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Profile | Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker
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Flying Solo
Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker

Marketer and business copywriter

Sydney, NSW |

Peter Crocker ran screaming from his ‘proper job’ in 2002 and has flown solo from the third bedroom ever since.

Since escaping ad agency land, Peter has specialised in business copywriting, partnering with digital agencies and corporate clients on websites and digital content. Along with his writing partners, he has worked with agencies large and small on brands including Microsoft, NRMA, SAP, Westpac and AGL to name a few. He also has a Bachelor Degree in Business with a double major in advertising and marketing.

In 2011 he co-authored Flying Solo Revisited - How to go it alone in business with Robert Gerrish and Sam Leader.

He looks after marketing and advertising for Flying Solo and lives on Sydney’s northern beaches with his wife Felicity and daughters Bella and Ava.

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Peter Crocker

"Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue" - Unknown

Articles by Peter

Back to BSchool: What’s the big idea?

16 Feb 15 | Peter Crocker

As I strolled (virtually) into the Bschool campus with my brand new folder and false bravado, I was immediately thrown into the firing line. Read more

Let’s talk politics, religion, vaccinations and equality… or not.

03 Feb 15 | Peter Crocker

When it comes to building a personal profile and finding clients, social media is valuable for many soloists. But should passionate opinions be curbed by professional restraint? Or does authenticity demand unfiltered honesty? Read more

Why I'm going back to business school

16 Nov 14 | Peter Crocker

It’s been 15 or so years since I last formally studied anything serious, let alone topics like innovation, project management and finance. To be honest, the idea makes me shudder. But, with the arrival of BSchool, I've decided to go back to class. Read more

Could you be tempted to re-run the rat race?

28 Oct 14 | Peter Crocker

It’s easy to get the impression that everyone in corporate land is quietly plotting their escape from the rat race to run their own business. But, it’s not a one-way street. Read more

Challenge: Design YOUR ideal working week!

02 Sep 14 | Peter Crocker

Each year or so I embark on a lifestyle or productivity challenge. This time I’ll attempt to combine several life hacks into one golden week. I invite you to join me. Read more

The power of less: Four things to stop

08 Jul 14 | Peter Crocker

Since reading ‘The Power of Less’ by Leo Babauta, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of minimalism in business, and life. Its promise: Do less. Get more done. Read more

Do you have these four small business addictions?

03 Jun 14 | Peter Crocker

In business, and life, we repeatedly make resolutions, take stock, turn over new leaves and pledge to give things up. Problem is, cold turkey never works (for me anyway!). So what to do? Read more

Dear Business, we need to talk about ‘us’

15 Apr 14 | Peter Crocker

We've shared some incredible times, you and I. What a rollercoaster! But – and I know you’ve noticed too – things have changed. We need to talk. Read more

How to procrastinate: nine tips from a pro

11 Feb 14 | Peter Crocker

Why is there such focus on how to be productive when many of us spend our time faffing around? There should be more tips on how to procrastinate. Here they are. Read more

It’s time we celebrated the freedoms of soloism

03 Dec 13 | Peter Crocker

Running your own show comes with plenty of challenges. But this week we pause to celebrate the exhilarating freedom, flexibility and control that come from being your own boss. Read more

'How can I make mine look bigger?'

24 Sep 13 | Peter Crocker

It seems that insecurities about size and shape abound among business owners. And the little question of size is one that pops up regularly. But does it matter? Read more

I know what you did last event: Six terrible tips

06 Aug 13 | Peter Crocker

You may think no one sees you lurking in the corner at networking events. But I know exactly what you‘re up to (because I’m in the other corner), and I’m spilling the beans. Read more

Is it time for you to rethink LinkedIn?

02 Jul 13 | Peter Crocker

I’m being stalked by LinkedIn. Just today it sent me personalised news, endorsed my skills and connected me with a new business partner. Perhaps it’s time for me to stop ignoring it so rudely. Read more

Beware the ‘man with the gun’ in your business

28 May 13 | Peter Crocker

What if there was someone in your business with the power to bring down the whole shooting match? Chances are there is, and it’s critical to know exactly who has their itchy finger on the trigger. Read more

Why can’t we live like we did that summer?

