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Profile | Lucinda Lions

Lucinda Lions

Lucinda Lions
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Lucinda Lions
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Slogan Creator (and) Lion Writing
Lucinda Lions

Lucinda Lions

Copywriter – specialising in slogan creation

Sydney, NSW |

The slogan for Slogan Creator is ‘Slogans that Sell’. That’s what Lucinda does, she writes catchy and creative business slogans that can stay in a customer’s mind forever.

As a professional copywriter, Lucinda also writes website copy through her other business arm, Lion Writing.

You can generally find her in the chocolate aisle.

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Lucinda Lions

"Every set back is a stepping stone to success" - Lucinda's wonderful Mum

Articles by Lucinda

5 crazy ways to avoid saying ‘no’

01 Mar 15 | Lucinda Lions

If, like most business owners, you’re always struggling to say ‘no’, maybe it’s time to take a bit more of a left-field approach. Read more

Flying Solo community: Why YOU rock!

16 Dec 14 | Lucinda Lions

As my Acting Editor position with Flying Solo comes to an end, I’d like to shower you with compliments. Get your umbrella out! Read more

Silent stories: We’ll tell ours. You tell yours.

26 Aug 14 | Lucinda Lions

A silent story is a piece of information that few people know about you. Seldom shared, these little morsels help create connections with others. Read more

Crowdfunding: How to raise heaps of cash

20 May 14 | Lucinda Lions

Aussie soloist, Darren Yeow, raised $30,000 in three hours for his Kickstarter project – over $120,000 in total. Let’s learn more. Read more

Three business lessons I learnt from mum

14 Jan 14 | Lucinda Lions

My mum has always been a wonderful source of inspiration, support and encouragement. Here are three business lessons I learnt from her. Read more

Eight productivity tips for procrastinators

12 Nov 13 | Lucinda Lions

Recently I isolated eight things I do on the days when I’m freakishly productive. Here’s my list. Read more

Why customers hate your business slogan

25 Oct 13 | Lucinda Lions

Does your business slogan get a mixed reaction from customers? Here are some possible reasons why it’s not hitting their buttons. Read more

How to write a slogan for your small business

02 Oct 13 | Lucinda Lions

Slogans give business names and brands some instant oomph and make your message stick in customers’ minds. Here’s how to create one for your small business. Read more

Top tips from Flying Solo: the book

03 Sep 13 | Lucinda Lions

Business books can be a powerful inspirational tool. Here are some of my favourite small business tips from one book I've found particularly inspiring, written especially for soloists. Read more

Tasty ingredients for a sumptuous slogan

08 Aug 13 | Lucinda Lions

A sumptuous slogan has four delicious ingredients. Include them all and people will want to have a bite of your business. Read more

Five kinds of slogans

12 Jul 13 | Lucinda Lions

Slogans come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of them are right for your business, and some could spell disaster. How do you know which type of business slogan is right for you? Read more

Why a slogan will increase sales

21 Jun 13 | Lucinda Lions

A sizzling business slogan can ignite a wildfire of sales and leads. Find out why it’s important to have a business slogan – now more than ever. Read more

How to write a ‘how to’ article

01 May 13 | Lucinda Lions

Writing ‘how to’ articles help to make your customers’ lives easier, while also generating leads and sales. So today, find out how to write a ‘how to’ article. Read more

Generate sales with your email newsletter

04 Apr 13 | Lucinda Lions

Email newsletters are a great way to generate repeat business from existing customers. Follow these tips and you may generate even more! Read more

Boomerang buyers: how to generate repeat business

22 Feb 13 | Lucinda Lions

What’s the secret to making customers come back? Here are some highly effective repeat business tips, as revealed by Flying Solo readers. Read more

How to attract an endless supply of clients

30 Jan 13 | Lucinda Lions

Attracting a never-ending supply of clients for a small business is completely possible, especially if you’re proactive, creative, and willing to ask yourself some tough questions. Read more

Choppy Copy: How to write faster

10 Jan 13 | Lucinda Lions

Don’t let writing tasks be a time sap. Save precious hours by speeding up your writing process. Read more

Copywriting tip: Write about your business process

14 Dec 12 | Lucinda Lions

If you offer a service, you may get more customers by writing about your business process. Find out why writing about your process is so important, and exactly how to do it. Read more

