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Do you find winning proposals or selling your product or service a challenge? Here you will find information on how to sell yourself and your business through various sales strategies including some you might not have thought of, for example entering your business into awards.

This section also looks at key sales skills that are required in the sales process including negotiation skills, tips to help close sales, how to generate repeat business and how to conduct effective meetings.

Save with our Premium Member Rewards Program

13 Mar 15

As a Premium Member of Flying Solo, you can now enjoy generous cashbacks, discounts and offers from some of Australia's favourite brands and retailers such as Apple, Sony, Dick Smith, Microsoft ... even Woolies and Dan Murphy's! Get with the program. Read more

The DO’s and DON’Ts of sales conversations that sell

30 Jan 15 | Helen Roe

Without sales you don’t actually have a business. But given you probably don’t like being ‘sold to’, how do you avoid doing the same to your customers? Read more

Make this your best year yet

11 Jan 15

No stranger to success, podcast guest Matthew Michalewicz has some valuable strategies to get the year off to a flying start (and a v cool offer). Read more

Get customers to happily pay more

18 Nov 14 | Robert Gerrish

As buyers, the feeling that we’re about to shell out a little more than we intended can be oddly exciting. So as sellers, how do we get buyers to invest more? Read more

Four ways I grew sales with one cheeky idea

06 Nov 14 | Jenny Spring

Sometimes the simplest idea can help boost sales. Here are four ways I helped a client stretch her shoestring budget with one cheeky and exciting idea. Read more

Three tips for selling and packaging YOU

25 Sep 14 | Helen Roe

Putting yourself out there and selling your services can be one of the biggest challenges. These three essential tips will help. Read more

Do you love your logo?

16 Sep 14 | Jayne Tancred

We’ve been chatting a lot about logo design in the Flying Solo forum recently, and that got me thinking about the logos that represent my two businesses. Read more

Why marketing doesn’t win clients

14 May 14 | Clint Salter

I believe the main goal of marketing is to build awareness about your business and offerings. But does it create buyers? No. Engagement does! Read more

Retailers: Three product types you must offer

01 May 14 | Helen Roe

If you’re a retailer or online store owner, there are three product types you must offer in order to convert browsers into buyers. Read more

How to build rapport with new clients

24 Apr 14 | Michael Quinn

Clients do business with people they like and trust. But how do you build rapport in order to develop trust and form relationships? Here are my top three tips. Read more

How to write sizzling sales emails

19 Apr 14 | Jenny Spring

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, 20 million sales emails have been sent. Your sales email is probably one of them. Here’s four ways to get it noticed. Read more

Five dating tips to help close sales

28 Mar 14 | Jenny Spring

I’m celebrating 25 years of marriage, and almost the same amount in sales, so I know that love and dating can teach us about closing sales. Read more

Mini marketing budget? Cultivate raving fans!

27 Mar 14 | Warren Harmer

Do you have a dedicated band of converts who rave about your business? If not, you should, especially if you have a small marketing budget. Read more

The water’s over there!

25 Mar 14 | Robert Gerrish

Hey, I love the pursuit of efficiency in business, but flexibility and consideration have a place too. Well, assuming we value our customers. Read more

Are you hunting field mice or antelope?

25 Feb 14 | Jayne Tancred

Is it time to stop letting small opportunities distract you from big ones? Here’s why your target market is not ‘everyone’. Read more

Four top tips to get repeat customers

05 Feb 14 | Sarah-Joy Pierce and Allan Johnson

It costs nearly five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep a current one. Find out how to get repeat business from existing customers. Read more

Sales tips for non-sales people

24 Oct 13 | Jo Macdermott

Think you suck at sales? Never fear. These sales tips will help even the most timid of business owners scale-up their sales skills. Read more

Podcast - What's stopping you from selling?

06 Oct 13

Paul McCarthy reckons he has the answer and in this podcast shares his tips to give your sales a much needed push. Read more

Five ways to screw up your sales pitch

14 Aug 13 | Carlos Lew

Just as there are many qualities that make a salesperson great and a proposition absolutely irresistible, there are also sure-fire ways to mess up a sales pitch. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when selling. Read more

Boomerang buyers: how to generate repeat business

22 Feb 13 | Lucinda Lions

What’s the secret to making customers come back? Here are some highly effective repeat business tips, as revealed by Flying Solo readers. Read more

Why you need to address your customers’ objections

21 Feb 13 | Damien Elsing

Anticipating and addressing your customers’ concerns in your marketing copy will alleviate their doubts and encourage them to buy. Read more

How playing hard to get can increase sales

24 Jan 13 | Damien Elsing

Making smalls changes to your marketing copy can help shift your small business from sounding desperate to in demand, which can have a big impact on sales. Here’s how. Read more

Why you should stop closing sales

28 Nov 12 | Michael Neaylon

The word ‘close’ is often used to describe bringing a prospect over the line. But a couple of years ago I stopped ‘closing’ sales. The result? They tripled. Read more

Use the powers of persuasion to increase online sales

05 Oct 12 | Dan Norris

Just as face-to-face salespeople use certain tricks to influence buyers in person, there are ways to be more persuasive when selling online. Here are four techniques to help increase online sales. Read more

How to keep your sales cycle spinning

03 Oct 12 | Michael Neaylon

The following strategies will help you focus, plan, analyse and, in effect, shorten your sales cycle. Read more

How to write sales copy

12 Sep 12 | Lucinda Lions

In order to write sales copy that turns readers into buyers it’s important to stir certain feelings in your reader. Find out why this technique works and how to do it. Read more

Pitch perfect: Dos and don’ts of face-to-face sales

24 Jul 12 | Jayne Tancred

How do prospective customers respond to your sales spiel? If you’re not getting the conversions you want, it might be time to review your approach to face-to-face sales. Read more

