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Order fulfilment for entrepreneurs & online retailers. Basically we store our clients’ products, pick, pack and ship. Read more

Rodney Bartley, National Products Fulfilment
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 Daniel Duckworth, ServiceCrowd
Gabriel Dukes, Shelcom Corporate Services
Rebecca Fisher, Clearly Creative
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My top challenges are:
42% - Cash flow
21% - Distractions
7% - Juggling biz & family
28% - All of the above!
My top challenges are:

Profile | Kathie M. Thomas

Kathie M. Thomas

Kathie M. Thomas
Forum profile:
Kathie M. Thomas
Kathie M. Thomas

Kathie M. Thomas

Virtual Assistant

Cheltenham, VIC |

Kathie M. Thomas is a successful Virtual Assistant with a 16+ year old practice. She was a VA before the term 'virtual assistant' was in use. The founder of "A Clayton's Secretary", established March 1994, she pioneered the Virtual Assistant industry in Australia and currently manages a network of virtual assistants with members in 16 countries and is moderator for two well-established VA chat forums which have over 1,900 virtual assistant members collectively. She is an industry leader who frequently speaks at public seminars and workshops throughout Australia about working virtually.

Kathie was nominated for Australian of the Year for two years running in 2008 and 2009 for her community service related to guiding and mentoring women in establishing businesses at home so they could be there for family.

Kathie M. Thomas

Whatever your passion is, that is your vision - Mike Jeffs

Articles by Kathie M.

Outsourcing and offshoring: Is it worthwhile?

19 Jun 08 | Kathie M. Thomas

In recent times, there has been a good deal of debate as to whether the cheaper costs of offshoring are outweighed by the benefits of outsourcing locally. Read more

The benefits of business networks

15 Apr 08 | Kathie M. Thomas

The more business owners I meet, the more I recognise that what makes businesses successful is an understanding of the benefits of being involved in business networks. Many soloists talk about networking but not all walk their talk. Read more

The benefits of a business coach

11 Mar 08 | Kathie M. Thomas

I put off getting a business coach for a long time. I was already a leader in my own industry and forging ahead with things quite capably on my own, so I thought. Why did I need someone to tell me what I thought I already knew? Read more

Benefits of working from home

05 Feb 08 | Kathie M. Thomas

I’ve discovered both expected and hidden benefits to my work and family in the 14 years I’ve been working from home. Read more

Management skills: How networking helps

29 Aug 07 | Kathie M. Thomas

Plenty can be learnt from looking at how larger organisations operate. Attending networking meetings with people from a variety of businesses can provide great insights into the management of your small or solo business. Read more

Client relationships: When to take on something new

03 Jul 07 | Kathie M. Thomas

If you are new in business and keen to develop new client relationships, it is tempting to take on something you’ve never done before. Or existing clients may ask you to do something unfamiliar. But when is the right time to take on something new? Read more

Working virtually: A definition

05 Jun 07 | Kathie M. Thomas

In recent years, 'working virtually' has come to describe the home-based worker. But not everyone understands the concept. For example when I tell people them I’m a Virtual Assistant, the typical response is ‘what’s that?’ Read more

Does working in your bathrobe work for you?

26 Apr 07 | Kathie M. Thomas

Last February was deemed the month for home-based workers to don the bathrobes to do their work. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment behind this idea, I’ve never worked in my bathrobe in the thirteen years I’ve been working from home. Read more

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