Alison Broadhead, The Korora Trading Company

Korora Gifts is a luxury online gift boutique in New Zealand providing contemporary gift boxes packed with award winning wines, gourmet foods and g... Read more

Alison Broadhead, The Korora Trading Company
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Profile | Karen McCreadie

Karen McCreadie

Karen McCreadie
Forum profile:
Karen McCreadie
Karen McCreadie

Karen McCreadie


UK, Australia, Canada and US |

Karen is an author and ghost writer specialising in non-fiction. Her first book was the international bestseller - SalesDogs by Blair Singer - published as part of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisors series.

Since then she has authored and ghost written over 20 books on topics as diverse as stock marketing investing, property development and renovation, business coaching, marketing, personal development, the mind/body connection, personality profiling, change management, sports psychology and even a book on how to write a book!

Having worked with business owners, international speakers, CEOs and entrepreneurs for almost a decade she has witnessed first hand the potent business development properties a well written, content rich book can deliver. To assist aspiring authors with the often daunting process of turning initial ideas into a polished manuscript Karen has written How to Write a Book in 33 Days - a comprehensive guide to writing your own book.

Karen McCreadie

Do not follow where the path may lead; Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Articles by Karen

Seven traps to avoid when writing a book

04 Apr 10 | Karen McCreadie

Becoming an author can do amazing things for your profile and profit, but before you sit down and start writing a book, be aware of these seven sure-fire steps to publishing failure. Read more

Four things writing a book won’t do

28 Feb 10 | Karen McCreadie

Being an author increases the profile and profit of your business. But there are some things writing a book won’t do. Here we shatter four beliefs that new auth Read more

Writing a book for profile and profit

24 Jan 10 | Karen McCreadie

The advantages of being an author go far beyond royalty income. If you have something worthwhile to say, there are many business gains to be made from writing a book! Read more

Marketing principles: The psychology of persuasion, part 2

12 Sep 06 | Karen McCreadie

Both this and my previous article on the psychology of persuasion are a must-read for anyone who is developing marketing principles and is interested in understanding why we do the things we do! Read more

Marketing principles: The psychology of persuasion

20 Aug 06 | Karen McCreadie

Why do people behave the way they do? An understanding of the psychology of persuasion not only gives us a fascinating insight into people in general, it can also help us to develop marketing principles and have empathy with potential buyers. Read more

Creating effective marketing strategies

25 Jun 06 | Karen McCreadie

As a new solo business owner, when creating effective marketing strategies it is vital you ensure your marketing has relevance. This may seem obvious, but trying to be all things to all people is an extremely common mistake. Read more

The essentials of good business writing

24 Mar 06 | Karen McCreadie

Good business writing is at the heart of successful marketing. Without it you will be at best, misunderstood, at worst, totally ignored. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your business writing hits the spot. Read more

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