How a guarantee can help increase sales

12 Jul 12 | Lucinda Lions

Offering a guarantee has many benefits, most important of which is an increase in sales and leads. So why are guarantees so effective? And should you be offering one? Read more

More grubby marketing strategies

03 Jul 12 | Sam Leader

My last post struck a chord with plenty of you, with commenters chiming in with their own observations of lowbrow marketing tactics. And in a ‘look and you see it everywhere’ way, I’ve found yet more cause for complaint. Read more

Grubby marketing strategies

29 May 12 | Sam Leader

Marketing strategies come in all forms, from the sophisticated and subtle to the aggressive and downright nasty. Read more

A better way to sell

16 Jan 12

Neil Rackham undertook the largest-ever study of professional selling, observing more than 35,000 sales calls in over 20 countries. Here's what he learned. Read more

Get more clients using Sandwich Selling

09 Jun 11 | Lucinda Lions

The art of Sandwich Selling has nothing to do with bread, but do it effectively, and you’ll make some serious dough! Read more

Selling strategies: When caginess costs you business

14 May 11 | Gary Chow

Your industry knowledge is valuable and you have every right to protect it. But could withholding information from your customers as a selling strategy actually be costing you business? Read more

Learn to love sales

02 Apr 11 | Yesim Nicholson

If you hate the process of selling to a potential client, you're about to be let into a huge secret. The reason you hate selling is because your marketing sucks. Read more

Key traits of a super salesperson

26 Feb 11 | Robert Gerrish

Sales guru, Neil Rackham has done far more than most when it comes to researching and understanding the behaviours of a successful salesperson. In this video interview he points out some key traits to assist us. Read more

Could group buying boost your business?

28 Jan 11 | Michael Sharkey

Would you like to grow your business, increase local brand awareness and have hundreds of new, guaranteed customers – all in a single day? By taking advantage of collective group buying, you might be able to do exactly that. Read more

How to sell in tricky times

18 Nov 10 | Robert Gerrish

In a tough market, determining how to approach sales can be a critical issue. Often we assume it's all about price. Neil Rackham thinks otherwise. Read more

Behaving like a real salesperson

09 Nov 10

What are the three things effective salespeople have in common? Find out in this video when Steve Herzberg talks to Robert. Read more

Selling in the internet age

08 Nov 10

Neil Rackham talks to Robert about how the role of sales has shifted due to the internet. Read more

The changing sales environment

08 Nov 10

Today, research and planning is more critical than ever, as Steve Herzberg tells Robert. Read more

How to close a sale

01 Oct 10 | Robert Gerrish

In this short video, Steve Herzberg shares some great tips with Robert Gerrish on closing the sale. Read more

Get that sale!

22 Jul 09 | Robert Gerrish

In this video I talk with Steve Herzberg. Steve trains the big end of town and as it turns out, his tips are ideal for us soloists. Happily, we snared him as a speaker at Flying Solo LIVE! 2009. Check him out. Read more

Beyond Selling Information

28 May 09 | Zern Liew

The Information Age has turned the intangibles of Data, Information, Knowledge and Ideas into very real careers and livelihoods for many of us. But perhaps it’s time to look beyond selling information. Read more

How to overcome fear of selling

07 May 09 | Zoe Routh

When I started out in business I had a real fear of selling. I thought salespeople weren't to be trusted, and I never wanted to hear 'no' from a prospect. Read more

Nine tips for improving negotiation skills

09 Oct 07 | Robyn Haydon

Professional salespeople love negotiation, but many soloists are more comfortable doing their job rather than negotiating about it. Here are nine tips for improving your negotiation skills. Read more

Do you recognise buying signals?

12 Jun 07 | Robert Gerrish

Now I don't want to cause alarm, but to put this article about recognising buying signals in context I need to tell you that I started my working career as a used car salesman. Read more

Six strategies for sales success

18 Apr 07 | Summer Nelson

Sales success depends on conversion. If you don't currently track your conversion rate, you will notice an increase in sales just by doing so. People always do more when they are being watched! Read more

Winning proposals: Why was your proposal rejected?

09 Mar 07 | Paul J. Morris

Rejection is always hard to accept, and often potential clients aren't clear why they turned us down. We assume it has something to do with price or their relationship with a competitor. Are these the reasons why we are not winning proposals? Read more

Why to enter your business into awards

09 Jan 07 | Jess Tyler

An original way to get some excellent profile for yourself and your business is to enter awards. Read more

How to conduct effective meetings

04 May 06 | Robert Gerrish

Meetings can prove to be either a positive, fruitful encounter...or a total waste of time. To conduct effective meetings, you need to bring clarity and preparation to the table. Read more

Why following up is one of the key sales skills

09 Mar 06 | Peter Griffin

Are you regularly in touch with your clients and prospects? If not you could be missing out on valuable relationship building opportunities, not to mention sales! Following up is one of the essential business sales skills to produce sales growth. Read more

How to sell yourself

26 Jan 06 | Barb Clews

Do you know how to sell yourself and your business? The key is to be happy promoting who you are, what you do and be clear on the benefits of doing business with you. Read more

Strategic sales plans: Key drivers to increase sales

15 Jan 06 | Richard Woodward

"Increase sales" is the stated goal of many soloists at the start of the year. Having strategic sales plans maximises your chances of securing the business you need to get on track for achieving this year's targets. Read more

Tips for selling yourself as an expert

31 Aug 05 | Barb Clews

Those starting out in their solo business often struggle with selling themselves as an expert. It's more common to take on anything and everything regardless of whether it’s exactly what you want to do or not. Read more

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