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Bjorn Behrendt, Mint Payments Limited
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Profile | Andrew May

Andrew May

Andrew May
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Andrew May
Andrew May

Andrew May

Corporate speaker, business coach and author

Sydney, NSW |

Andrew is the CEO of The Performance Clinic and is recognised as a leading performance and productivity expert. For the past 15-years he has worked with clients including Telstra, SAP, Lend Lease, Mirvac, CBA, CB Richard Ellis and Suncorp to improve individual and team performance.

Andrew delivers Executive Team Performance Programs and coaching sessions as well keynote presentations and workshops.  He has a blog ‘Performance Matters’ for The Sydney Morning Herald. Andrew is the author of bestsellers Flip the Switch, Between Jobs, The Redundancy Survival Guide; and Switched On Health and Wellbeing Professionals Volumes 1 & 2.

Andrew began his career as an elite middle distance athlete before studying exercise physiology and sports coaching. He has worked with the Australian Cricket team as their Physical Performance Manager, with the AFL Sydney Swans and many Olympic athletes. He is the co-founder of Good Health Solutions, Australia’s largest corporate health and wellbeing company.

Andrew May

The toes you tread on today, belong to the feet that support the ankles that link to the legs that connects to the arse you might just have to kiss tomorrow! - Unknown

Articles by Andrew

Don’t let the ‘goods’ life outweigh the good life

14 Sep 12 | Andrew May

As profound as it is, spending 48 hours with my three-year-old daughter was the best way to appreciate this crucial life lesson. Here’s what happened. Read more

Why meditation is not just sitting

15 Aug 12 | Andrew May

Meditation is far from sitting and doing nothing. Meditating regularly can actually have numerous health benefits, from reducing stress to assisting memory and learning. Read more

How to choose the right business coach

25 Jul 12 | Andrew May

A business coach can be an invaluable resource to help you develop, maintain and sustain high performance habits. But what should you look for in a coach to ensure they’re right for you? Read more

Email management: The seven deadly sins

06 Apr 09 | Andrew May

Speed of communication is king and sitting firmly in the court of this new kingdom is email – the information revolution that has made it simpler and faster for businesses to communicate…most of the time. Read more

Caffeine addiction? Manage your coffee intake

03 Mar 09 | Andrew May

Many of us need a coffee to get going in the morning. But what’s the world’s favourite drug doing to us? Read more

Perfection Infection

27 Jan 09 | Andrew May

Does the thought of failure make you feel queasy? Do you set the bar too high? You may just have what psychologists are now calling the Perfection Infection. Read more

Seven tips for reducing holiday stress

15 Dec 08 | Andrew May

Are you able to refresh, renew and recharge while on holidays or, like many, do you suffer from holiday stress? Read more

Give me your Constant Partial Attention

16 Nov 08 | Andrew May

If your standard response to the question “How was your day?” is “Busy, really busy!” it’s time to ask yourself: what did I actually achieve today? Read more

How to outsource your life by offshoring

05 Oct 08 | Andrew May

Have you used offshoring in your business? In this article I will discuss the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing as well as provide tips for a good offshoring experience. Read more

Mobile mania: Are you a nomophobe?

31 Aug 08 | Andrew May

Remember the monstrous mobiles we used to carry around in the late 80’s? Today’s mobile phone is a far cry from those days - now they’re faster, lighter, stronger and more convergent than ever before, but are you becoming a nomophobe? Read more

The Slow Movement: Hurry up and slow down!

28 Jul 08 | Andrew May

Our modern way of living assumes faster is better. Speed is the new king with our lives measured in bits and bytes, and dissected into micro-detail. Is it any wonder our health, performance and relationships begin to suffer? Is it time to slow down? Read more

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