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Profile | Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson
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Linda Anderson
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a2a coaching
Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

Life coach and business coach

Concord, NSW |

Linda Anderson is a Certified Professional Coach dedicated to helping people live bold and rewarding lives. Linda has an energetic and direct style of coaching which suits people who like to be challenged. She currently works with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan and USA.

Linda has a passion for travel. In 2002 Linda and her husband sold all their belongings, hit 'pause' on their respective careers, and spent 365 days traveling the world. They visited places they had only dreamed of and had experiences they never anticipated. They did not work a single day.

"I am committed to making the most of life, to be challenged and inspired by every choice I make, to follow my dreams. I want balance between my career and my desire to play. One day I want to be a grandmother with great stories to tell and no regrets."

Before becoming a coach Linda could be found in project management roles within the Arts industry. Linda was known for her ability to create cohesion amongst conflicting stakeholders and finding solutions regardless of the obstacles.

In her spare time Linda can be found racing Outrigger Canoes, hiking, traveling or curled up on the couch with a good book.

Linda Anderson

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is doing what it takes despite your fear - Unknown

Articles by Linda

Increase customer loyalty: Small things, big impact

02 Mar 10 | Linda Anderson

Ever notice that the little things you do in business have the biggest impact on your customers and their loyalty? It’s something we should all think about if we want to increase customer loyalty. Read more

The ultimate time management tool

19 Jan 10 | Linda Anderson

If I had a dollar for every time someone wanted my advice on time management I’d be a very rich woman. Now, finally, I’ve discovered the ultimate time management tool. Read more

Business relationships: Are you easy to deal with?

08 Oct 09 | Linda Anderson

I recently read an article about the value of projecting an image that’s consistent with your personal branding. It reminded me of an encounter I had which prompted me to look at my business relationships and ask “What am I like to do business with?” Read more

Managing phone calls when working part time

21 Jul 09 | Linda Anderson

Do you want to create a perception of being available full time whilst working part time? Here are a few tips on managing phone calls and emails that have served me well along the way. Read more

Business boundaries: Are you too available?

23 Jun 09 | Linda Anderson

Is there any such thing as being “too available” to your customers? Surely if we want our soloist businesses to thrive we need to be available for our clients whenever they need/want us? Or do we need to set business boundaries? Read more

Are your business templates up to date?

09 Apr 09 | Linda Anderson

Like many soloists, I use templates. Mine are for things like invoices, coaching agreements and emails for new clients. Business templates create efficiency; however they also create opportunity for error. Read more

Measuring performance in your solo business

09 Oct 08 | Linda Anderson

In the Corporate World, measuring performance and performance reviews are a common occurence. Three years into my journey as a soloist I have begun to wonder how I can create better performance review processes for myself. Read more

How to take extended leave from your business

17 Aug 08 | Linda Anderson

A recent challenge as a soloist has been preparing to go on maternity leave. This involves taking extended leave from a majority of my business for a minimum of four months which brings many challenges. Read more

Coping with work when you’re feeling sick

29 May 08 | Linda Anderson

As I sit and write this article I am 13.5 weeks pregnant. For seven weeks now I’ve suffered extreme nausea. Nothing prepared me for how to cope in my business over the past two months. Here are some ways of coping with work when you're feeling sick. Read more

Client feedback: Do you shy away from it?

24 Apr 08 | Linda Anderson

If you did a bad job for a client, would you be happy for them to let you know where you went wrong? Do you seek client feedback or would you prefer not to know? Read more

Where should Virtual Assistants be based?

13 Mar 08 | Linda Anderson

When people explore the idea of working with Virtual Assistants, they struggle with the virtual part. The answer to the question ‘where should my VA be?’ depends on your needs and preferences. Read more

Five strategies for scheduling holidays

07 Feb 08 | Linda Anderson

In my article called 'Are you taking enough annual leave' I stated one of the perks of being a soloist is that you don’t have to consullt your boss when you are scheduling holidays. Read more

Are you taking enough annual leave?

18 Dec 07 | Linda Anderson

Often soloists don’t plan their annual leave well enough and, unfortunately for many, they haven’t taken a real holiday for years. Yet it is hugely important for soloists to take meaningful chunks of time out from their business. Read more

Five tips for working with a Virtual Assistant

15 Nov 07 | Linda Anderson

I came to the realisation that my business could not keep growing if I was the only person working on it. I was running out of time and energy. It was at this moment I began to explore the idea of engaging a Virtual Assistant. Read more

The importance of setting boundaries

04 Oct 07 | Linda Anderson

Many soloists fall into the trap of saying yes to business that they should really be saying no to. To avoid this happening, you need to understand the importance of setting boundaries in your business. Read more

Six mistakes made at business networking events

19 Aug 07 | Linda Anderson

When you consider that business networking events are about establishing relationships, it's surprisingly common to actually alienate those you meet. So how do you avoid making such mistakes? Read more

Customer relations: How to apologise to a client

15 Jul 07 | Linda Anderson

Mistakes in business are inevitable, and sometimes your actions will have a negative impact on your customer relations. Now the good news: my advice on how to eat humble pie enables you to admit the error and come out looking good. Read more

How strength of conviction helped me win business

25 Apr 07 | Linda Anderson

Self-awareness, integrity and being true to yourself are all characteristics of a successful soloist who can win business. This was proven to me recently after I successfully played what I call the "strength of conviction game". Read more

Handling fear in your new business ventures

22 Feb 07 | Linda Anderson

So you've taken the plunge and are going it alone. Good for you! Commonly, though, new soloists find they get the nerve to start their own new business ventures, only to find that once they're up and running, new anxieties are taking their place. Read more

Overcoming fear of running your own business

23 Jan 07 | Linda Anderson

It's normal to experience fear of running your own business before starting up. Even those with a strong desire to do their own thing feel this fear, and need to overcome it to move forwards. Read more

Celebrating Christmas solo

08 Dec 06 | Linda Anderson

Celebrations are an important part of life, but are there ways of enjoying the festive season if there's only you in the office? Absolutely! Read more

Setting goals: Turning dreams into reality

31 Oct 06 | Linda Anderson

There is a big difference between dreams and goals. Here's what to consider when it comes to setting goals and turning dreams into reality! Read more

Business management skills: The art of delegation

19 Sep 06 | Linda Anderson

Delegation is one of the business management skills often neglected by the soloist. You have to do it all yourself … right? Wrong! Learning the art of delegation could alleviate your stress. Read more

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