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Exceptional customer service is something every business should strive towards, although good customer service skills don’t come naturally to everyone.

In this section we provide you with plenty of customer service tips to help you develop your customer service skills. From how to handle customer complaints and having the right attitude to going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service, these tips should ensure your clients keep coming back for more.

Coin conundrum: What would you do?

02 Apr 15 | Lucinda Lions

A few years ago a shop owner did something I haven’t experienced before. I said nothing, and yet I probably should have. What would you have done? Read more

Are you brave enough to do this?

22 Jan 15 | Andrew Griffiths

I recently had to fly interstate, and the airline CEO was on board. During the flight he did something quite brave. Could you do the same thing? Read more

My thoughts on customer service

30 Sep 14 | Samantha Hurst

Got a bad customer service story? I can relate! Here are my thoughts on customer service these days. Read more

Soloists: nix negativity and end entitlement

05 Aug 14 | Sam Leader

I’m back from a trip to London where along with the Heathrow injection (i.e. four extra kilos), I learnt some business lessons from the city’s transporting system. Read more

Why I fired my client and what I learnt

15 Jul 14 | Vanessa Emilio

Today was a bad day. I love my clients and protect them all fiercely. In my 19 year legal career I’ve never had to fire one, until today. Read more

Wallet wars: Why clients won’t spend with you

23 Apr 14 | Warren Harmer

When people are ready to spend with you, what experience do they get? Your actions will either inspire them to open their wallets or close them for good. Read more

It’s about your clients, not you!

26 Mar 14 | Lynda Bayada

In our quest to be industry leaders, we can sometimes lose sight of the most important people in business – our customers. Read more

Get customers in 60 seconds without pitching

18 Feb 14 | Dave Gillen

If new prospects contact you by phone, I’m going to show you how to win them over in 60 seconds, without pitching. Read more

Yes, you DO work in customer service

10 Jan 14 | Sarah-Joy Pierce and Allan Johnson

Here’s some news for you: Your field of expertise might be graphic design, bookkeeping or insurance, but no matter what you do – you actually work in customer service. Read more

Business growth: enhancing your customer experience

08 Nov 13 | Amanda Jesnoewski

Of the many ways to increase profitability in your business, giving your customers an experience they’ll never forget is a highly effective one. Read more

The one thing customers will always love you for

15 Oct 13 | Dave Gillen

In today’s “just enough” world, there is one thing that will have customers falling at your feet: going the extra yard. Read more

How to deal with procrastinating clients

05 Sep 13 | Katie McMurray

About once a year, procrastinators start to get to me. My leads list becomes full of ditherers but I want to focus on the doers. So I’m ready to cull. Read more

Why tone of voice matters

25 Jun 13 | Jayne Tancred

In conversation, using the right tone of voice is second nature, but every now and then you’ll miss the mark. When you do, stand by for an instantaneous emotional response from the person you’re talking to. Read more

Five tips for managing client expectations

08 Mar 13 | Mary Gardam

The key to meeting client expectations is to manage them well in the first place. Make sure your clients know what to expect by focusing on these five areas. Read more

Podcast: Precision marketing and customer service tips

17 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast Richard Everson, who owns and runs a guesthouse in rural Australia, talks about the concept of precision marketing and how to over-deliver with your customer service. Read more

Make the most of customer complaints

08 Feb 13 | Mary Gardam

Customer complaints are an inevitable part of running a business. After all, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. Instead of looking at complaints negatively, see them as a great opportunity to improve your business. Read more

Why your gripes are good for business

16 Oct 12 | Sam Leader

What irritates you as a customer? Can you be sure that it isn’t happening in your own backyard office? Read more

How to turn negatives to positives in your marketing copy

12 Oct 12 | Lucinda Lions

As a soloist, sometimes it’s impossible to get to the phone straight away or drop everything for a client meeting. But what could be seen as a negative can be turned into a positive – simply by tweaking your marketing copy. Read more

Customer touch points can make or break your brand

25 Nov 11 | Danielle MacInnis

The way customers experience their journey with you, especially in service-based industries, can help or hinder brand loyalty and devotion. Here’s how one business stuffed it up by not considering their customer touch points. Read more

Avoiding business burnout

17 Sep 11 | Jo Macdermott

I’m hearing more of my fellow soloists talk about business burnout lately. From what I can tell, it typically starts when we take on too much. Read more

Customer expectations: You promised, now deliver...

