Thomas Fisher, Life Insurance Comparison

We compare Life Insurance Quotes from the 12 major insurers. Unlike banks or direct insurers, we're not beholden to a single brand and can shop aro... Read more

Thomas Fisher, Life Insurance Comparison
Phil Horan, Hello Real Estate
Stacey Fuller, Travel By Trolley Creative
Sonja Meyer, Sustainable Graphic Design
Natasha Prestigiacomo & Dave Harvey, OnePoint Software Solutions
Heidi Willis, The Earthen Artist
Mary Gardam, LogiQA
Gabriel Dukes, Shelcom Corporate Services
Jacqui Pryor, Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd
Mary Anastasiou, Imagine Creative
Chris Mosely, The Cluster
Virginia Bowe, Andersen Bowe Pty Ltd
Steve Britt, Option1 Pty Ltd
Creel Price, Club Kidpreneur
Kathie Stove, in writing
Vitaly Ogulev, Netcomp Solutions
Jayne Tancred and Scott Harris, Tribe of the Tree
Amanda Greenslade, Australian eBook Publisher
Bob Jones, Visible
Victoria Berry, The Bookkeeper Hub

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Profile | Megan Hills

Megan Hills

Megan Hills
Forum profile:
Megan Hills

Megan Hills

Writer and editor

Windsor, QLD |

After a colourful career in marketing, publicity and graphic design, Megan now focuses her writing and editing nous to help others be engaging and understood. Under the banner of wordmix, Megan enjoys helping people get their message across - whether it's on the Net, on paper or speaking directly. She has also been the voice behind many a commercial, so understands how the written word is expressed out loud.

She has worked in New York and Venice, had an opinion column in Byron Bay's Echo, was the production manager for Antiques and Art magazines, and worked for Craft Queensland as their marketing officer.

Megan's passion for telecommunications - combined with her curiosity for most things different - probably explains why her clients are based all around Australia and span a number of industries.

Megan Hills

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." - Confucius

Articles by Megan

Is giving away free advice a thankless task?

14 Mar 12 | Megan Hills

Kevin, a fellow soloist, has been experiencing a strange trend over recent months. He’s avoiding helping people. Helping people by giving away free advice, that is. Read more

The predesigned website template trap

15 Feb 12 | Megan Hills

Some predesigned website templates act as a handy framework for you to simply insert your branding. Others pretend to BE your branding – and that’s a dangerous trap many soloists fall into. Read more

Promoting your unique selling proposition (USP)

18 Apr 11 | Megan Hills

Knowing your unique selling proposition (USP) is one thing. ‘Working it’ is quite another. Read more

What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)?

14 Mar 11 | Megan Hills

USP means ‘unique selling proposition’. Ironically, this boring-sounding term is what makes you really exciting to other people. Your USP is what makes you special. Read more

Is your website mobile-friendly?

07 Feb 11 | Megan Hills

If someone is looking at your website from their smartphone, PDA or palm-sized computer, what do they see? Is your website mobile-friendly? Read more

Refining your elevator pitch

29 Dec 10 | Megan Hills

Imagine you’re in an elevator (or ‘lift’ for us Aussies) and the person next to you asks "What do you do for a living?" Read more

Flexible working hours: Do work days ever end?

21 Jun 10 | Megan Hills

I was stupid. I made a promise to my partner that I would finish work by five o’clock. Every day. Gone were my flexible working hours. Read more

Choosing a Twitter name

28 Mar 10 | Megan Hills

Like others, I’ve been hiding from the dreaded Twitter. But I want more online presence, so I need to start squawking. So how do I go about choosing a Twitter name? Read more

Questions for the soloist dealing with stress

21 Feb 10 | Megan Hills

Dealing with stress? Not enough time in the day… or night? Clients behaving like your parents? Technology behaving like a fractious toddler? Is it all feeling too hard? Read more

The ‘To do’ list that works even better

17 Jan 10 | Megan Hills

I’ve made some refinements to The ‘To Do’ list that worked, and now it’s even less intimidating, more workable and more fun! Want to know what I’ve changed? Read more

Business vision: Remember your big picture

09 Aug 09 | Megan Hills

Even when business is going well there’s often a larger business vision we want to reach. But with day-to-day distractions, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. Read more

