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My top challenges are:
40% - Cash flow
20% - Distractions
6% - Juggling biz & family
33% - All of the above!
My top challenges are:

Profile | Tim Reid

Tim Reid

Tim Reid
Forum profile:
Tim Reid
Tim Reid

Tim Reid

Hosts of the Small Business Big Marketing Show

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria |

Tim is the host of the Small Business Big Marketing Show and loves seeing the soloist do utterly great marketing that ensures they attract and retain more of the right customers, more often.

Having spent some 15-years in the jungle (the corporate one) in both advertising and marketing camps, it occurred to TIm that the marketing concepts and principles that the top of end town utilised can just as easily be applied to the small guys. The only difference is budget, which allows the big guys to do more things more often (but not always more effectively).

Tim now shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for marketing with soloists everywhere. He hosts Australia's #1 marketing podcast (Small Business Big Marketing), he blogs, has a book called Cha-Ching! The sweet, sweet sound of small business marketing success, is active on the speaker circuit and is about to launch The Marketing Microscope, where soloists can register for webinars laser-focused on all aspects of marketing.

When not rattling on about all things marketing, he hugs his wife and kids.

Social media links:

Tim Reid

Visit our website for a free marketing idea per week for one year!

Articles by Tim

Podcast: First Kiss Video: Behind the scenes

22 Jun 14 | Tim Reid

The famous (or is it infamous?) First Kiss video has more than 69 million YouTube views! In this podcast Tim Reid speaks with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Read more

Podcast: How to overcome fear

08 Jun 14 | Tim Reid

What can you learn about business from a camel wrangler? Quite a lot, as it turns out! This episode is all about 'big picture' business strategy and how to overcome fear to create the business of your dreams. Read more

Podcast: Son buys dad's business

25 May 14 | Tim Reid

Is your business just earning you a wage? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a 'job', when you thought you’d be running the business of your dreams? That was how Glenn Walton’s Brisbane arbory business was until he took over from his dad. Read more

Podcast: How to take three months off each year

11 May 14 | Tim Reid

How would you like to take three months off every year to travel the world with your family? That’s exactly what Dale Beaumont does. Mind you, he works pretty bloody hard for the other nine months of the year. Read more

Podcast: How to be Australia's largest online retailer

27 Apr 14 | Tim Reid

Co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s largest online businesses, Dean Ramler from Milan Direct, reveals all in this episode, including how his business manages to outsell giants like Ikea, Freedom, and Harvey Norman. Read more

Podcast: A $60M business in two years

13 Apr 14 | Tim Reid is the first health insurance company to enter the Australian market in more than 36 years. Tim Ried chats with this start-up’s founder and CEO Andy Sheats about how his team built a $60M business in the space of two years. Read more

Podcast: Video marketing strategy with SEO implications

23 Mar 14 | Tim Reid

Johnathan Reichwald from Frankston in Victoria is no ordinary council worker. He cleverly used the power of YouTube and some crowd sourced content to knock all the bad stuff about his suburb off page one of Google and replace it with good news stories. Read more

Podcast: How YouTube helped create a successful drum teaching business

16 Mar 14 | Tim Reid

Hear how Mike Johnston, founder of the website, created an extremely successful business both online and offline! Read more

Podcast: How and why to use a virtual assistant

02 Mar 14 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid chats with Chris Ducker from Virtual Staff Finder, about how you can lighten your load by using virtual assistant services. Read more

Podcast: How clever marketing helps

16 Feb 14 | Tim Reid

Dr Nick Demediuk, AKA Dr Snip has performed over 20,000 vasectomies in Australia. He shares how he uses clever marketing to attract patients. Read more

Podcast: How to dominate your industry in five steps

11 Feb 14 | Tim Reid

Wondering how to elevate yourself above the masses in your industry and stand out as THE go-to person for big brands, the media, and (of course) hordes of keen customers? Read more

Podcast: Business recovery after a disaster

02 Feb 14 | Tim Reid

In 2009 Dave Stirling lost five businesses in Victoria’s Black Saturday bush fires. Then, after rebuilding, his son was critically injured in a boating accident and was in a coma for months. Read more

Podcast: How to turn a passion into a business

19 Jan 14 | Tim Reid

Bali-based Sam Stevenson of Pared Handmade Eyewear talks about how she turned her passion into a successful business. Read more

