articles help to make your customers’ lives easier, while also generating leads and sales. So today, find out how to write a ‘how to’ article. Read more

Copywriting tips: Five rules of engagement

19 Apr 13 | Sara Howard

If your copy doesn’t grab your customers’ attention, how can you expect them to buy your products or services? Here are five ways to make your copy more engaging. Read more

A sight for sore ‘ize’

02 Apr 13 | Jodie McLeod

As an Editor, written errors are my mortal enemy. Chief amongst my irritations is when Australian-English words are spelt the American way. And that’s spelt, not spelled. Read more

Keywords vs. carewords

22 Mar 13 | Sara Howard

Keywords are great for SEO, but how do you make customers stay on your page once they’re there? That’s where carewords can help. Read more

Why you need to address your customers’ objections

21 Feb 13 | Damien Elsing

Anticipating and addressing your customers’ concerns in your marketing copy will alleviate their doubts and encourage them to buy. Read more

Eight signs you’re hiring the right copywriter

06 Feb 13 | Kate Toon

Finding a good copywriter can be nerve-wracking and often you won’t know if you’ve made the right choice until you see their finished work. Here are some signs that you’re about to hire the right copywriter. Read more

Choppy Copy: How to write faster

10 Jan 13 | Lucinda Lions

Don’t let writing tasks be a time sap. Save precious hours by speeding up your writing process. Read more

Copywriting tip: Write about your business process

14 Dec 12 | Lucinda Lions

If you offer a service, you may get more customers by writing about your business process. Find out why writing about your process is so important, and exactly how to do it. Read more

Three tips for improving your business communication

12 Dec 12 | Damien Elsing

Use these business communication techniques when writing your website copy and marketing materials to help engage your customers more effectively. Read more

Communicating with style

24 Nov 12 | Jess Tyler

Consistency in your communications is the critical ingredient for a professional image. Using a good ol’-fashioned style guide will help you stay on track. Here’s how to create one. Read more

More wow than words: How to write a readable business book

19 Oct 12 | Katie McMurray

Avoid the temptation to include everything you know in your business book and it will become instantly more readable. Here’s how to write a business book that sticks to the point and engages your readers. Read more

Small business marketing tips: Avoid information overload

28 Sep 12 | Caroline McDevitt

Knowing how much information to include in your marketing material and how much to leave out can be challenging. These small business marketing tips will help you decide what to keep and what to cut. Read more

How to write sales copy

12 Sep 12 | Lucinda Lions

In order to write sales copy that turns readers into buyers it’s important to stir certain feelings in your reader. Find out why this technique works and how to do it. Read more

Podcast: How to create killer content

05 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks to small business author Andrew Griffiths about how to create useful and engaging content. Read more

When you should write a business book

02 Aug 12 | Katie McMurray

Writing a business book sounds like the fast track to fame in your industry; and it can be, but not without the right foundations. Set yourself – and your book – up for success with these handy tips. Read more

Write less, say more

01 Aug 12 | Caroline McDevitt

Often the fewer words we use, the more impact our business writing will have. Find out how to shed pointless prose and write catchier copy. Read more

Why you need a style guide, and how to create one

11 Jul 12 | Caroline McDevitt

From writing proposals, reports and even emails – a style guide will ensure consistency, making your business look professional both on paper and in person. Read more

Business document writing: Choose the right words

15 Jun 12 | Maria Pantalone

A common error people make when writing business documents is that they use language familiar to them and their industry rather than language that’s familiar to their reader. Read more

Make proposal and report writing easy with an outline

16 May 12 | Maria Pantalone

Creating an outline for writing reports and proposals can save you time and effort. Here’s how to make business report writing easier. Read more

Captivate readers with compelling content

08 Mar 12 | Caroline McDevitt

How do you make your written communication so gripping that your readers won’t want to put them down, even if the subject matter is a bit dry? Read on for some handy tips for effective written communication. Read more

Powerful and effective business writing

23 Feb 12 | Rosemary Osborne

In conversation, environmental context, body language and eye contact support our intended meaning, however written communication relies on only the words, tone and the context created in the document. Here are some tips for effective business writing. Read more

Writing headlines: How to hit the headlines

02 Feb 12 | Caroline McDevitt

You’ve perfected the content for your brochure, blog, newsletter or media release, now it’s time for writing headlines that stand out and draw your readers into your message. Read more

Storytelling in business: What’s your story?

