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Profile | Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst
Forum profile:
Sue Hirst
Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst

Founder, CAD Partners

Gosford, NSW |

Sue Hirst is the founder of CAD partners, which is a team of Financial Controllers who have helped thousands of business owners to maximise Profit, Cashflow and Business Value. CAD partners have achieved this by providing plain English education about the value of Financial Control within small business.

The value of thinking strategically about Financial Control is often overlooked, hence the high incidence of small business failure. There is a big payoff in terms of business success when Financial Control is treated as importantly as other aspects of business management, rather than just being used for taxation return purposes.

A solid understanding of pricing, costing, working capital and overheads is a must for business success. Sue provides understanding by simple, plain English explanation of the basic financial workings in business.

Sue Hirst

True success is not about 'sailing through unscathed' but how you overcome set-backs and hurdles - Unknown

Articles by Sue

How more sales can cause cash-flow problems

25 Mar 15 | Sue Hirst

A big boost in sales seems like a dream come true, but there can be a cash-flow sting in the tail. Here’s how to manage increased sales growth like a pro. Read more

Twenty ways to cut costs

21 Mar 12 | Sue Hirst

Every penny you don’t spend in your business adds to your bottom line. Here are twenty tips to help you cut costs. Read more

The value of getting your costs right

24 Feb 12 | Sue Hirst

Understanding how much it costs you to provide your product or service to your customers is vital to running a profitable small business. This case study will help you understand why small business costs are so important. Read more

Choosing a business advisor

12 Jan 12 | Sue Hirst

Literally thousands of people offer business advice; some are fantastic and some are dreadful. This article will help you find a great advisor and work with them effectively. Read more

Tips to improve profitability for soloists

14 Oct 11 | Sue Hirst

There’s no point being in business if you’re not making money and keeping some of it for yourself. Could any of the following ideas improve profitability or cash flow for your business? Read more

Preparing your accounts for a business loan

15 Feb 09 | Sue Hirst

Gone are the days when the last couple of tax returns would suffice to get a business loan. The banks, spooked by the credit crunch, now require precise information before lending you money. So what sort of shape are your business accounts in? Read more

How to grow your business without borrowing

02 Nov 08 | Sue Hirst

Those who’ve attempted to get new lending or renew an existing loan will know how hard it is right now, so how do you grow your business without borrowing? Read more

Money management tips to survive the downturn

28 Sep 08 | Sue Hirst

If you can keep your cool while economic mayhem abounds, you could set up your business for not just survival, but for greater profit and cashflow when things improve. Here are some money management tips to thrive and survive in the downturn. Read more

FAQs on small business budgeting

24 Aug 08 | Sue Hirst

A budget is a guide to financial performance of the business and a way to quickly identify overspending and potentially loss making situations. Here are answers to the most common questions asked about small business budgeting. Read more

How to price right for maximum profit

09 Jul 08 | Sue Hirst

There are a variety of methods for determining the price of your goods and services. To ensure you price right for maximum profit, let’s look at some of the merits and pifalls of different pricing strategies. Read more

Solving cash-flow problems

01 Jun 08 | Sue Hirst

An age-old question accountants get asked by business clients is “How come I’ve made a profit but I don’t have any cash?”. Solving cash-flow problems is an issue for many businesses. Read more

Business systems: How they save your sanity!

27 Apr 08 | Sue Hirst

A challenge for any solo business owner is how to get others to help run the business, so that it doesn’t completely take over your life. You can look over everybody’s shoulder all of the time or you can invest in business systems to free yourself. Read more

Benefits of a good work-in-progress system

23 Mar 08 | Sue Hirst

A successfully managed work-in-progress system for your solo business can help you improve profitability, cashflow and customer satisifaction. Read more

Taking stock of your stock management

20 Jan 08 | Sue Hirst

Stock needs to be available for sale when your customer is ready to buy. But because it sucks up cash to have it waiting to be sold, it is good stock management to keep stock on the shelf for the shortest possible time. Read more

Five ways to make the most of your Accounts Payable

04 Dec 07 | Sue Hirst

Accounts Payable may seem like a dull subject but when handled properly it can provide many opportunities to improve your cashflow and profit. This article discusses how to use your Accounts Payable to your advantage. Read more

Recovering money: How to speed up payment from customers

04 Nov 07 | Sue Hirst

In my last article I discussed ways to improve business invoicing and steps to avoid bad debts. In this article I'll discuss recovering money and ways to speed up payment after the invoice has been sent out to your customer. Read more

Business invoicing: Steps to avoid bad debts

02 Oct 07 | Sue Hirst

How well you handle business invoicing can make or break your business. There are a number of different methods, so let’s look at some of the key factors in running a successful accounts receivable process in a typical small business. Read more

How profitable businesses can go bust

30 Aug 07 | Sue Hirst

How can a business making plenty of sales possibly go bust, you may wonder? The answer is cash. Your cash can be in a surprising number of places other than where it belongs - in your account. Read more

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