Podcast: How to create another revenue stream

05 Jan 14 | Tim Reid

Would you like to know how to create another revenue stream in your business? The Internet may well be your answer. Read more

Podcast: How to use cold calling to make money

29 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

Cold calling freaks out many small business owners. But done correctly, it’s a great marketing strategy to help generate more enquiries and sales. Read more

Podcast: How to use transparency as a marketing strategy

22 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

Find out how Daniel Perry from Handyman Startup uses transparency as a marketing strategy to grow his business and how content marketing and podcasting has helped other tradies with their businesses. Read more

Podcast: How to write copy that converts

08 Dec 13 | Tim Reid

If you find writing copy about as much fun as going to the dentist, then listen up, as gun copywriter Joanna Weibe of Canadian copywriting agency Copyhackers shows you how to write copy that converts. And it’s not painful at all. Rather fun actually! Read more

Podcast: Eagle Boys Pizza founder talks Guerrilla marketing

24 Nov 13 | Tim Reid

What do innovation, guerrilla marketing, and price positioning have in common? They’re all marketing strategies Tom Potter, founder of Eagle Boys Pizza and Crusty Devil Bakehouse, has used to build his brands. Read more

Podcast: The ‘retail is dead’ episode

10 Nov 13 | Tim Reid

Retail’s future (or lack of), cold calling, having a vision, vehicle signage, concept stores, providing a customer experience, self-improvement and promoting a wardrobe business are just some of the marketing mysteries uncovered in this podcast. Read more

Podcast: Travelsim CEO talks partnerships

27 Oct 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid chats with Jamien Zimmerman, CEO of Travelsim, who took a simple problem many travellers have and solved it with a SIM card you put in your phone when you go overseas. The result? No bill shock! Read more

Podcast: Google Adwords tips and tricks

13 Oct 13 | Tim Reid

" really is a little magic money machine sitting on your desk." That’s how Mike Rhodes, founder of WebSavvy, describes Google Adwords. Read more

Podcast: How to promote your business offline

29 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks to Andrew Mattner on how to promote your business offline. It’s old school marketing all the way. None of the fancy new online marketing. Read more

Podcast: Marketing ideas abound

15 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Learn how to find the time and the knowledge to successfully implement your marketing ideas. Read more

Podcast: A lesson in business courage

01 Sep 13 | Tim Reid

Social entrepreneur Daniel Flynn talks about his goal of saving a million lives with his Thank-You product brand. Read more

Podcast: Financial adviser embraced content marketing

18 Aug 13 | Tim Reid

Financial advisor Charles Badenach has fully embraced the concept of content marketing and in this podcast he shares his learnings. Read more

Podcast: Speaking gigs, trade shows, key messages and more

11 Aug 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Andrew Griffiths and Tim Reid share some marketing tips including how to get speaking gigs. Read more

Podcast: How Matthew Michalewicz founded and sold a software company

04 Aug 13 | Tim Reid

In 2005, Matthew co-founded SolveIT Software, an Australian software company, which he grew from zero to more than 150 employees in seven years, before selling the business for plenty! Read more

Podcast: The importance of a copywriter

28 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Mick Collis talks to Tim Reid about how came to represent Australia in Sudoku. Plus he shares some great insights in to the importance of copywriting for small business. Read more

Podcast: Jim Penman talks branding, customer service and marketing

21 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Jim Penman reveals how and why Jim’s Mowing came about and how he built it in to the second biggest franchise group in Australia today. Read more

Podcast: How to get clear on your editorial mission

14 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Joe Pullizi, head of the Content Marketing Institute, and Tim Reid explain how to launch your content marketing strategy by getting clear on your editorial mission. Read more

Podcast: How to create marketing to attract amazing staff

07 Jul 13 | Tim Reid

Tristan White, the founder and CEO of The Physio Co, explains exactly how he attracts and retains great staff. Read more

Podcast: RedBalloon’s Naomi Simson talks happiness

30 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Imagine running a business based on happiness – that’s what Naomi Simson decided to try when she left a serious corporate career to set up online experience retailer RedBalloon in 2001. Read more

Podcast: A behind-the-scenes look at marketing The Voice

23 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Adrian Swift takes us behind-the-scenes of how The Voice is marketed, what they learnt from last year’s success, what messages work best and how they’re using social media to seriously engage with their audience. Read more