01 Feb 12 | Sara Howard

A week at a creative writing festival in Ubud got me thinking about the parallels between good copywriting and the craft of storytelling in business. Read more

Plain English means no waffle

05 Nov 11 | Rosemary Osborne

The flexibility of words is a powerful business tool that can be utilised so successfully, but complex and obscure sentences are neither productive nor rewarding. It is better to write using Plain English. Read more

Book marketing 101: why and how to write your own book

27 Oct 11 | Michael Neaylon

Writing your own book has become an increasingly popular way to position yourself, especially if you’re a service professional or business owner looking to increase your personal profile. Read more

Principles of plain English writing

19 Oct 11 | Gary Chow

One of the world’s most famous and successful investors is an advocate of plain English writing. His name: Warren Buffett. Here are his top tips. Read more

DIY Article Marketing

13 Oct 11 | Heather Smith

Sir Richard Branson does it. Perhaps you should? After all, article marketing is an easy way to demonstrate your expertise, build your brand and hopefully attract clients. Read more

The importance of proofreading

24 Sep 11 | Rosemary Osborne

Word nerds like me cringe when incorrect spelling or poor grammar appear in business documents. But what is the importance of proofreading to business? Read more

How internet dating improved my copywriting

13 Aug 11 | Gary Chow

I gave internet dating a go once. It proved to be a salient lesson in what’s important in copywriting and grabbing attention online. It provided me with some great copywriting tips. Read more

Meet Crocks: Australia’s #1 bloke

02 Aug 11 | Peter Crocker

Imagine if we spoke about ourselves the way some businesses speak about themselves. Imagine no more, Crocks is using marketing jargon and talking himself up. Read more

Copywriting tips from Keith Richards

21 Jul 11 | Gary Chow

As well as being an iconic musician and one of the most ‘elegantly wasted’ men on earth, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards can teach us a thing or two about copywriting tips. Read more

Writing business documents: Get to the point

23 Jun 11 | Maria Pantalone

Ever found yourself mid-way through writing a proposal, report or email and realised you’ve waffled on without covering your key points? Here’s how to plan when writing business documents. Read more

Add colour to your business copywriting

04 Jun 11 | Gary Chow

Words have a powerful effect on how we perceive things, and nowhere is this more so than in the business copywriting you use on your website and marketing collateral. Read more

Why proofread promotional material?

06 May 11 | Rosemary Osborne

Poor proofreading of your promotional materials can impact both your bottom line and your professional reputation, so make sure you give it the attention it deserves. Read more

Seven tips for overcoming writer’s block

07 Mar 11 | Maria Pantalone

Writer’s block often hits us when we least have the time to go blank – such as when we’re pushing the deadline on a key proposal for winning new business. Here are some great tips for overcoming writer’s block. Read more

How to write a radio ad script

04 Mar 11 | Lucinda Lions

Radio ads can boost your sales, but how on earth does a soloist write a radio ad script? Lucinda Lions gets the lowdown from Steve Manning. Read more

Proofreading business emails: overkill or essential?

16 Feb 11 | Rosemary Osborne

Emails are such an all-pervasive part of business today that it’s easy to churn them out at a rate of knots. But there are very good reasons for proofreading business emails before you send. Read more

Grammar tips: Colons and semicolons

24 Jan 11 | Mary Morel

Confusion about colons abounds. Here we provide some grammar tips that break down the difference between colons and semicolons so you can use them effectively in your writing. Read more

Classic writing blunders exposed!

22 Jan 11 | Robert Gerrish

Business writing requires skills different to the ones most of us have been taught. In this video, Robert talks to Paul Jones who reveals five writing failings and how to avoid them. Read more

Podcast: How to self publish a book

18 Dec 10 | Tim Reid

Wendy Blume, a stay at home Mum who has single-handedly published her very own cook book, shares her secrets on how to become an author and reap the benefits. Read more

Podcast: Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets

13 Nov 10 | Tim Reid

Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets about online businesses. Read more

Foolproof proofreading tips

21 Aug 10 | Caroline McDevitt

Once you’ve edited your blog, newsletter or web content so you’re happy with how it reads, you need to proofread it for surface errors such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. Here are some proofreading tips to help you. Read more

Polishing your words: why self editing matters

10 Jul 10 | Caroline McDevitt

How many times have you hit 'send' or 'publish' on a piece of written communication, only to find as soon as it's live, there's a glaring typo or grammatical blunder? That's why self-editing and proofreading is so important. Read more