23 Apr 13 | Peter Crocker

It seems to me that everyone has a golden age in the past or a vision of the future where everything seems idyllic. The question is, why is that time not right now? Read more

The soloist rollercoaster: Plotting my next mood

19 Mar 13 | Peter Crocker

I wouldn’t describe myself as moody, however my non-scientific self-analysis reveals clear trends in the ups and downs of the small business journey. It seems we’re all in a spin cycle. Read more

The power of patience

12 Feb 13 | Peter Crocker

In a world that glorifies rapid growth, romanticises rags-to-riches stories and lauds overnight sensations, you’d think that business success hinges on dreaming up the next big idea. Does it really? Read more

Is there someone you'd like to thank this Christmas?

18 Dec 12 | Peter Crocker

In any business, there are certain individuals who have played a pivotal role in its success. Here’s your chance to show your appreciation with a public display of gratitude. I’ll go first. Read more

Challenge: From night owl to early bird in seven days

13 Nov 12 | Peter Crocker

Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This week I plan to test this theory for myself. Care to join me? Read more

Why mobile matters if you sell online

12 Nov 12 | Peter Crocker

As custodian of Flying Solo’s website analytics, I’ve watched our mobile traffic rocket up from around five to 17 per cent this past year – and we don’t even have a mobile site! What does the mobile revolution mean for small business retailers? Read more

I am an introvert. Now they tell me!

09 Oct 12 | Peter Crocker

Ever since I started working from home, a question I often get asked is “Don’t you miss the social aspect of the office?” My response of “Not at all!” often raises an eyebrow. Read more

“Shove it, Jack, I'm walking out the door!”

04 Sep 12 | Peter Crocker

“Stick at it!” “Don’t give up!” “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” While dogged persistence is generally a trait to be admired, there are times when bowing out is a far better option. Not to mention a whole lot more fun. Read more

Four common home-office interruptions

31 Jul 12 | Peter Crocker

Why do you never hear this at the front door of an investment bank? “Yoo-hoo … anybody home? I was in the area, thought I’d pop in for a quick cuppa!” Read more

Half time! Now regroup, refocus and fire up!

26 Jun 12 | Peter Crocker

Have some water, grab an orange and gather round. As the financial year draws to a close, it’s time for the half-time pep talk. Read more

Your future depends on your devoted dozen

22 May 12 | Peter Crocker

You might have 100 Facebook friends, 250 LinkedIn connections and 500 Twitter followers, but when push comes to shove, your long-term success relies on the support of just 12 individuals. Read more

Embrace the chaos? Or fight for control?

17 Apr 12 | Peter Crocker

I expend a lot of energy trying to create order and calm – to-do lists, project plans and research. The reality is that any sense of order rarely lasts, and it’s getting worse. Read more

What would you tell yourself a decade from now?

20 Mar 12 | Peter Crocker

In our survey, we ask the question “What career/business advice would you give your 15-year old self?” and we had some awesome responses. Read more

What’s in a name? Plenty these days.

21 Feb 12 | Peter Crocker

Head to Google and type in your full name. It’s YOUR identity. But you might be surprised as to who claims it and how it makes you look. Read more

When golden ducks kill the golden goose

24 Jan 12 | Peter Crocker

Do you struggle to get runs on the board for your business under the relentless barrage of distractions? It happens to the very best. Read more

The hottest debates of 2011

20 Dec 11 | Peter Crocker

Today I’m reflecting on the big hairy topics that were hotly debated in the Flying Solo forums this year. The questions and answers may surprise you. Read more

We are the soul traders

22 Nov 11 | Peter Crocker

Describing a ‘typical’ solo business owner is like trying to describe an ‘average’ person. But as diverse as we are, those in the flourishing soloist movement share many tribal similarities. Read more

Note to self: Man up! Your regrets lie waiting.