16 Sep 11 | David Moore

I am somewhat tenacious when it comes to getting what I’ve paid for. I even once managed to get a brand new car replaced after I was sold a lemon. It comes down to customer expectations. Read more

Customer service: What are you promising but not delivering?

20 Jul 11 | David Moore

What customer service messages are you sending your clients? Are you sure they’re receiving the ones you intend? Read more

Shifting the vibe

26 Nov 10 | Zoe Routh

A while back I went against my intuition and bought something from a telemarketer. Read more

What experience do you give your customers?

08 Nov 10

In this video Robert explains how people won't buy from unhappy businesses. Read more

Four ways to increase customer satisfaction

05 Nov 10 | Deb Pilgrim

Lots of businesses put energy into customer service, when they should be focusing on customer satisfaction. So what’s the difference? Read more

Podcast: Creating a Customer Experience

30 Oct 10 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton talk to Callum from Espresso Elements about how he’s created a point of difference in his cafe by designing a customer experience. Read more

Customer service tips learned at the hairdresser

06 Aug 10 | Maria Pantalone

During a recent trip to the hairdresser, I got into conversation with the other customers – and the customer service tips I learned will have a lasting impact on my business. Read more

Poor customer service: Being treated like a criminal

09 Nov 09 | Sam Leader

Hands up who likes getting told off? I’ve had a number of interactions with businesses that have made me feel like a naughty child, and this is very poor customer service. Read more

Bad business ethics or just business?

25 May 09 | Sam Leader

Regular readers will know I’m something of a customer service freak. My most recent experience has got me thinking about business ethics. Read more

Service culture: Encouraging customer loyalty

19 May 09 | Jack Fraenkel

Loyal customers return more often, resulting in more sales and lower acquisition costs. Yet many businesses do nothing to encourage loyalty. Here are some simple steps to improve things. Read more

The importance of customer loyalty

02 Apr 09 | Jack Fraenkel

Loyalty leaders are successful because they have designed their entire business systems around customer loyalty. Building a highly loyal customer base must be integral to your basic business strategy. Read more

Examples of bad customer service

01 Dec 08 | Sam Leader

In the course of planning a tree change, I’ve been reminded of some classic no-no’s in the area of customer service. I can’t believe bad customer service still goes on. See what you think. Read more

Why word of mouth advertising matters

08 Sep 08 | Sam Leader

It’s easy to think of word-of-mouth advertising as being feel-good marketing, but thanks to my contrasting experiences at two international airports, I can report that feel-bad also has its place. Read more

Client feedback: Do you shy away from it?

24 Apr 08 | Linda Anderson

If you did a bad job for a client, would you be happy for them to let you know where you went wrong? Do you seek client feedback or would you prefer not to know? Read more

The importance of communicating with clients

31 Mar 08 | Peter Crocker

There’s a simple email you can send to your clients or customers that they are guaranteed to love. If you want to be perceived as switched on, reliable and trustworthy, then read on to find out more about the importance of communicating with clients. Read more

Managing customer expectations

28 Jan 08 | Sam Leader

Good customer service is about managing customer expectations. My recent experience with a multinational cosmetics firm provides a textbook lesson on how not to treat your customers. Read more

How to handle customer complaints

20 Nov 07 | Tim Reid

How often are you pleasantly surprised by great customer service? If you’re like me, then sadly not very often. But recently, I had a good customer service experience that demonstrates the best way to handle customer complaints. Read more

Good customer service tips that work

08 May 07 | Sam Leader

It's a marketing no brainer, but I was recently reminded of the remarkable effectiveness of good customer service. Read more

Exceptional customer service: Having the right attitude

09 Nov 06 | Zern Liew

Every business should care about providing exceptional customer service. But what does that “service” really mean? Read more

Effective customer service: Keeping your client informed

19 Oct 06 | Megan Hills

Keeping your client informed, particularly when things aren’t going so well, can save your relationship and boost your business. The secret to effective customer service is how you contact your client - and how often. Read more

Exceptional customer service

01 Nov 05 | John Raymond

Even if your customer service is good, there will be times when you ought to push the boat out and provide exceptional customer service. Read more

Good customer service skills: Is your business a leaky bucket?

21 Aug 05 | Thomas Murrell

Are you busy welcoming new clients through the front door, only to have existing ones go out the back? Good customer service skills can overcome this problem. Read more

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