Podcast: How to enter a crowded market place

16 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Hear how Daniel Flynn, founder of Melbourned-based Thankyou Water, successfully enter the already crowded bottled water market. Read more

Podcast: How to market a professional services business

09 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Heather Smith and Tim Reid share their views on branding, message creation, social media, referral marketing and that all important content marketing. Read more

Podcast: Comfort zones, spell-checks and marketing tips

02 Jun 13 | Tim Reid

Funny Business with Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths plus three marketing lessons from the city of Saigon! Read more

Podcast: How important knowing your tribe is

26 May 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid chats to David Malone, the CEO of V8 Supercars, about the importance of getting to know your tribe. Read more

Podcast: Stop waiting for your website to be perfect

19 May 13 | Tim Reid

This is the story of how Vintage Tub and Bath, a $25 million dollar a year online and offline business, started from under two brother’s parent’s deck. Read more

Podcast: Email marketing tips for small business

12 May 13 | Tim Reid

Many small business owners use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, however, the majority just aren’t getting the return from their investment that they’d like. Read more

Podcast: Tim Reid explores the Flying Solo story

05 May 13 | Tim Reid

Today, Flying Solo is 57,000 plus members strong and growing daily! Robert Gerrish, the co-founder of Flying Solo, shares the Flying Solo story with Tim Reid. Read more

Podcast: How to rebrand a business

28 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

This is an encouraging story of a small business doing good solid marketing following a tried and tested process of getting clear on your brand first, establishing clear messages and then applying the outcome to all future touch points. Read more

Podcast: Trying to get a date with Kylie has its (business) rewards!

21 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

Brighton-based business executive and marketer, John Dingeldei wants a date with Kylie Minogue (as part of a fund raising project) and turns to Tim Reid for some help! Read more

Podcast: Video marketing made easy

14 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

Chris Savage talks to Tim Reid about why the small business owner should invest in video and how to go about creating engaging video so your business reaps the rewards. Read more

Podcast: Olivia Fox on charisma

07 Apr 13 | Tim Reid

Olivia Fox is a leading expert in the area of charisma. According to her, charisma is a very under-utilised marketing strategy for small business owners. Listen in to find out more. Read more

Podcast: Content marketing with Joe Pulizzi

31 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

Joe Pulizzi, the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, reveals everything any small business owner needs to know in order to ride the content marketing wave. Read more

Podcast: A cool cafe in a not so cool part of town

24 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

This is the story of a brave 25 year old entrepreneur who recently graduated from a Marine Zoology university degree to live his passion – COFFEE! Read more

Podcast: Doing business in cafes and how to overcome setbacks

17 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

Hear Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths get together and throw around some issues that are on the collective mind of the small business community. Read more

Podcast: From $10 an hour to six-figure business owner

10 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

Four years ago (at age 22) George Ryan was working 55 hours a week for a lumber yard, making $10/hour to provide for his wife and daughter, and had no sort of higher education. He decided he hated his job, and intentionally set out to start an internet co Read more

Podcast: How to use Pinterest to market your business

03 Mar 13 | Tim Reid

In this interview, Jason Miles, the co-author of the best-seller Pinterest Power, discusses how you can successfully use Pinterest to market your business. Read more

Podcast: How to overcome your fear of public speaking

24 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

Cam Barber invented The Vivid Method to help people overcome the fear of public speaking, so take a listen as he explains just how this can be done. Read more

Podcast: Precision marketing and customer service tips

17 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast Richard Everson, who owns and runs a guesthouse in rural Australia, talks about the concept of precision marketing and how to over-deliver with your customer service. Read more

Podcast: How to build customer loyalty

10 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast Sam Cavanagh, the National Executive Producer for Austereo, talks about how to create raving fans in your business. Read more

Podcast: Will It Blend? That is the question!

03 Feb 13 | Tim Reid

Tom Dickson, the star of the most famous series of viral marketing videos ever and the founder and CEO of the company Blendtec, explains where the idea for his videos came from and how they've had a dramatic impact on sales. Read more

Podcast: Franchising – Is it for you?

27 Jan 13 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid talks to Greg Nathan, a leading franchise consultant in Australia, about the dos and don'ts of franchising. Read more

Podcast: The marketing year in review

20 Jan 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid shares the best marketing insights from his interviews during 2013. Read more

Podcast: It’s question time!

