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Profile | Zern Liew

Zern Liew

Zern Liew
Forum profile:
Zern Liew
Zern Liew

Zern Liew

Creative strategist

Sydney, NSW |

I help my clients build beautiful businesses by practically innovating across their Branding, Communications, Processes and Systems. I bring a unique combination of design thinking, empathy, systems thinking and logical thinking to all my projects. Over more than a decade of work, I have delivered a range of outcomes such as ideas, business process improvements, mentoring, brand development, communications strategies, cross-disciplinary design and web applications to a diverse clientele.

I distil clarity from complexity, and help my clients find authentic solutions to their business challenges. I take a long-term, big-picture, and ethical approach to my work. I am passionate about bringing humanity and authenticity to the practice of business. My work aims to build a better world through the transformation of business practice as we know it, one business at a time.

Zern Liew

You create your own universe as you go along - Winston Churchill

Articles by Zern

Are you paying attention?

17 May 10 | Zern Liew

Attention is the new currency. More than ever, customers crave attention and are prepared to pay for it. Are you paying attention? Read more

Why you should sin more often

23 Mar 10 | Zern Liew

The seven deadly sins were designed as a guide to keeping on the straight and narrow. But sinning can be constructive too – especially in business! Read more

Eight inspirational business quotes

09 Feb 10 | Zern Liew

Need a little pep talk? Here are eight inspirational business quotes from small business owners around the world, courtesy of Monocle magazine. Read more

Five excuses for a lack of business vision

24 Sep 09 | Zern Liew

A successful business vision is the ultimate carrot to steer your life’s work by. It should be aspirational and inspiring. Are you inspired by your business’ current vision? Does it bring tears to your eyes?! If not, read on... Read more

In celebration of small

13 Aug 09 | Zern Liew

The conventional business world is obsessed with big. The prevailing myth is that bigger is better – including the outward appearance of big. The dominant definition of success is that of big money. Read more

Reduce stress: Get out of the emergency zone

02 Jul 09 | Zern Liew

Does your business seem to run from one emergency to another? Here’s how to reduce stress, get out of the emergency zone and get your business running smoothly. Read more

Beyond Selling Information

28 May 09 | Zern Liew

The Information Age has turned the intangibles of Data, Information, Knowledge and Ideas into very real careers and livelihoods for many of us. But perhaps it’s time to look beyond selling information. Read more

Eight common business assumptions

23 Apr 09 | Zern Liew

Over the years, I have heard many interesting beliefs that business people hold about themselves and their business. Here are the most common business assumptions I encounter. Read more

What is attraction marketing?

12 Mar 09 | Zern Liew

Conventional marketing has been primarily about one-way push promotion. Attraction marketing offers a more authentic alternative. After decades of sanitised hot air, the opportunity to listen to authentic people is a breeze of fresh air. Read more

Designing written communication

29 Jan 09 | Zern Liew

When working on a piece of written communication it is easy to focus on the words and overlook the design of the message. Here’s how to craft your message perfectly. Read more

How your work impacts your self-worth

11 Nov 08 | Zern Liew

For those of us who love what we do, our sense of self-worth and work can become intimately intertwined. Read more

Problem solving: brainstorming on your own

07 Oct 08 | Zern Liew

In response to an earlier article on problem solving, Heather Smith asked me how I brainstorm on my own. So here’s an overview of the brainstorming process and techniques I use. Read more

Working styles: Profile of a soloist

02 Sep 08 | Zern Liew

My working style is to pretty much work from anywhere: at home, in cafés, client premises, on planes, trains and in busy food halls. As my work encompasses many of my interests, I let it blend into my life more so than would be comfortable for many. Read more

Seven layout mistakes to avoid

22 Jul 08 | Zern Liew

Over the years, I have noticed common layout mistakes in documents, web pages and PowerPoint slides. Avoid these mistakes and you'll produce more professional documents. Read more

Eight no-nos of web design

18 Jun 08 | Zern Liew

We all appreciate how a website’s design can help or hinder its effectiveness. Is your site guilty of one or more of these common web design no-nos? Read more

Do you run a socially responsible business?

13 May 08 | Zern Liew

Running a socially responsible business means consciously managing the social impact of your business - how it relates to you, your clients and your community. Read more

Problem solving model: Four phases

08 Apr 08 | Zern Liew

Here is an overview of the problem solving model I have used successfully over the years. There are four key phases, each requiring a different set of skills. Read more

Project management: Why projects fail

06 Jan 08 | Zern Liew

As soloists, our work is often project-based. Have you ever wondered why some projects go smoothly and others seem plagued with problems? Here are five reasons why projects can fail and how with good project management these problems can be avoided. Read more

Communication skills and techniques: Showing empathy

06 Dec 07 | Zern Liew

As part of our lives as solopreneurs, we come across many different people who hold many different view points. To deal effectively with those who have a different opinion to our own, empathy is an important communication technique to develop. Read more

Creating a professional development plan

06 Nov 07 | Zern Liew

Most large companies provide training and career development support, but as a soloist this is often neglected. Here we look at advantages of both formal and self-directed learning and show you how to create your own professional development plan. Read more

Do you have a green business?

20 Sep 07 | Zern Liew

The idea of having a green business is very topical at the moment and every change we make to the way we consume resources and reduce waste helps. Here are the green things I do as part of my business practice. What can you do in your business? Read more

How social capital is good for business

16 Aug 07 | Zern Liew

When social capital, or generosity, is a foundation of your business strategy, it provides huge benefits. It helps build strong relationships with your community and customers, plus when it comes to PR, it beats expensive advertising. Read more

The basics of logo design

18 Jul 07 | Zern Liew

Your logo is the primary part of your brand identity, so it’s important to make sure it communicates the right message. Here are four key things to bear in mind when looking at logo design. Read more

Business Branding: The ABC of branding

07 Jun 07 | Zern Liew

ABC, which stands for Actions, Beliefs and Clothing are the basic building blocks of business branding. You have an authentic and strong brand when these three aspects work together harmoniously. Read more

Get Real: Listening skills and being yourself

12 Apr 07 | Zern Liew

Some soloists like to adopt different identities at work and at home. But if you avoid being yourself or leave a big part of yourself out of our work, you fail to be authentic. Read more

Do you own a moral business?

11 Feb 07 | Zern Liew

The phrase 'it's just business' is often used to justify morally questionable behaviour. The immense power business wields over the well-being of this planet makes the issue of morality in business more important than ever. Read more

Managing customer relationships

14 Dec 06 | Zern Liew

To succeed in business today, you need to develop a real relationship with your customers. An authentic approach to managing customer relationships can help you shine through and win out over your competition. Read more

Exceptional customer service: Having the right attitude

09 Nov 06 | Zern Liew

Every business should care about providing exceptional customer service. But what does that “service” really mean? Read more

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