The correct use of commas

28 Apr 10 | Mary Morel

Commas aid clarity, prevent ambiguity and indicate where you need to pause. Often you can tell if you need a comma by reading your work out loud. Here we look at the correct use of commas. Read more

Punctuation rules: Correct use of apostrophes

25 Dec 09 | Mary Morel

With so many different punctuation rules that need to be followed when writing the English language, it can sometimes get confusing. This article outlines the correct use of apostrophes. Read more

Overcoming writer’s block: four more tips

27 Oct 09 | Caroline McDevitt

Tired of staring at that irritating, flashing cursor? Here are four strategies which will help you with overcoming writer's block. Read more

Persuasive writing: how and why it works

27 Sep 09 | Robert Gerrish

In this video, I catch up with good friend and professional writer & trainer, Paul Jones. Paul is a master of persuasive writing and his tips are simple and easy to apply to anything you write. Read more

Four tips for overcoming writer’s block

17 Sep 09 | Caroline McDevitt

We all need to write. But sometimes writing that proposal, newsletter or email can turn into a nightmare. Everyone, even the pros, get stuck for words, so here are four tips for overcoming writer's block. Read more

Creating effective PowerPoint presentations

15 Sep 09 | Maria Pantalone

Death by PowerPoint! We've all experienced it at some stage ... and may have also been guilty of it ourselves. Here's how to create effective PowerPoint presentations to avoid alienating your audience. Read more

How to write persuasively

23 Aug 09 | Lucinda Lions

Your clients ask one main question when they read your website, brochures, ads, direct mail letters and other marketing material. If you write the answer to this question effectively, you’re persuading them to do business with you. Read more

Seven winning article writing tips

31 May 09 | Lucinda Lions

Recently, I wrote about how article marketing gives you free publicity. Here are some practical article writing tips to help you write an article that your clients and prospects will love! Read more

23 simple tips on writing for the web

21 May 09 | Peter Crocker

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for a brochure or magazine. There are many essential differences that you need to consider. Here are 23 simple tips I’ve picked up over the years. Read more

Business writing: How to tidy up sentences

10 May 09 | Mary Morel

Do you want to express yourself better in your business writing? Then tidy up your sentences. Looking closely at sentence length and structure will help make your words work for you. Read more

Get free publicity through article marketing

26 Apr 09 | Lucinda Lions

Writing articles doesn’t cost a cent, but the results are priceless. It’s the perfect publicity-boosting activity for every business in all economic climates. Read on to find out how article marketing is good for your business. Read more

Tips for writing marketing material

22 Mar 09 | Mary Morel

As soloists, most of us have to write our own marketing material whether or not we enjoy writing. Often we’re so busy thinking about what we want to say that we lose sight of our audience. Even experienced writers can fall into this trap. Read more

Designing written communication

29 Jan 09 | Zern Liew

When working on a piece of written communication it is easy to focus on the words and overlook the design of the message. Here’s how to craft your message perfectly. Read more

Why good writing skills are important

25 Jan 09 | Lucinda Lions

Many solo business owners are passionate about good writing skills and the English language. Clients are passionate about this, too, and many will buy elsewhere if the writing is bad. Read more

Styles in modern business writing

20 Nov 08 | Mary Morel

First impressions count and we usually judge a piece of business writing on its visual appearance before we’ve even read a word. Read more

Tips for self-editing and proofreading

04 Sep 08 | Mary Morel

As most soloists can’t afford to pay a proofreader to edit their writing, the occasional typo is inevitable. However, to make sure your final copy is as good as possible, here are some tips for self-editing and proofreading. Read more

Writing style guidelines

10 Sep 07 | Sam Leader

I’ve been working on some writing style guidelines designed to help our new contributors write their articles. I thought I’d share some highlights in the hope they’ll assist your own writing. Read more

Typos and other errors: Dealing with mistakes

10 Jul 07 | Sam Leader

With delightful regularity, we receive feedback from the solo community offering some form of praise for the work we do here at Flying Solo. Occasionally, though, we'll receive a comment dealing with mistakes where the karma isn't so good. Read more

The essentials of good business writing

24 Mar 06 | Karen McCreadie

Good business writing is at the heart of successful marketing. Without it you will be at best, misunderstood, at worst, totally ignored. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your business writing hits the spot. Read more

Seven tips on how to write marketing articles

04 Jan 06 | Megan Tough

In a previous article, Promoting your business using article marketing we looked at the benefits of writing marketing articles to generate new business. Which is all well and good as long as you have something to write about – right? Read more

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