Three small business tips I learnt from my dad

26 Oct 12 | Lucinda Lions

Recently at my dad’s 80th birthday party, I reflected on some of his life experiences and what they’ve taught me about business. I hope you find some inspiration, too. Read more

How to turn negatives to positives in your marketing copy

12 Oct 12 | Lucinda Lions

As a soloist, sometimes it’s impossible to get to the phone straight away or drop everything for a client meeting. But what could be seen as a negative can be turned into a positive – simply by tweaking your marketing copy. Read more

How to write sales copy

12 Sep 12 | Lucinda Lions

In order to write sales copy that turns readers into buyers it’s important to stir certain feelings in your reader. Find out why this technique works and how to do it. Read more

How a guarantee can help increase sales

12 Jul 12 | Lucinda Lions

Offering a guarantee has many benefits, most important of which is an increase in sales and leads. So why are guarantees so effective? And should you be offering one? Read more

Business writing: Five tips to help your sales letter get opened

20 Jan 12 | Lucinda Lions

A well-written sales letter can generate loads of sales, but only if the envelope is actually opened. These business writing strategies will help boost your success. Read more

Why freebies boost sales

21 Dec 11 | Lucinda Lions

When you give away free things to your prospects it activates a social phenomenon known as the norm of reciprocation. Here’s how it can boost sales. Read more

Responding to negative feedback online

30 Nov 11 | Lucinda Lions

In the age of online public feedback, negative feedback can cause irreparable damage to your business. But respond appropriately, and you could turn it into a positive. Read more

Business website tips: website syndromes and how to cure them

28 Oct 11 | Lucinda Lions

Sometimes websites can take on a life of their own, developing human-like syndromes that can drive potential customers away. In this article, I share some business website tips and show you how to cure three common website syndromes. Read more

Writing website content: How to write your ‘Why choose?’ page

28 Sep 11 | Lucinda Lions

Written effectively, a Why choose? page can be one of your website’s most persuasive pages, turning random clicks into excited clients who are ready to buy. Here are some helpful tips for writing website content. Read more

Get a multi-million dollar attitude

31 Aug 11 | Lucinda Lions

Who better to share inspiring business tips than someone who built a multi-million dollar business with just $50 in his pocket? Read more

Nine pages your small business website should have

27 Jul 11 | Lucinda Lions

Website visitors get frustrated if they don’t find the information they expect on certain pages. This article outlines nine pages your small business website should have, and why. Read more

Get more clients using Sandwich Selling

09 Jun 11 | Lucinda Lions

The art of Sandwich Selling has nothing to do with bread, but do it effectively, and you’ll make some serious dough! Read more

Send sales through the roof using social proof

09 May 11 | Lucinda Lions

In the psychology of persuasion, the phrase ‘social proof’ refers to the way other people’s actions guide our own. Here’s how you can use social proof to increase your sales. Read more

Powerful ways of writing web copy

01 Apr 11 | Lucinda Lions

Revamping your website copy can increase the number of enquiries you receive, and improve your conversion rate. Here are key things you need to consider when writing web copy. Read more

How to write a radio ad script

04 Mar 11 | Lucinda Lions

Radio ads can boost your sales, but how on earth does a soloist write a radio ad script? Lucinda Lions gets the lowdown from Steve Manning. Read more

The journey from networking lead to sale

04 Feb 11 | Lucinda Lions

Every networking lead has its own individual life cycle. This case study demonstrates how a simple chat at a function resulted in two very happy people. Read more

The woes of web copy waffle

05 Jan 11 | Lucinda Lions

Web copy waffle can turn your website from a lead-generation tool into a lead-demolition tool. In this article find out what web copy waffle is, and why you urgently need to remove it from your website. Read more

Does your logo need a business tagline?

10 Dec 10 | Lucinda Lions

Logos are an important part of your business branding, but if yours isn’t accompanied by a business tagline you could be missing out on leads and sales. Read more

Uniqueness: Your website’s secret weapon

25 Oct 10 | Lucinda Lions

Your website has one weapon to rule them all. In this article, find out how you can use your uniqueness to wield it to achieve the most powerful results. Read more

Business website tips: Is your website wilting?

13 Sep 10 | Lucinda Lions

Countless websites suffer from a disease I’ve nicknamed ‘website wilt’. In this article I'll provide business website tips to find out what website wilt is, and why you should avoid it at all costs. Read more

Website copy tips: Writing your About Us page

02 Aug 10 | Lucinda Lions

Your About page can be critical in encouraging customers to do business with you, but get it wrong, and it could make them do an about face! Here are some helpful website copy tips for writing your About page. Read more

Why your website copy needs to get F’d!

