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Implementing a public relations strategy (or PR strategy) is a great way to generate free publicity for your small business, although it needs be done well to be a success.

Here we cover some of the many different ways of generating free publicity including through the use of media interviews, a media release and article writing. We also provide tips on compiling a communications toolkit so you are always ready to respond to any public relations queries.

Get seen and get interviewed

26 Oct 14

In this podcast with media expert and author, Catriona Pollard, we look at getting noticed by journalists and nailing the all-important media interview. Read more

How to love and leverage Limelight Moments

15 Aug 14 | Katie McMurray

Limelight Moments are exceptional events or activities that can be leveraged to help you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy your moment in the limelight! Read more

Nerve-busting tips for media interviews

17 Jul 14 | Andrew Griffiths

Media interviews can be daunting, but with these seven tips in your soloist suitcase, you’ll be a media pro in no time. Read more

Nine common media interview mistakes

17 Jun 14 | Andrew Griffiths

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your media interview is relaxed, flawless and fun. Remember, a great interview is great for business. Read more

How to prepare for a media interview

09 May 14 | Andrew Griffiths

The more prepared you are for a media interview, the more professional you’ll come across. Let’s get you prepared! Read more

How to lead in micro business

12 Feb 14 | Katie McMurray

We often think of business leaders as CEOs and board directors, but it is possible to lead as a micro business owner. Read more

The rise of the consumer spruiker

28 Jan 14 | Matthew White

Word-of-mouth recommendations from your customers are highly trusted and influential, so make 2014 the year of the happy customer by harnessing the power of “crowd spruiking”. Read more

Publicity is one big party… so where are you?

06 Dec 13 | Katie McMurray

Do you sometimes feel like every other business is getting publicity except yours? Having an active online presence will help make your business become the life of the publicity party. Read more

How to get speaking gigs

04 Oct 13 | Katie McMurray

The secret to getting speaking gigs is to first become recognised as someone whose ideas matter. Here’s how to do it. Read more

Reasons business owners avoid PR (and why they’re wrong)

10 Aug 13 | Katie McMurray

Avoiding publicity could be preventing your business from achieving growth and long-term success. Here are some common excuses for saying no to PR, and why you should stop making them. Read more

Ten tips for writing a great press release

31 Jul 13 | Claire Whiteley

Journalists churn through many press releases every day, looking for one or two potential stories. But can small businesses without a PR budget write their own release that will stand out from the pack? Absolutely. Read more

What is the value of publicity?

10 Jul 13 | Katie McMurray

There’s a never-ending debate about the monetary worth of media coverage. We know publicity expenses affect the bottom line, but how do we measure and value the results? Read more

Why being definitive boosts publicity

15 Jun 13 | Katie McMurray

The media likes to tell strong, definitive stories, but that doesn’t equate to ‘simple’. Here’s how to make your business more definitive and in doing so – more attractive to the media. Read more

How to create your own publicity

30 May 13 | Claire Whiteley

Not every business can afford a PR firm, but it is possible to get publicity for your business on your own. A story is a story, whether it comes from a PR consultant, or you. Read more

Developing a voice in your industry

26 Apr 13 | Katie McMurray

Developing your voice is the process of forming, expressing and promoting your own ideas and opinions; and it’s essential to building a public profile in your industry. Here’s where to begin. Read more

Make media coverage work for your business

08 Dec 12 | Katie McMurray

Being asked by the media to make comment on an issue is great publicity for your business – but only if you leverage it for all it’s worth. Here’s how to get the most out of media coverage for your business. Read more

How to be a business leader

17 Nov 12 | Katie McMurray

Being known as a ‘business leader’ makes you more attractive to the media, but how can small business owners earn the title? Read more

Four ways to generate free publicity for your business

04 Oct 12 | Amanda Jesnoewski

Generating publicity about your business is an effective and easy way to raise your profile, establish your credibility and attract new clients. Here’s how to generate free publicity for little to no cost. Read more

Make the most of speaking at an event

29 Jun 12 | Katie McMurray

Your name is on the speaking event program; your speech is ready. Now – how do you get the event publicist excited about you and ensure you get noticed? Read more

What every soloist needs to know about pitching to the media

31 May 12 | Jill Chivers

Getting your business in the media can help boost sales and bring in more business, but how do you go about pitching to the media? Read more