13 Jan 13 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid tackles marketing challenges that cover personal branding versus business branding, including social media on business cards, how to get in front of senior management, seeking online and free publicity plus loads more. Read more

Podcast: Business planning, thanking clients and public speaking

30 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths share their top public speaking tips, discuss how they plan for business and come up with creative ways to thank clients. Read more

Podcast: How to start a business in 54-hours

23 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Imagine walking in to a room full of budding entrepreneurs with a vague idea for a new business, then 54 hours later having that idea validated and a team behind it ready to take it to market. Well that’s exactly what happened to Joshua Rea. Read more

Podcast: 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business

16 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Valerie Khoo talks to Tim Reid about how to identify and create stories that will build your small business. Read more

Podcast: Interview with Jules Lund

09 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Having your own show is a brilliant marketing strategy for any business. And what better person to learn some tricks of the trade from than national TV and radio star, Jules Lund. Read more

Podcast: How to turn your passion into a profitable reality

02 Dec 12 | Tim Reid

Gordon Ryan who owns and runs ReviveR, a fancy cocktail bar in an old funeral home that was part of a former hearse garage in Gosford, shares how he turned his passion into a profitable business. Read more

Podcast: Small business tips and issues

25 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Andrew Griffiths and Tim Reid go head-to-head on various small business tips and issues … and have a laugh along the way. Read more

Podcast: Create iPhone marketing videos

18 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks to Jules Watkins, former BBC, MTV and Pimp My Ride TV director and producer – who’s created a fantastic training system called iPhoneVideoHero that shows you how to create professional marketing videos using just your iPhone. Read more

Podcast: Success secrets from ‘The Best Sandwich in America’ creator

11 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

Business is absolutely booming for a small, family-run sandwich stand that was established in 1954 in downtown Philadelphia. In this podcast, Tim Reid chats with owner Tommy Nicolic who runs Tommy DiNics with his son Joey. Read more

Podcast: How to make money and do a world of good

04 Nov 12 | Tim Reid

Whether you’re looking to start a social enterprise yourself, wondering how you can integrate some social responsibility in your small business or just love an inspiring story then you’re going to love hearing what Rebecca Scott, co-founder of Streat, has Read more

Podcast: Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths

28 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths share a Modern Family moment they had in an upmarket pet shop, cogitate over a first world marketing problem, discuss the importance of backing yourself and much more. Read more

Podcast: How Aquabumps became such a success

21 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Eugene Tan started Aquabumps in 1999, when as a frustrated Creative Director he combined his three passions: photography, surfing and the web. Hear about how his business became such a success. Read more

Podcast: How James Tuckerman conquered the web

14 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, James Tuckerman shares how he built the Anthill brand in to the publishing powerhouse it is today, as well as how he has built a loyal community. Read more

Podcast: How to get millions of dollars of free exposure

07 Oct 12 | Tim Reid

Since starting the Messages On Hold business in 1988 from his bedroom in Perth, Kym Illman has used guerilla marketing to generate tens of millions of dollars worth of free TV and press exposure at some of Australia’s largest sporting events. Read more

Podcast: Crazy product demos, pricing and a publicity conundrum

30 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks with Australian small business author, Andrew Griffiths, about business and marketing issues. Read more

Podcast: A little business achieving seriously big things

23 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid speaks to Fabian Capamolla, one of the founders of the Little Veggie Patch Co., about how he achieved so much in the space of three years. Read more

Podcast: Flight Centre founder, Geoff Harris, openly shares his business insights

16 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Geoff Harris, one of the original founders (and still current owners) of Flight Centre, shares his business insights with Tim Reid. Read more

Podcast: How to write a book

09 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Small business author Andrew Griffiths explains why you should and how you can have a book to market and grow your business. Read more

Podcast: VinoMofo: A brand that’s kicking a**!