05 Jul 10 | Lucinda Lions

If you want to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers, then your website copy may need to get F’d. Read more

Getting feedback: Why every soloist needs a bouncer

24 May 10 | Lucinda Lions

In the rough and tumble world of the soloist, it’s important to have protection from the biggest threat to your business: you. Yes, it’s time you got a bouncer! Read more

Five tips to beat procrastination

18 Apr 10 | Lucinda Lions

Is procrastination stifling your creativity, causing you stress, or tethering all your wonderful dreams? Here are five tips to help you beat procrastination, once and for all. Read more

Five public speaking tips

14 Mar 10 | Lucinda Lions

Most people would rather be trampled by humans than talk in front of them. If that describes you, here are some public speaking tips to help make public speaking less daunting. Read more

Kapow! Writing hard-hitting headlines

07 Feb 10 | Lucinda Lions

Here are four ways of writing headlines to make them more compelling so they grab your readers’ attention, pique their curiosity and leave them wanting to know more. Read more

The power of inspirational books

03 Jan 10 | Lucinda Lions

Reading inspirational books can change your life. If you've experienced the impact, please read this article, because you might be able to change our lives. Read more

Does your website suck?

22 Nov 09 | Lucinda Lions

Does your website instantly pull visitors in and inspire them to stay? Does your website entice people to return day after day? In other words, does your website have sucking power? If not, here are some helpful tips. Read more

Client testimonials win customers

08 Nov 09 | Lucinda Lions

At Flying Solo LIVE! I was on a panel where we discussed the importance of ‘Making an impression’. At the end of the session, many of the questions related to client testimonials, so I figured the topic was worthy of an article. Read more

Protecting your intellectual property

11 Oct 09 | Lucinda Lions

From logos and designs to inventions and products, all businesses have valuable ideas that need protecting. I spoke to an intellectual property expert to get advice for soloists on protecting your intellectual property. Read more

How to write persuasively

23 Aug 09 | Lucinda Lions

Your clients ask one main question when they read your website, brochures, ads, direct mail letters and other marketing material. If you write the answer to this question effectively, you’re persuading them to do business with you. Read more

Article marketing: How to publicise articles

12 Jul 09 | Lucinda Lions

Every article you write can boost your profile and generate leads, provided that customers know you’ve written them. Read on to learn seven methods of article marketing to more effectively publicise your articles. Read more

Seven winning article writing tips

31 May 09 | Lucinda Lions

Recently, I wrote about how article marketing gives you free publicity. Here are some practical article writing tips to help you write an article that your clients and prospects will love! Read more

Get free publicity through article marketing

26 Apr 09 | Lucinda Lions

Writing articles doesn’t cost a cent, but the results are priceless. It’s the perfect publicity-boosting activity for every business in all economic climates. Read on to find out how article marketing is good for your business. Read more

Creating a trustworthy website

05 Apr 09 | Lucinda Lions

With thousands of hoax websites on the internet, it’s important that your website gains the trust of your clients. Here are tips on how you can use your website copy to create a trustworthy website. Read more

Why good writing skills are important

25 Jan 09 | Lucinda Lions

Many solo business owners are passionate about good writing skills and the English language. Clients are passionate about this, too, and many will buy elsewhere if the writing is bad. Read more

A positive perspective in difficult times

30 Nov 08 | Lucinda Lions

The world is filled with news of doom and gloom, so now is a good time to share an interesting story about keeping a positive perspective during difficult times. Read more

Business tag lines that sell

04 Nov 08 | Lucinda Lions

An effective business tag line is a constant source of premium advertising that will reinforce your brand while generating sales. So what is a tag line, why should your business have one and how do you go about writing one? Read more

Fuel saving tips for soloists

26 Aug 08 | Lucinda Lions

If you use your car in the course of running your business, to drive to clients perhaps, then the cost of petrol could be hurting your bottom line. Here are some simple, effective fuel saving tips to keep you on the road and not in the red! Read more

Failure or feedback? Why you can never fail

10 Jun 08 | Lucinda Lions

Have you ever considered what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Where you would take your business? Your life? Here’s some good news, by perceiving failure as feedback soloists need never fail. Read more

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