The ‘To Do’ list that worked

07 Jun 09 | Megan Hills

My previous article was on my time management plan that worked. I want to share exactly what it was that brought this baby home: a ‘To Do’ list that I could actually stomach. Read more

The time management plan that worked

12 Apr 09 | Megan Hills

You’re going to question whether this time management plan works, because it is so outrageously simple. But often the simple things are the best. So if you want to give business chaos a swift and solid kick, read on. Read more

Business mentoring: My experience as a mentee

22 Jan 09 | Megan Hills

A mentee isn’t a mint confectionery, it means ‘one who is mentored’. Business mentoring is great for soloists in need of extra support, information and direction. Here’s how it’s given my business some valuable oomph. Read more

How to make the most of a business mentor

14 Oct 08 | Megan Hills

What could be more fun, and potentially profitable, than bouncing your business dreams around with someone who can help turn them into reality? I recently enlisted the help of a business mentor and am already meeting goals previously laden with Read more

From part-time to full-time soloist

09 Sep 08 | Megan Hills

When a colleague wrote about what it’s like going from full-time soloist to part-time employed a swarm of soloists sent their condolences. I’ve recently had the inverse experience, giving up my part-time job to become a full-time soloist. Read more

Don’t let perfectionism ruin your business

20 Jul 08 | Megan Hills

While large companies are spending major marketing dollars on trying to look more human, many soloists are falling into the perfectionism trap of trying to match the machine-like appearance of the big guns in order to compete with them. Read more

Business logos: How to design your own logo

15 Jun 08 | Megan Hills

Following on from how to get the business logo designs you want, here are some tips if you want to by-pass the graphic designer altogether and design your own logo. Read more

Business logo designs: Getting what you want

11 May 08 | Megan Hills

My previous article discussed briefing a designer prior to business logo design. It is important to give a detailed account of your business and market as well as your design ideas. Naturally you will want designers to introduce their own ideas also. Read more

Business logo designs: Briefing a designer

06 Apr 08 | Megan Hills

In a previous article on business logo designs I wrote about making an effective logo. If your business needs a new identity, here are some tips on briefing your graphic designer. Read more

Business plans: Writing a business plan

01 Jan 08 | Megan Hills

‘Business plan’ remains a dusty, conceptual notion for many soloists. Here’s how to bring business plans to life so you can start achieving this year's goals right now. Read more

Ten tips on how to avoid business jargon

11 Oct 07 | Megan Hills

Business jargon can be misleading, confusing and boring, but as a soloist it is a trap we can easily fall into without even realising it. Here are ten tips on how to avoid business jargon and learn to speak a language your clients will understand. Read more

How to handle stress and overwhelm

21 Jun 07 | Megan Hills

Both the stress of work and the stress of finding work are common causes of soloist overwhelm. But there are techniques you can use to clear your mind, lift your spirit and help you handle stress. Read more

Practical creative planning with mind mapping

13 May 07 | Megan Hills

Does your ‘to do’ list feel like an endless treadmill set on high speed? Practical creative planning with mind Mapping could be the answer. It can help you get back into control, plus it will inject a bit of colour into your working day. Read more

Exercise while you work

11 Mar 07 | Megan Hills

There is a simple way to increase your efficiency and decrease the stress: exercise while you work. Hold that groan - there are some fun and easy ways to slip healthy physical activity into your working day without it becoming a chore. Read more

How can an afternoon nap be good for business?

14 Feb 07 | Megan Hills

As soloists, our resources are tighter than ever. We don’t have time to take a nap. Our clients depend on us; they expect us to be efficient, responsive and, well, awake. So taking a nap during work hours is not professional behaviour...or is it? Read more

How to work out your hourly rate

19 Dec 06 | Megan Hills

If you intend to charge using an hourly rate, it helps to know how much you are worth. Only then can you quote accurately and build a successful business that you can enjoy. Read more

Business logo designs: Making an effective logo

21 Nov 06 | Megan Hills

Has your business got an effective logo that is an accurate reflection of what you do? Does it work in every way possible? Here are some tips to give your logo that extra punch. Read more

Effective customer service: Keeping your client informed

19 Oct 06 | Megan Hills

Keeping your client informed, particularly when things aren’t going so well, can save your relationship and boost your business. The secret to effective customer service is how you contact your client - and how often. Read more

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