02 Sep 12 | Tim Reid

Andre Eikmeier, founder of an online forum called Qwoff, shares some marketing insights for successful brand building. Read more

Podcast: The growth of the social search engine

26 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

Moneytribe founder, Dr David Urpani, talks to Tim Reid about the growth of the social search engine and the importance of tapping in to social capital to get an idea off the ground. Read more

Podcast: How to build a global surf brand

19 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

Rip Curl founder, Bryan Singer talks to Tim Reid about one of the world's most iconic surf brands. Read more

Podcast: Tom O’Toole, shares his business journey

12 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

In this interview, Beechworth Bakery founder, Tom O’Toole, shares his very personal business journey with Tim Reid. Read more

Podcast: How to create killer content

05 Aug 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid talks to small business author Andrew Griffiths about how to create useful and engaging content. Read more

Podcast: ‘The Voice’ – A Runaway Marketing Success Story

29 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid chats with Adrian Swift, the Nine Network’s Executive Producer of The Voice – one of the most successful TV shows Australia has ever seen. Read more

Podcast: A million dollar business in 2.5 years on $0 marketing budget

22 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast,Tim Reid talks to Cameron Parker about how BlackMilk Clothing, an 100% Australian-owned clothing business, has become such a success. Read more

Podcast: How to market a business In tough times

15 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

Larry Bloch co-founded Netregistry in 1997 – right in the high diddle diddle of the dot com boom. Things were going swimmingly with the business doubling every couple of months … until mid 2000 when the boom went bust. Read more

Podcast: How to build a multi-million dollar online business

08 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

In this revealing interview, Danial Ahchow shares how he built an online marketplace that now hosts millions of visitors annually, and generates hundreds of millions of dollars of work requests each year. Read more

Podcast: Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM

01 Jul 12 | Tim Reid

Tania De Jong AM is one of Australia’s leading Sopranos and also manages to run a variety of very cool businesses including an innovations workshop business, a talent agency and a charity that helps disadvantaged people find employment. Read more

Podcast: How to start a national day for your brand

24 Jun 12 | Tim Reid

In 2009, muesli and porridge maker Flip Shelton, decided to start a National Porridge Day. In this interview, Flip reveals exactly how and why she did this. Read more

Podcast: Lloyd Perry talks marketing

17 Jun 12 | Tim Reid

In this revealing interview Tim Reid gets some fantastic insights into very smart marketing strategies from Lloyd Perry from Big Richard Condoms. Read more

Podcast: How to become a key person of influence

10 Jun 12 | Tim Reid

Every industry has an inner circle of people whose names come up in conversation for all the right reasons, they attract the right opportunities, they earn more money and have more fun. Daniel Priestly has aptly labelled these folk Key Persons Of Influenc Read more

Podcast: Hear from a guy who can get you anything. Yep, anything!

03 Jun 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid speaks to LA-based Steve Sims, Founder of Bluefish, who can get you anything. Anything! That’s the premise of his business. Read more

Podcast: David Allen on getting things done

27 May 12 | Tim Reid

David Allen, famous for his ground-breaking work-life management system, Getting Things Done, talks to Tim Reid and Luke Moulton about how you can be buried in projects yet have nothing on your mind! Read more

Podcast: Australia’s largest media buyer sheds light on the future of brand communications

20 May 12 | Tim Reid

In this insightful interview, Harold Mitchell talks about how the media world is undergoing its most dramatic shift since the introduction of the printing press. Read more

Podcast: What happens when passion takes over

13 May 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim and Luke interview Hana Tolhoek, the creator of Strom, a high end spirit retailing at $110 per bottle. Hana is a true marketing go-getter. Read more

Podcast: Those 11 forgotten marketing concepts explained

06 May 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid, after having spoken with thousands of small business owners over the past few years, has identified 11 marketing concepts that many small business owners either never knew about or have forgotten. Read more

Podcast: How To be innovative in your business

29 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

In this mind-opening interview, Phil McKinney, an innovation expert based in Silicon Valley, explains clearly and simply how any small business can introduce and benefit from an innovations culture. Read more

Podcast: LinkedIn’s MD on how to use LinkedIn for business

22 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

Cliff Rosenberg, Managing Director of LinkedIn Australasia, has a chat to Luke Moulton and Tim Reid about his top LinkedIn business tips for marketing your small business and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Read more

Podcast: Roger Hamilton – Futurist, Social Entrepreneur, Wealth Dynamics creator

15 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid has a 1-on-1 conversation with global, social entrepreneur Roger Hamilton – creator of the celebrated Wealth Dynamics profiling system, business futurist, Director of the Green School in Bali and all round good guy. Read more

Podcast: How To get 500 bums on seats. Fast!