25 Oct 11 | Peter Crocker

There’s that moment after a funeral, usually sometime after the third wine, where friends ask one another “Am I doing enough with my life?” Read more

Anger management: Don’t take that tone with me

27 Sep 11 | Peter Crocker

We’ve all been on the receiving end of spiky remarks or emails laced with venom. It’s not pleasant, but can anger in business be effective? Here we look at the issue of anger management. Read more

Business success: Is ‘making it’ a myth?

30 Aug 11 | Peter Crocker

It’s easy to look at other people, especially in business, and make the assumption that they’ve achieved their major business success goals. But have they? Read more

Meet Crocks: Australia’s #1 bloke

02 Aug 11 | Peter Crocker

Imagine if we spoke about ourselves the way some businesses speak about themselves. Imagine no more, Crocks is using marketing jargon and talking himself up. Read more

Three rules of life

05 Jul 11 | Peter Crocker

You may not take him for a great philosopher or self-help guru, but I found the rules of life Jerry Seinfeld shared on Denton’s Enough Rope a few years back very inspiring for business and life. Read more

The F word: Why you need to fail more

07 Jun 11 | Peter Crocker

Fear of failure paralyses more would-be entrepreneurs than just about anything else. But success and failure go hand in hand. In fact, perhaps you’re not failing enough. Read more

Do working holidays work?

10 May 11 | Peter Crocker

I’ve previously written about a copywriter who’d take extended working holidays where he’d write each day from 5am to 12pm before joining his family for lunch and sightseeing. But can it really be done? Read more

Are you banishing the bland?

12 Apr 11 | Peter Crocker

I recently saw an interview where the questioner asked, “What do you fear most?” The unexpected and thought-provoking response was “Living a bland life.” Read more

Is it time to crack the WIP?

15 Mar 11 | Peter Crocker

A mate of mine kicked off this year by escaping the office to develop new plans, products and growth strategies for his business. What happened was unexpected. Read more

Digital is seriously devaluing your industry. Now what?

15 Feb 11 | Peter Crocker

You can embrace it or you can ignore it, but you can’t deny it. The mushrooming global online marketplace is disrupting the value proposition of every industry, including yours. Read more

SMART goal setting: Making ‘New Week resolutions’

18 Jan 11 | Peter Crocker

Over the summer, I love imagining grand visions for a glittering year ahead. But when it comes to developing the necessary action plans, I start to nod off. Read more

Share your business pitch in 140 characters

14 Dec 10 | Peter Crocker

Is Twitter a sign of society’s shrivelling attention span and trivia obsession, or does it provide the strict discipline we need to distil our thoughts into focused nuggets? Read more

Caution: Career change ahead

23 Nov 10 | Peter Crocker

Whether you’re loving, loathing or just knee-deep in building your business, it’s easy to forget that it won’t last forever. A career change may be ahead. Read more

Is there a secret to passive income?

26 Oct 10 | Peter Crocker

There is a whole industry built around selling the idea that you can escape your job, earn a six figure income and retire in a few years – all working part-time from anywhere. Count me in for this passive income! Read more

Honesty in business: Let me be frank

28 Sep 10 | Peter Crocker

Between political correctness and sucking up, butt-covering, politeness and advertising spin, the big and small business world is awash with meaningless conversations and wasted activity. Does honesty in business exist anymore? Read more

Business networking wimp: Tell me something I don’t know

31 Aug 10 | Peter Crocker

It’s fair to say that ‘getting out there’ and business networking – online or offline – is not something that comes naturally to me. Read more

Money and happiness: Are you earning too much money?

03 Aug 10 | Peter Crocker

What is the relationship between money and happiness? I recall research from a few years ago that found that at all income levels, people say they would be satisfied if they could get 20% more. Read more

What stops you starting your own business?

