Wayne Davis, Quick off the Mark Trademarks

I help to protect and enforce the most valuable assets in any business, the intellectual property incorporated in a business trademark. Read more

Wayne Davis, Quick off the Mark Trademarks
Fiona Johnston, Peach Business Management
Sean Grobbelaar, Village Coworking North Sydney
Heide Scherer, Jennoli
Pauline Martin-Brooks, Business Blueprint
Karen Curran, Unicorn Graphics
Stacey Fuller, Travel By Trolley Creative
Vitaly Ogulev, Netcomp Solutions
Lauren Shay, Full Stop Design, Editing, Publishing
Emma Wilson, Upclose & Virtual
 Daniel Duckworth, ServiceCrowd
Phil Horan, Hello Real Estate
Victoria Berry, The Bookkeeper Hub
Kathie Stove, in writing
Richard Jenner, The Type Shed
Maria Pantalone, Infinite Growth
Jane Yang, Bluejade
Robert Goudie, Meritum Financial Group
Felicity Van Rysbergen, Well Versed Copywriting
Rhys Roberts, Viridity

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Profile | Grant Hyman

Grant Hyman

Grant Hyman
Forum profile:
Grant Hyman
Grant Hyman

Grant Hyman

Sales consultant

Sydney, NSW | www.salescentral.com.au

Grant has achieved the highest possible levels of success in almost every sales position he has held. He started out as personal trainee for an extraordinary sales achiever and was taught Transactional Analysis in the field as well as the classroom. He has survived and thrived through almost three decades of mainly B2B selling.

Now Grant devotes his expertise to helping clients who want to improve their sales performance. Grant has distilled his expertise (gained in 30+ years of successful selling, managing and business building) into a fully indexed reference manual designed to act as your handy, personal sales coach. Clicking on the above Sales Central link will tell you more!

Grant Hyman

When Flying Solo, it's your attitude that determines your altitude.

Articles by Grant

Starting my own business: If only I'd known!

16 Sep 08 | Grant Hyman

I'm not a big believer in crying over spilt milk. However I’ve recently been considering what I might like to have known before starting my own business. I look forward to learning from your own comments on the topic! Read more

Business succession planning: Developing an exit strategy

04 Apr 07 | Grant Hyman

Not many soloists give a good deal of thought to business succession planning and developing an exit strategy, yet one of the key requirements of a successful business is to know how you want your involvement to end up. Read more

Are you grateful for what you have?

12 Dec 06 | Grant Hyman

In a world where the boundaries between need and want are blurred, it can be hard to stay grateful for what you have. Recently the importance of being thankful struck home in a major way. Read more

Get motivated: Seven tips to boost morale

13 Jun 06 | Grant Hyman

As a soloist, it's normal to have the odd day where you aren't feeling motivated. The phone doesn't ring, the diary is uncomfortably blank and the bank account looks bleak. Try these seven tips to boast morale and get motivated. Read more

Being a sole trader can be fun!

11 Apr 06 | Grant Hyman

Are you one of the sole traders who responded to the recent poll by saying that your own business is a fun free zone? If you're not loving being a sole trader, try asking yourself these questions. Read more

Business coaching: How to choose a business coach

17 Jan 06 | Grant Hyman

A coach provides advice and guidance based on their own experiences and capabilities, so it pays to take the time to find the business coaching that's right for you. So how do you choose a coach relevant to your needs? Read more

Showing appreciation: Who’s packing your parachute?

27 Nov 05 | Grant Hyman

The moral of showing appreciation for the impact others have on your life is ably demonstrated by the story of Charles Plumb. Read more

Marketing advice for new sole traders

13 Sep 05 | Grant Hyman

For sole traders to promote their business effectively, it helps to understand the real nuts and bolts of marketing. Read more

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