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Profile | Zoe Routh

Zoe Routh

Zoe Routh
Forum profile:
Zoe Routh
Zoe Routh

Zoe Routh

Coach Speaker Author

Lyneham, ACT |

Zoe is a Success Coach for women solo-preneurs and small business owners. She helps clients develop the habits and mindset that deliver results: more time, more energy, and more money on the bottom line. Zoe offers a number of online self-study programs, mastermind groups, and individual coaching programs to help women in business achieve all their personal and professional goals.

Zoe has worked for twenty years in the personal development field, including nine years leading canoe trips and managing the outtripping program for a Canadian summer camp in Ontario. She has also worked ten years with Outward Bound Australia where she developed the award-winning Instructor Training Program and held an executive position as one of the directors.

Inner Compass - Coaching women business owners for passion, purpose, and profit.

Follow Zoe on Twitter @zoerouth

Zoe Routh

Life loves those who live it well - Maya Angelou

Articles by Zoe

How to make more money

15 Dec 12 | Zoe Routh

Having a clearly defined, full-of-enthusiasm reason for wanting to make more money will go a long way to making it happen. Read more

How to talk about money with your (salaried) spouse

22 Nov 12 | Zoe Routh

Talking about money with your salaried spouse can sometimes be difficult for micro business owners, especially if there’s a big difference between your and your partner’s income. Here are some tips for broaching this sensitive subject. Read more

The #1 money mojo mistake small business owners make

20 Oct 12 | Zoe Routh

There’s one mistake small business owners make with money that has a huge impact on their Money Mojo. The good thing is: it’s easy to fix. Read more

Pausing the soundtrack of struggle

24 Aug 11 | Zoe Routh

“When is this effort going to pay off?” Georgia snuffled into her hanky. She was exhausted, frustrated, and worn out. Read more

Nurturing your most important business relationship

13 Apr 11 | Zoe Routh

Your business relationship, like any other relationship, needs your trust, commitment, an ocean of love and your willingness to grow and adapt. Are you giving your business the love it needs? Read more

Self-fulfilling prophecies: What story are you telling?

20 Dec 10 | Zoe Routh

This week I got sick and tired of people saying to me "You look tired." Until I realised they were absolutely right. Read more

Shifting the vibe

26 Nov 10 | Zoe Routh

A while back I went against my intuition and bought something from a telemarketer. Read more

Letting go: What you resist, persists

22 Oct 10 | Zoe Routh

If you’re fighting against something in your business or your personal life, I’m here to tell you that it’s time for letting go. Read more

Self confidence: Are your dreams big enough?

08 Sep 10 | Zoe Routh

“Have you emailed Roger Federer about being his success coach yet?” my husband asked as we watched the Fed Express waiver at Wimbledon. Read more

Prioritising tasks: Get your priorities right

28 Jul 10 | Zoe Routh

Have you got a ‘To do’ list for prioritising tasks? Or maybe a few of them? One for work, one for home, one for projects, that pile of mail, all those emails? Read more

Self-appreciation: Disable your downplayer

16 Jun 10 | Zoe Routh

I’m no good at receiving compliments. I've trained myself to say 'Thanks' instead of 'It's nothing' but I'm usually still a bit uncomfortable when I receive praise. Okay, very uncomfortable! Read more

The truth and nothing but

05 May 10 | Zoe Routh

I love reading blogs where folks bare all and speak the deep truth about who they are, and what they really think. Even if it upsets a few people. Read more

Conflict management techniques: What NOT to do

30 Mar 10 | Zoe Routh

I'm never short of an opinion, so when my forthright comments in a recent board meeting elicited a response that equated to "Shut up, Buttercup, and respect your elders", my blood boiled. Read more

Break free of flabby language syndrome

26 Jan 10 | Zoe Routh

When someone asks, 'How are you?' is your reply 'Good', 'Fine', or 'Okay'? Pshaw! How can you expect brilliance with such mediocrity! Read more

Five ways to develop your mental resilience

15 Nov 09 | Zoe Routh

All soloists juggle multiple responsibilities and so must be resilient. It’s not just about your physical wellbeing: a mental resilience is key. Here are my top five tips to hone a 'hard-like-rock-and-flexible-like-palm-tree' mindset. Read more

Making difficult decisions

29 Oct 09 | Zoe Routh

When making difficult decisions, the options can feel like deciding between swimming a river full of crocodiles or staying to fight a pack of dingoes. So what should you do? Read more

When setbacks are signposts

10 Sep 09 | Zoe Routh

Often when you plan to go in a new direction on your solo journey, you may face a number of setbacks. You may even deem them 'failures'. However you label the situation, it's darned uncomfortable. Read more

How to develop your power of possibility

30 Jul 09 | Zoe Routh

Do you have an inner gremlin that questions your confidence and makes you doubt yourself? Here’s how to tame that niggling voice and instead develop your power of possibility. Read more

Avoiding business failure

18 Jun 09 | Zoe Routh

A chance encounter with a farmer, who told me about his ailing business, got me thinking about ways to avoid business failure. Here’s what happened. Read more

How to overcome fear of selling

07 May 09 | Zoe Routh

When I started out in business I had a real fear of selling. I thought salespeople weren't to be trusted, and I never wanted to hear 'no' from a prospect. Read more

Positive energy: How to refresh your business

26 Mar 09 | Zoe Routh

Are you carrying around dead weight in your business and your life? It's time to slough off what's dragging you down and start the year with positive energy. Read more

Wealth attraction: Using mindset mastery

17 Feb 09 | Zoe Routh

There has been an abundance of literature on the subject of mindset mastery for wealth attraction, but before you start rolling your eyes why not put the 'woo woo' to the test? Join in for fun and if you are serious about cranking up the revenue. Read more

Fear of failure: Are you playing to win?

25 Nov 08 | Zoe Routh

No matter where you are in your business, I’m sure you’ve had this thought: “I want my business to be successful.” Of course you do! Read more

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