13 Jul 10 | Peter Crocker

A friend recently completed his first successful year as a solo business owner. His synopsis: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Well, there are lots of reasons that stop people starting their own business. Read more

Anatomy of Australia’s micro business owner

22 Jun 10 | Peter Crocker

Thanks to your generous participation, we recently published the results of Australia’s largest micro business survey Understanding Micro Business, 2010-2011. So what does it reveal about us micro business owners? Read more

Want simplicity in business? Be prepared to fight for it.

01 Jun 10 | Peter Crocker

From product design and processes to marketing and language, you need simplicity in business to prosper. So why is it so elusive? Read more

Humour at work: Are you having a laugh?

28 Mar 10 | Peter Crocker

If you take your business seriously, then it may be time to lighten up. Adding a dash of humour at work can be a seriously powerful and often underestimated tool. Read more

Product branding: Have you painted your Ferrari?

08 Mar 10 | Peter Crocker

I recently moved to one of those touchy feely fruity phones. Hardly a significant event, until I discovered many thought I’d been sucked in by product branding and had paid a premium just to carry around a logo. Read more

How do you get in the zone?

25 Jan 10 | Peter Crocker

Elite sports people often have a routine they go through before a game to help them get ‘in the zone’ to perform at their best. This powerful concept can apply to business professionals too. Read more

Is work life integration a pipe dream?

04 Jan 10 | Peter Crocker

I’ve recently become fascinated by the idea of ‘work life integration’. Ok, so I haven’t even mastered ‘work life balance’ yet, but that concept is so last decade! Read more

Evaluating potential business opportunities

07 Dec 09 | Peter Crocker

When you run your own business, you’ll inevitably be presented with great-sounding opportunities by prospective partners. But beware, most of what glitters is not gold. Here are some strategies for evaluating potential business opportunities. Read more

Client Christmas gifts: hot or not?

16 Nov 09 | Peter Crocker

Up until last year I thought giving clients a gift at Christmas – or at least a card – was a sure-fire winner. It turns out there is a very passionate divide on the subject amongst business owners. Read more

Beware tired and emotional typing

26 Oct 09 | Peter Crocker

We’ve all said things we regret. In the real world, a sincere face-to-face apology and explanation can usually put things right, but in the virtual world of online communication our words can take on a life of their own. Read more

The cheat’s guide to exceeding expectations

05 Oct 09 | Peter Crocker

“Under promise, over deliver!” is considered brilliant advice for business owners. But many people only focus on the hard work of over delivering, when it can be easier, and frankly more effective, to get better at under promising. Read more

What makes you start your own business?

14 Sep 09 | Peter Crocker

I always had a desire to work for myself one day. But for me, when it came to taking the plunge, it was a total knee-jerk reaction with no inkling of a business plan. Is that the norm or the exception when you start your own business? Read more

Backyard studios: Do they work for work?

25 Aug 09 | Peter Crocker

I moved house, and therefore office, earlier this month. Inside there’s plenty of competition for bedrooms and, with three wardrobe-hogging girls circling my precious office, I could be banished to the doghouse. But should I go to a backyard studio? Read more

Three types of holiday: Which are you?

03 Aug 09 | Peter Crocker

For small business owners, holidays can be hard work. Do these scenarios sound familiar? Read more

Small business tips learnt from big business

13 Jul 09 | Peter Crocker

It’s easy to criticise large institutions for their bureaucratic processes and customer service shortcomings. But, by examining what they do well, there’s a wealth of small business tips. Here are seven... Read more

Could you sell your business?

22 Jun 09 | Peter Crocker

You’ve worked hard, built up a good customer base and established a profitable niche for your business, but is it actually worth anything? Could you sell your business? Read more

I still have an email addiction. Do you?