08 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

If you ever thought of planning a conference, or running any type of event then this interview is a must listen! Read more

Podcast: How To Learn Faster

01 Apr 12 | Tim Reid

Steve Cunningham is the founder of an online business that provides business book summaries and personal development guides to its members every week. In this interview, Steve talks about how he came up with the idea, how it can help any business owner im Read more

Podcast: How to make magazine advertising work

25 Mar 12 | Tim Reid

In this interview, you’ll hear how Brent Hutchinson has turned a magazine advertising spend with a 4WD magazine in to a video marketing strategy in which the magazine needs him more than he needs the magazine. Read more

Podcast: Flight Centre Founder, Geoff Harris plus much more

18 Mar 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, hear an insightful interview with Geoff Harris, co-founder and owner of Flight Centre. Read more

Podcast: The ‘cover some serious marketing ground’ episode

11 Mar 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton cover more marketing ground than Michael Schumacher on race day! Read more

Podcast: Boardroom to Boardshorts

04 Mar 12 | Tim Reid

In a past life Jeff Lim did deals across the boardroom table during the heady days of the dot com boom. He now operates in a very different boardroom – one that is wall-to-wall stand up paddle boards. Read more

Podcast: Imagine being two years ahead of your sales targets!

26 Feb 12 | Tim Reid

Matt Bebe started the Mornington Peninsula Brewery 12 months ago and is already two years ahead of his sales targets. What a nice place to be! Read more

Podcast: Your most pressing marketing questions answered

19 Feb 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton answer some of their listeners most pressing marketing questions. Read more

Podcast: How to use blogging for your business

04 Feb 12 | Tim Reid

In this podcast discover how to make blogging a part of your marketing arsenal. Read more

Podcast: How to have a difficult conversation

21 Jan 12 | Tim Reid

In this the episode of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast Tim and Luke discover how to have a difficult conversation. Read more

Podcast: Twitter. Your offer. Domain leasing. Starting a small business.

07 Jan 12 | Tim Reid

In this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton question the value of Twitter. Can you believe it? Who do they think they are?! Read more

Podcast: What Facebook personal ads have to do with marketing

10 Dec 11 | Tim Reid

In the second of a two part series, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton discuss the strategic use of Facebook ads. Read more

Podcast: Strategic use of Facebook ads

19 Nov 11 | Tim Reid

In this podcast Tim Reid and Luke Moulton cover some serious marketing ground including email marketing, copywriting and the strategic use of Facebook ads. Read more

Podcast: How to generate 10000 backlinks from one press release

10 Sep 11 | Tim Reid

In this episode of Small Business Big Marketing, Tim and Luke share some insights on how to drive traffic to your website. Read more

Podcast: How to run a successful B&B

20 Aug 11 | Tim Reid

In this podast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton are joined by Laurel from LaPerouse Bed & Breakfast in Lorne, Victoria who shares how she runs a successful Bed & Breakfast business whilst also building a strong business community in her local township. Read more

Podcast: Lessons from a marketing action taker

09 Jul 11 | Tim Reid

In this episode of Small Business Big Marketing, Tim and Luke share seven ways to create more time to market your business, plus they talk to Darren Finkelstien of St. Kilda Boat Sales. Read more

Podcast: What are your customers thinking about you?

18 Jun 11 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton talk with Mark Copeman, the founder of Customer Thermometer, about a real time, customer satisfaction survey tool for small businesses. Read more

Podcast: Outside the box marketing ideas

28 May 11 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton discuss guerrilla marketing tactics with Dave Milne, co-founder of Noodle Box. Read more

Podcast: Marketing insights from Australia's hottest weight training brand

07 May 11 | Tim Reid

In this podcast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton talk marketing with Ric and Cam from Kettle Bells. Read more

Podcast: How to master Google Adwords locally

16 Apr 11 | Tim Reid

In this Small Business Big Marketing podcast, Tim Reid and Luke Moulton talk to Mike Rhodes about how to master Google Adwords. Read more

How to podcast

26 Mar 11 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton take an in-depth look at the reasons for podcasting and how to do it. Read more

How to build a profitable online business

05 Mar 11 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton chat to Guro Bob (Robert Somerville) about online marketing. Read more

