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Frederike Ramm, Ondetto
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Profile | Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Mark Moore
Forum profile:
Mark Moore
Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Learning and performance consultant

Coolum Beach, QLD |

Mark helps business and career people fly high. In 2003 he started flying solo in his own work and has gained height and strength ever since. He helps individuals to get their ladder up against the right wall in their career or business, and then to climb it fast.

Mark's work comes from a life long passion for "accelerated learning" which he's helped organisations and businesses of all sizes in the UK and Australia to apply through his popular seminars. His work increases their productivity, improves their business acumen and cuts the costs and pain associated with learning and applying new skills and approaches.

More recently Mark has helped people find and get into their ideal career or business, get and keep more customers and increase their performance surprisingly fast. He offers plenty of free help and ideas through his websites and blogs, and a free e-course.

Mark Moore

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe - Abraham Lincoln

Articles by Mark

Your personal mastermind group

30 Jun 10 | Mark Moore

As a soloist, do you ever wish you had more support from advisors, sounding boards or mentors? Would some expert advice from a personal mastermind group help you make better decisions? Read more

The soloist’s flight plan

07 May 10 | Mark Moore

Will your version of flying solo involve soaring above the clouds or spinning out of control and coming back down to earth with a thud? A good flight plan could make all the difference. Read more

Do you know when to quit?

04 Feb 10 | Mark Moore

Never giving in can sometimes lead to flogging a dead horse. But knowing when to quit and when to stick is a business skill that many of us struggle with. Read more

Word of mouth marketing

15 Oct 09 | Mark Moore

Are you just a soloist or are you an exceptional soloist? Your customers know the answer to this question, and they discuss it amongst themselves and even with strangers. Here we discuss word of mouth marketing. Read more

Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

19 Jul 09 | Mark Moore

There’s no doubt in my mind that learning from hard knocks, mistakes and experience is powerful learning. The more intense the damage, the stronger lesson learned. Read more

Surviving economic downturn

11 Jun 09 | Mark Moore

How will the economic downturn affect you? How easy will it be for you to gain new business? Here’s a rundown of what you can and must do differently now for your business to survive. Read more

Removing obstacles to learning

27 Nov 08 | Mark Moore

By removing obstacles to learning, I have discovered many time saving benefits for both myself and my business and now you can too! Read more

The law of forced efficiency

21 Sep 08 | Mark Moore

Have you ever noticed how if you have a day to do something, you’ll drag it out to fill the entire day? Yet if you only have one hour to do it, you’ll find a way to get it done? This phenomena is known as Parkinson's Law - the 'Law of Forced Efficiency.' Read more

Client briefs: Asking smart questions part 2

01 Jul 08 | Mark Moore

My previous article on client briefs covered asking smart questions to yield the right information to help you secure contracts. For best results, you also need to consider who, when, where and how to ask these questions. Read more

Client briefs: Are you asking smart questions?

27 May 08 | Mark Moore

Delivering for a new client is of paramount importance. Yet many struggle to do this because at the outset, they fail to obtain the right information about their client’s needs. Are you asking smart questions in your client briefs? Read more

Optimise learning by showing you know

01 Apr 08 | Mark Moore

You’ve spent time and energy learning something new and you’re about to put this new knowledge into action. For many, this is when they realise they hadn’t really learned what they meant to learn after all, so here are some ways to optimise learning. Read more

Building confidence by earning confidence

19 Feb 08 | Mark Moore

It’s been said that your business’ earning potential is directly related to how confident you feel. There are plenty of tips around these days on how to feel instantly confident but I’d like to suggest a more robust approach to building confidence. Read more

Why you should document procedures

28 Nov 07 | Mark Moore

Mastering the art of performing a new business process, such as using a new software program, is something we can be proud of. It is also something we should write down. Here I outline several reasons why it is beneficial to document procedures. Read more

Job satisfaction: Is your ladder up against the right wall?

27 Sep 07 | Mark Moore

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you in your work? Do you get job satisfaction from the rewards your work brings? Do you do it well, almost effortlessly? Or is it a constant frustrating struggle? Read more

Improve your memory

05 Aug 07 | Mark Moore

How often does your memory let you down? Are your powers of recall lacking? The good news is those whose memory lets them down can learn to remember using the right techniques. Read more

Speed reading: How to read those business books fast!

06 Jul 07 | Mark Moore

I have been running speed reading workshops for several years now and in this article I’ll share with you what I consider to be the most effective approach to reading books, or any material, without actually having to 'speed read' it. Read more

Learning tips: Ten ways to make learning easier

09 May 07 | Mark Moore

Are you learning in the best way that you can? Do you find learning easy and enjoyable? If not, by following these learning tips you can make a few powerful changes to make learning easier. Read more

Professional Development: Seven steps to turn learning into earning

05 Apr 07 | Mark Moore

Of all the vital skills that you must have to perform your work excellently, which is your weakest? Have you ever considered that it’s the weakest of all your vital skills that sets your level of professional development? Read more

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