01 Jun 09 | Peter Crocker

In my last article on confessions from an email addict, I spilt the beans on my compulsive email behaviours. Despite some frank self talk and bold promises, I’m sorry to report that my email addiction continues. Read more

23 simple tips on writing for the web

21 May 09 | Peter Crocker

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for a brochure or magazine. There are many essential differences that you need to consider. Here are 23 simple tips I’ve picked up over the years. Read more

Confessions from an email addict

10 May 09 | Peter Crocker

When I woke up the other morning at 3am to go to the bathroom, I thought it would be a routine pit stop. How wrong I was. Seeing the office door ajar, I quietly crept in and did the unthinkable. Am I an email addict? Read more

Online forums: From little things…

19 Apr 09 | Peter Crocker

In our articles, we often talk about the importance of celebrating victories. This week, we’re going to give ourselves, and you, a pat on the back for the success of our online forums. Read more

Work efficiently: Lose the busy competition

30 Mar 09 | Peter Crocker

Meetings, deadlines, multi-tasking, smart phones, caffeine and chaos: it seems business is all about busyness. Ask people how they are and you’ll often get “Mate! Busy!” Read more

How great companies turn crisis into opportunity

09 Mar 09 | Peter Crocker

In a recent interview in Fortune magazine, management guru Jim Collins, author of business classics Built to Last and Good to Great, discussed what a business needs to to turn a crisis into opportunity. Read more

The importance of search engine optimisation SEO

16 Feb 09 | Peter Crocker

Here’s a quick experiment that will speak volumes about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). The results may be inspiring, frustrating or ho-hum all at the same time. I call it window shopping the competition. Read more

How to sustain the holiday feeling

26 Jan 09 | Peter Crocker

Even as January ends, my street is still dotted with discarded Christmas trees, drooping fairy lights and half-deflated Santas. I know how he feels. With the tan faded and toys broken, how can you sustain that holiday feeling? Read more

New year's resolutions for micro business owners

06 Jan 09 | Peter Crocker

Okay, so they’re easy to make and virtually impossible to keep, but with every New Year comes resolutions. At Flying Solo we put our heads together and came up with these 11 ½ practical New Year's resolutions for micro business owners. Read more

Small business forums: Are you in?

08 Dec 08 | Peter Crocker

Hundreds of people are taking part in the conversations on the Flying Solo micro and small business forums. But what are the business benefits in participating in online forums? Read more

Career paths: Are you who you wanted to be?

17 Nov 08 | Peter Crocker

The other day, I caught the end of a radio report on recent research into career paths and happiness. The researchers asked: “Are you doing what you’ve always wanted to do?” and, “Given the chance, would you change careers?” Read more

Self promotion: Making it easy to get found

27 Oct 08 | Peter Crocker

A recent experience reminded me just how many businesses make it unnecessarily difficult to be found by their prospects. In a world that’s increasingly obsessed with Google ranking, let’s not overlook the basics of self promotion. Read more

False economy: Beware the lure of the quickie

06 Oct 08 | Peter Crocker

So your customer rings and says, “I need something fast, cheap and cheerful, nothing fancy. Could you have a quick look?” Don’t believe it. This is false economy and the result can be less than satisfying for all involved. Read more

Business quoting: 10 secret line items revealed

15 Sep 08 | Peter Crocker

The world of big business is renowned for mysterious fees and charges. But here amongst small business, the use of hidden line items is running rampant! Here's an exposé of the black art of business quoting. Read more

Improving business productivity

25 Aug 08 | Peter Crocker

As a soloist, it can sometimes be easy to confuse activity for productivity. Are you on track to achieve your goals this year or do you need to focus on improving your business productivity? Read more

Does business networking work for you?

04 Aug 08 | Peter Crocker

Have I mentioned how much I dislike business networking? It’s odd, because I love nothing better than learning about other people’s businesses and gasbagging about my own. Read more

Effective business websites

14 Jul 08 | Peter Crocker

In my web browser, I have a folder called ‘business websites I like’. It contains random sites that, for one reason or another, drew me in. Looking back at the list, they have three ingredients in common that make them effective business websites. Read more

Effective time management: Prioritising time

24 Jun 08 | Peter Crocker

With so many different things seeking your time and attention, it is not always easy to determine the best way of prioritising time. Do you have effective time management skills? Read more

Career satisfaction: Do you love your work?