Media pitch writing tips

09 May 12 | Katie McMurray

Ready to start contacting media so you can harness the power of PR? Here’s how to write a perfect media pitch that will get a busy journo’s attention. Read more

How to get your expert opinions flowing

05 Apr 12 | Katie McMurray

Only those adept at answering questions are of interest to the media. Do you know your expert opinions and can you articulate them clearly? A great way to improve is by interviewing yourself. Read more

Media campaign mistakes: what not to do

30 Mar 12 | Jill Chivers

Many soloists would kill for a story on radio, television, a newspaper or magazine, but before you start your DIY PR campaign, read about what doesn’t work. Read more

So you think you’re a subject matter expert?

06 Jan 12 | Katie McMurray

Being quoted as a subject matter expert in the media can give you and your business enormous PR leverage. But what does it take to convince a journo of your expertise? Read more

Celebrity as testimonial

04 Oct 11 | Sam Leader

I’ve been pondering how these days, many people equate media exposure with credibility. So if you’ve been on telly, you must be good, is that right? Read more

Philippa Lowe: Managing publicity

15 Apr 11

How do you make good publicity work for you? One word: leverage. Philippa Lowe shares her expertise with Robert. Read more

Get noticed by journalists

01 Jan 11 | Robert Gerrish

Free publicity is priceless, but it can be hard to get a journalist's attention. In this video, Robert talks to Flying Solo contributor Philippa Lowe and discovers just how to get noticed. Read more

Local community sponsorship: Think locally before donating

17 Nov 10 | Trevor Weeding

Often when a small business opens, local community organisations look to them for donations. They all have worthwhile aims, so how do you choose which to give local community sponsorship to? Read more

Will public relations (PR) make me money?

10 Nov 10 | Philippa Lowe

Public relations (PR) is often thought of as a form of marketing without a measurable return on investment (ROI), but nothing could be further from the truth. Read more

Turning media coverage into sales

06 Oct 10 | Philippa Lowe

Congratulations! Your DIY publicity efforts are starting to pay off. Now it’s time to think about turning media coverage into sales. Read more

PR Tips: Make an event of it

01 Sep 10 | Philippa Lowe

Attending, speaking at and hosting events are all valuable opportunities for public relations. Here’s some PR tips to make them work for your business. Read more

Podcast: How to generate free publicity

14 Aug 10 | Tim Reid

Free publicity? Bring it on! Tim Reid & Luke Mouton's entertaining and insightful podcast shows you how to get the word out... for free. Read more

Publicity tips: Building PR momentum

23 Jul 10 | Philippa Lowe

Just a little bit of media attention may be all it takes for your publicity to snowball, taking your micro business out of obscurity and into the spotlight. Read on for some more publicity tips. Read more

Preparing the perfect media pitch

11 Jun 10 | Philippa Lowe

You’ve identified your business news hook, and you’re geared up to generate news about your business. Now it’s time for the media pitch. Read more

Publicity campaigns: Publicity is all about them

30 Apr 10 | Philippa Lowe

When it comes to securing publicity, any attention you receive is not actually about you. In this article, let's look at the essential steps to generating some valuable publicity through publicity campaigns. Read more

Getting invited to speak at business conferences

14 Apr 10 | Peter Chaly

Speaking at conferences establishes you as an authority in your field and provides great networking opportunities. But how do you land those highly sought gigs speaking at business conferences in the first place? Read more

Generate publicity: Generating your own news

09 Mar 10 | Philippa Lowe

Media releases work best when they have a hook, and one of the most reliable ways to generate publicity is to tie in with current news stories. I’ll show you how. Read more

Four successful DIY PR tips

10 Dec 09 | Philippa Lowe

If you’ve ever seen a competitor quoted in a magazine and thought "I should have been interviewed for that," it’s time to start generating your own publicity. Here are some DIY PR tips to help you get started. Read more

Publicity stunts: Doing a Richard Branson

25 Aug 09 | Yesim Nicholson

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary and pulled a publicity stunt to market your business? If you’ve never ventured beyond your beautifully designed website and informative e-newsletter, it’s time to do a “Richard Branson”. Read more