Podcast: Marketing lessons from Queensland's theme parks

12 Feb 11 | Tim Reid

Having spent eight days schlepping through Queensland’s theme parks, Tim Reid decided he’d turn his family holiday in to a tax deduction by making 10 marketing observations. Read more

Podcast: Marketing must do's to get your business found online

29 Jan 11 | Tim Reid

Pete Williams and Dave Jenyns talk to Tim Reid and Luke Moulton about how they go about getting their businesses found in the quagmire that is the internet. Read more

Podcast: Seven top marketing initiatives

15 Jan 11 | Tim Reid

Timbo and Luke share the top seven marketing ideas that performed the best for their business in 2010. Read more

Podcast: How to self publish a book

18 Dec 10 | Tim Reid

Wendy Blume, a stay at home Mum who has single-handedly published her very own cook book, shares her secrets on how to become an author and reap the benefits. Read more

Podcast: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office

11 Dec 10 | Tim Reid

Michael McKinnon, from AppsLife, tells Tim Reid and Luke Moulton exactly how a Google Apps product is revolutionising the way small business owners can access documents. Read more

Podcast: Is Yellow Pages still relevant?

27 Nov 10 | Tim Reid

Hear what Paul Ascos, Sales Director (Yellow Pages, Victoria & Tasmania) has to say about whether Yellow Pages is still a relevant marketing communications channel for small business. Read more

Podcast: Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets

13 Nov 10 | Tim Reid

Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets about online businesses. Read more

Podcast: Creating a Customer Experience

30 Oct 10 | Tim Reid

Tim Reid and Luke Moulton talk to Callum from Espresso Elements about how he’s created a point of difference in his cafe by designing a customer experience. Read more

Podcast: Marketing Q & A

16 Oct 10 | Tim Reid

Hear Tim Reid talk briefly with the father of creative and innovative thinking, Dr Edward De Bono, as well as answering some interesting marketing questions. Read more

Podcast: How to promote a bricks & mortar business online

02 Oct 10 | Tim Reid

Want to learn more about online marketing? Hear how entrepreneur, Dave Jenyns, has taken a bricks and mortar retail business into the online world. Read more

Podcast: Secrets to using Facebook as a small business marketing tool

18 Sep 10 | Tim Reid

Want to know how to use Facebook to successfully market your business? Tim Reid & Luke Mouton talk to Jennifer Sheahan to find out her best kept secrets. Read more

Podcast: Why marketing should be at the heart of your business

04 Sep 10 | Tim Reid

In this show, 21 year old Young Entrepreneur of the Year Pete Williams explains how a great marketing strategy underpins his success. Read more

Podcast: How to generate free publicity

14 Aug 10 | Tim Reid

Free publicity? Bring it on! Tim Reid & Luke Mouton's entertaining and insightful podcast shows you how to get the word out... for free. Read more

10 things you need for strong brand building

04 Sep 09 | Tim Reid

I speak to groups of business owners weekly about what you need for strong brand building. The first thing I emphasise is brands are earned…not bought. Read more

How to handle customer complaints

20 Nov 07 | Tim Reid

How often are you pleasantly surprised by great customer service? If you’re like me, then sadly not very often. But recently, I had a good customer service experience that demonstrates the best way to handle customer complaints. Read more

Get more business with sampling

16 Oct 07 | Tim Reid

I know sampling isn’t new. But lately I’ve been thinking that such an effective marketing tool, with the ability to get lots of people trying your product or service, is not used often enough. Read more

Marketing communications strategy: Your target audience doesn't care

29 Mar 07 | Tim Reid

Let's face it, promotion, advertising and marketing is not cheap. In fact, it's really expensive! And the crazy thing is, we're so often at a loss to know which parts of our marketing communications strategy are reaching our target audience. Read more

Creative thinking: What would Virgin Blue do?

15 Oct 06 | Tim Reid

If you're struggling with a lack of ideas or inspiration, sometimes it helps to do some creative thinking and ask, what approach might another business you admire take? Read more

Flexible working hours: Mowing on a Monday

14 Sep 06 | Tim Reid

As a fairly new soloist, I am still coming to terms with the flexible working hours this existence brings. No longer am I bound to my desk from nine to five, having to find an excuse if I want to sneak out mid-afternoon to buy a book or wash my car. Read more

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