02 Jun 08 | Peter Crocker

The philosophy of “Do what you love” and “Find your passion” implies if you’re not bouncing out of bed each day with fire in the belly then you’re in the wrong career. But are we chasing an impossible dream? What is your level of career satisfaction? Read more

Get serious about online marketing strategies

12 May 08 | Peter Crocker

In the 2008 Understanding Micro Business survey, you told us online marketing strategies such as websites and social networking were among the top ways to find new clients. Yet only 53% of us soloists have a website we’re happy with. Read more

Everybody runs their own solo business

21 Apr 08 | Peter Crocker

Whether you’re leading a team from the corner office, crafting clothes from the kitchen table, working in a shop or bringing up children, I hereby declare you a solo business owner. You are the CEO of You Inc. Read more

The importance of communicating with clients

31 Mar 08 | Peter Crocker

There’s a simple email you can send to your clients or customers that they are guaranteed to love. If you want to be perceived as switched on, reliable and trustworthy, then read on to find out more about the importance of communicating with clients. Read more

Business cost management: Stop leaking money

10 Mar 08 | Peter Crocker

Although you may not think business cost managment is the most exciting topic, it is something you need to consider if you want to make sure your business is not leaking money! Read more

Why start your own small business?

25 Feb 08 | Peter Crocker

When talk turns to starting your own small business, there’s never a shortage of peopleo tut-tuting to themselves... “Most small businesses fail you know.” “Never go into business with family.” “Don’t borrow from friends.” And so it goes on. Read more

The downside of being your own boss

04 Feb 08 | Peter Crocker

You stroll into your boss’ office, flick your resignation letter nonchalantly onto the desk and explain precisely what they can do with their stinking job. Then you swan out to cheers of your workmates. Or so goes the fantasy of being your own boss. Read more

Use the power of channel marketing

14 Jan 08 | Peter Crocker

Selling products or services direct to customers is all good and well. But could you be missing out on a potentially larger and more lucrative marketing opportunity? Here I will discuss the power of channel marketing. Read more

Business accountability: Whipping time

10 Dec 07 | Peter Crocker

Well, it’s past 10am on 11 December so the whip’s out! It’s time to see if the power of business accountability has worked for the 39 brave souls who set deadlines to achieve one important task before the end of the year. Read more

Business commitments: Is your word your bond?

19 Nov 07 | Peter Crocker

‘Gumps’, the oldest member of my family, is a 91 year old country stockman. Back in the day, he did big deals on nothing more than a handshake. But it seems business commitments and promises are getting increasingly casual. Is your word your bond? Read more

Business accountability: Set deadlines!

29 Oct 07 | Peter Crocker

Forget “New Year’s resolutions”. What about “This Year’s resolutions”? I’d like to suggest a short and simple exercise which will use the proven power of business accountability to help you set deadlines and achieve something extremely important. Read more

Four unique corporate gift ideas

09 Oct 07 | Peter Crocker

If you struggle with Christmas present ideas for clients, here are three gifts that have worked well for me. Read more

Work satisfaction: Do you love what you do?

17 Sep 07 | Peter Crocker

How do you know if you really love your work? There are two points in the week that are sure-fire indicators of your work satisfaction. Read more

Generating new business through sampling

27 Aug 07 | Peter Crocker

In a previous article on proactive marketing, I looked at selling to existing customers with the phrase "I've got an idea for you." But what about using a similarly proactive approach with generating new business through sampling? Read more

Proactive marketing: I've got an idea for you

06 Aug 07 | Peter Crocker

In one of our weekly polls, 43% of respondents said they would like to increase their flow of new business. To do this, thinking tends to focus on "How and where can I find new customers?" But there is an alternative - proactive marketing. Read more

Billing clients in six minute increments

17 Jul 07 | Peter Crocker

Being a soloist, there are many factors to consider when billing clients. How do you work out how much to charge your clients? Read more

New business projects: Do you need to believe?