Video: How to get media attention

15 Jul 09 | Robert Gerrish

In this video I talk to journalist, author, entrepreneur & presenter Valerie Khoo. A must-view if you want to know what a journo really looks for and get some great tips to spread your message in the media. Read more

Article marketing: How to publicise articles

12 Jul 09 | Lucinda Lions

Every article you write can boost your profile and generate leads, provided that customers know you’ve written them. Read on to learn seven methods of article marketing to more effectively publicise your articles. Read more

Seven winning article writing tips

31 May 09 | Lucinda Lions

Recently, I wrote about how article marketing gives you free publicity. Here are some practical article writing tips to help you write an article that your clients and prospects will love! Read more

Tips for getting media coverage

02 Feb 09 | Robert Gerrish

At Flying Solo, we get some valuable media coverage. Not only is this great for our brand, it makes us smile a lot! Here are some tips from our approach to the media that may help you with yours. Read more

Advice for entering small business awards

01 Feb 09 | Robyn Haydon

A business award is a publicity bonanza for the lucky winners, with many reaping huge benefits such as cash injections, interest from potential business partners and more customers. So how do you go about getting on a small business awards shortlist? Read more

Free publicity or paid advertising?

06 Jan 09 | Johanna Baker-Dowdell

It’s not always easy to recognise the difference between free publicity and paid advertising. Here's how you can and how each can help your business. Read more

How to raise your profile using a case study

19 Aug 08 | Karen Morris

A well constructed case study has all the elements necessary to get your marketing message across and establish the trust needed to build good business relationships. Here’s how to create a case study to help you win business and raise your profile. Read more

5 ways to gain small business PR for free

05 Aug 08 | Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Marketing your solo business can be tough when you have little spare cash. Here are some tips to gain great small business PR, with no outlay - other than your time, Internet connection, office stationery and business cards. Read more

Successful media interviews

24 Feb 08 | Sue Currie

Successful media interviews are a great way to promote your business. But if you’re unfamiliar with being interviewed, you may get daunted by the prospect. Rather than saying no to the opportunity, there are ways you can eliminate unnecessary fears. Read more

Why publicity wins you business

21 Oct 07 | Sue Currie

Word of mouth is a very powerful public relations weapon and one of the best ways of generating it is through publicity. Although publicity can be very valuable, it is often overlooked as a true means of creating interest in a product or service. Read more

How to write a media release

12 Aug 07 | Sue Currie

Publicity is supposedly seven times more effective than advertising, and it is free if you do it yourself! Learn how to write a media release to capture the attention of journalists, and you can cash in on the free editorial coverage. Read more

How to write articles that generate free publicity

18 Feb 07 | Sue Currie

Writing articles and submitting them to the media is an excellent way to get free publicity. Any time you have something published it creates awareness and enhances your credibility. So how do you go about it? Read more

Gain media exposure - develop an online profile

03 Dec 06 | Sue Currie

An online profile is the ideal way to improve media exposure and that of your brand. By creating a dedicated 'media room' you will maximise your chances of getting noticed. Read more

Public relations strategy: Getting action through attraction

16 May 06 | Richard Woodward

If your approach to developing new business is based only on identifying and approaching prospects, you might need to think about a different public relations strategy so you don't miss out on attracting business to you. Read more

Getting media coverage: 10 tips

23 Apr 06 | Sue Currie

You don't need a huge PR budget to enjoy media exposure. Follow these 10 tips to increase your chances of nabbing the attention of editors and journalists. Read more

How to create a successful media campaign

28 Mar 06 | Jess Tyler

Every day publications of all description need words to fill their pages. Someone has to provide those words, it might as well be you! When seeking to get your story into print, a successful media campaign can really make a difference. Read more

Small business tools: Compiling a Communications Toolkit

18 Dec 05 | Jess Tyler

One of the most quick and easy small business tools is a 'Communications Toolkit’ – a repository of words, images and ideas that’s always ready with your best openers, lines, written examples and pictures of your work. Read more

Why consider sending a media release?

14 Nov 05 | Sue Currie

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, a media release may just be the answer. Not only can you enjoy free publicity, you'll also get added recognition. Read more

How to use Personal PR and get noticed

10 Oct 05 | Sue Currie

When it comes to meeting potential clients, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Effective personal PR holds the secret. Read more

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