26 Jun 07 | Peter Crocker

As soloists, we tend to have a fair bit of influence over what new business projects we take on, and what jobs we let through to the keeper. This is one of soloism's great attractions. Read more

Business start up tips: Things I'm glad I did

05 Jun 07 | Peter Crocker

In a previous article on business start up tips I listed four things I wish I'd done from day one of my solo business. This time, on a more positive note, I'm looking at five things I'm glad I did. Read more

Why the online brochure is not dead

20 May 07 | Peter Crocker

At the risk of suffering the wrath of website developers and online marketing consultants the world over, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “There is nothing wrong with a simple static online brochure website!” Read more

Business start up tips: Things I wish I'd done

15 May 07 | Peter Crocker

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I've been in my solo business for five years now and in looking back, can see four simple business start up tips that I wish I'd implemented from day one. Read more

Part 2: Being accountable - Setting deadlines

24 Apr 07 | Peter Crocker

In a recent article I wrote about the importance of being accountable and setting deadlines for getting things done. Read more

Being accountable: Setting deadlines

03 Apr 07 | Peter Crocker

Why is the builder’s house half built? Why does the mechanic’s car need a service? Or in my case, why hasn’t the copywriter’s website been refreshed for… well, a long time. It's all about being accountable and setting deadlines. Read more

Setting priorities: Your money or your life

13 Mar 07 | Peter Crocker

Being a soloist means there's always work that can be done to grow your business, so setting priorities and achieving the right work life balance can be difficult. Read more

How to stop procrastination

20 Feb 07 | Peter Crocker

Do you have difficulty knowing how to stop procrastination? Procrastination is something that used to happen to me all the time, and it completely infuriated me… Read more

Strategic review: The soloist 'away day'

08 Jan 07 | Peter Crocker

If you've been around a corporate environment, you'll be familiar with the concept of the 'off site', 'away day', 'strategic review', 'conference', or 'executive retreat'. Read more

The key to a successful business is not talent

17 Sep 06 | Peter Crocker

The one fundamental attribute you need to run a successful business as a soloist is to be good at what you do – good, but not necessarily great. Read more

Six simple steps for solo business branding

06 Aug 06 | Peter Crocker

Credible business branding has been revealed as a big issue for soloists. Is it our problem if people don’t take us seriously? I think it is. Here are some ways we can show the world we mean business. Read more

The highs and lows of working for yourself

04 Jun 06 | Peter Crocker

Working for yourself from home is often glamorised as a life of freedom, leisure & balance. A world where shiny silver laptops roam free and hours are spent at the beach. But what’s the reality? And is it all worth it? Read more

Listen to music while you work?

25 Apr 06 | Peter Crocker

If you listen to music while you work and you have a broadband connection (preferably unlimited), read on. I’m sure plenty of you are way ahead of me, but this is easily the best thing I’ve found on the net in the last year or so. Read more

How business partnerships can work for soloists

23 Feb 06 | Peter Crocker

Can business partnerships help you grow your business without getting paid? Possibly. One way is to help a client build a business by putting the value of your expertise on the line. Read more

Is now the right time to start your own business?

03 Nov 05 | Peter Crocker

How do you know exactly when the time is just right to take the plunge and start your own business? The answer is surprisingly simple: never. Read more

Faster decision making by caring less

09 Oct 05 | Peter Crocker

Soloists are generally 110% passionate about what they’re doing. Passion is a good thing, right? Maybe not when it comes to effective decision making. Read more

Business branding: Are you really a Nudie Virgin?

19 Sep 05 | Peter Crocker

When it comes to your business branding, rather than trying to emulate others, it's more revealing to look in the mirror. Read more

The joy of starting a side business

02 Sep 05 | Peter Crocker

“Ditch the corporate job and go it alone” they say “Life is not a rehearsal!” But realistically, it’s hard to chuck in a good job. Have you considered starting a side business? Read more

Four steps to getting customer testimonials

21 Jul 05 | Peter Crocker

Getting Impressive customer testimonials on your website or marketing collateral is a very powerful way to win new business. But how do you get them? Read more

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